Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

The Settlement Era of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Sun Myung Moon
February 22, 2004
Hannam-dong Hoon Dok Hae

Father's Prayer

Dearest beloved Heavenly Father, today is February 22, the fourth Sabbath of this month, in the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk. We are here this morning with all the blessed families on earth, from those of the thirty-six couples and those connected thereafter centering on the five great saints in the spirit world. Let these blessed families establish one heart, one body, one focal point centering on Adam and Eve with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute investment of one mind, one body, one mindset, in harmony. Please remember this morning, when I can proclaim and establish this victorious day, February 22, with the plan for the history of restoration through indemnity for the completion of the unified world of purity, pure lineage, pure sexual relations and harmony.

We pray that the focus of everything in existence can settle down on this one focal point centering on True Parents' love; let all these become one in body and core with the bones, skin and flesh. May You take the lead as the king of kings of the sovereignty of the love of all creation on the absolute family foundation of Your victory. In commemorating this day, we offer our bows to You this morning. Please receive these with joy. With this morning prayer of True Parents, we fervently pray that you will allow this day to be commemorated as the day of transition for the fulfillment and liberation of Your will.

We pray that, centering on the democratic world and the communist world, centering on North and South Korea, centering on China and the Soviet Union, everything can be united in front of You and become Your eternal foundation of victory -- the absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal family foundation of victory for the sovereignty of Your victorious love. We pray You will accept, with joy, all these things that we have reported to You. This I report and proclaim in the name of True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Father's Speech

Today is February 22 of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, the day of welcoming spring. Today the number four comes together with the number six... These numbers have come together on this Sunday today. You must know that from this day, as spring has come upon this earth from today, the settlement era of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind shall begin.

Thus, the fact that the invisible God appeared in the spiritual world means that the foundation for Him to appear through the substantial entity of True Parents, and to freely engage in activities on earth, has been made. Since this day is connected with the numbers four and six, the numbers for indemnity and liberation, the True Parents, who appear on earth as the substantial entity of God on the foundation of the settlement and liberation of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, can, by restoration through indemnity, level out all the walls created in the eras of the individual, family, tribe and cosmos from the garden of Eden. As we designate this day to indemnify the number six on the family foundation -- the four-position foundation -- we prayed for the settlement of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Thus you must be aware that you have become a family of the settlement of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

You must therefore know about the opening up of the liberated heavenly world on earth and in heaven that can attend both True Parents on earth and their substantial image is in the spirit world. I will offer a short prayer.

Father asks everyone to repeat the following words after him.

A Second Prayer

God's desire was to perfect the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. This could be realized when the entire universe becomes God's universe by having Adam's family inherit God's love, life and bloodline as blessed families, which are God's ideal of creation, came into existence. As we designate this day on this foundation, I proclaim this day after the establishment of the liberated realm of the number... zero which is a combination of the number four and six of the physical world and world of heaven. Amidst joy we pray that you become the eternal owner of the family kingdom of heaven, greater than the king of kings who reigns for eternity with the sovereignty of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who can reign over the entire universe after inheriting the position of the liberated owner on the foundation of True Parents' efforts. In the name of True Parents, I proclaim that the central kingdom and liberation of all nations and the settlement of the Cosmic Parent, Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind will advance to the infinite world of peace and eternity. We pray you will accept this with joy and govern all affairs on this foundation. This I report with joy in the name of True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Thank you.

Speech continued...

Now, say “Declaration of the Settlement Era of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind”! [Declaration of the Settlement Era of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind!]

We have entered the era of the beginning of the super family, the beginning of eternity based on the family where the two worlds of the spirit and flesh are united within the unified realm of the Parents of Earth and the Parents of Heaven.

Hasn't spring undoubtedly arrived? It is spring. The age has come in which God can enjoy spring for the first time; an age for the blessed nation of love within the heavens and on earth...

The number six enters into the realm of three generations: God's family, Adam's family and the substantial family all fall right in place. That is spring in the truest sense. And this day is the fourth Sabbath of this month. I offered that prayer this morning as today is a historic day of commemoration.

The content of the prayer was that we have entered an age of an absolute family, where the safe settlement of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind can be realized. What does this all mean? Heaven becomes my heaven; earth becomes my earth. It is our Parents' family.

We must inherit this; and from this time forth we will offer their tradition to all of earth. You must have faith that [the] is the liberated number that connects to the lineage centering on the three family stages, three generations and the familial four-position foundation. You must all pray and live on that foundation. So what do we absolutely need now? We absolutely need to uphold the Family Pledge. Do you understand? Those things are all included in the Family Pledge...

Without the coming of spring, the new sprouts will not come out and flowers will not bloom. Fruit will not grow. For this reason you must all become those new sprouts. You must all become new family sprouts of the cosmos, where the flowers bloom and trees bear fruit.

As the blood relatives of the master's family, our families, which have spread from leaf to leaf and branch to branch, must enter the spring season. This should have been the spring of six thousand years ago when the tree that sprouted could have expanded and grown without its branches being snapped off. This age has become one in which we can always attend the substantial reality of heaven and earth in order to become devout sons, loyal servants and owners. Therefore this is the time of the spring season of the universe. You need to realize these things on your own.

We are now heading toward that kind of world. If you do not respond to this you will constantly find yourself crumbling away. You will see collision within yourself. If your mind and body struggle and collide with each other you will continue to decline. Families will decline if they have conflict within. Satan has not declined until now. He fought on the horizontal line. Since spring hadn't come he could not decline. But now the time has come for him to decline. You need to be aware of this.

All those here today should be grateful. You have to know that Hoon Dok Hae is the cornerstone for tremendous blessings. What should we do about those who didn't participate here today? Make sure to take a picture of all those here today, okay? Let's continue. Today's Hoon Dok Hae is important...

God never could use the word “our” until now. He has never been able to call something His own. He has never been able to claim something based on His love. You have to think about this. You have to understand how fearful and weighty the terms “my family,” and “our family” are. You have to realize anew that “we” are the flowers that have taken all of history to come to the point of blooming and that that blooming will occur in this next stage as we enter spring, the season of fruition.

If you look in the mirror, you can see that all your five senses are on your face. The face is the headquarters of your entire body. Make sure that your face does not become a source of shame. Could you say that your eyes greeted spring with God and that it belongs to both God and you? You could not. It is the same for your nose and lips. There never was a place where we could say that heaven was ours. Because of the Fall we did not know this.

What a thing it is that beings that have had no value, have been able to say “I” and “we”! As we, beginning from God, welcome eternal spring with joy on the foundation of all four seasons, we should be grateful that with each passing year spring grows stronger bringing a greater abundance of fruit, and that the harvested fruit can grow in the blessed land for thousands and ten thousands of years without spoiling.

You must now be careful of what you say. You shouldn't use the profanity that is used in this world. How can you use such words on a spring day? The time has come for us to carefully choose the words we use.

The light of spring is shining with the dawning of the day. Your faces ought to be brighter than this but I cannot see that they are. A new resolution! Say it. [A new resolution!] A new resolution! [A new resolution!]

Because God's resolution is my resolution we should confidently say “I.” This is even more true with the word “we.” Why? We are with God! God can only reside in the place where our mind and body are united, but He has never been able to do this -- just like Adam and Eve, who were supposed to become God's body, but who were fighting each other.

So it is truly remarkable that from this day forth the words “I” and “we” became possible on the basis of the safe settlement of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the establishment of a unified beginning point of the spiritual and physical worlds -- and my self-awareness, our self-awareness, is established based on the fatherland of God...

You all need to have the awareness that “we are the families of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.” Thus, as Satan used the numbers four and six as the keys to lock the gates of heaven, on this day, February 22, in the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, with the emergence of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind the four-position foundation will be completed and the number six will be perfected.

This is the era of settlement for the four-position foundation and the time for the perfection and withdrawal of the number six. This becomes the number ten, and we go round again through this “returning number.” Four plus six becomes ten, the returning number, and now we return to the original number. That is exactly the point we are at now. We are working in America to inspire the administration and the United Nations, and in other nations. What we have to say must be said whether the people listen or not.

Through Yeosu and Suncheon now, this country is giving its support to me and has chosen me out of its own volition. It was not out of my own desire that I was chosen. You have to know this...

Today is February 22 of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk. Two times three is six, representing three generations. Three generations with God, three generations with Adam, three generations with the sons and daughters and the completion of the four-position foundation all add up to the number ten. This becomes the “returning number,” and since we have secured the original position in that the measures have been set, we can now exclaim, “Aha, this really is the place for the safe settlement of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Satan has to now completely back down.” This is what is happening. If Satan doesn't back down, he will be thrown into an abyss, locked up with his group and end up spending his time as a wanderer for all eternity unable to settle down.

That is why I'm telling you to act like an owner. As we enter spring, we must race along the rails of the original way, the way of the heavenly law. Our path of life must become one of joy in welcoming the long-awaited spring into our lives! Because you became the second ancestors of goodness by becoming substitutes for heaven and earth liberated and freed from chains, you are the liberated ancestors without any contradictions. You need to be conscious of the fact that we are the owner families of the era of the world peace kingdom of the newly founded Cheon Il Guk, based on the Family Pledge.

Do you or do you not feel a breathless moment when you make love with your husband or wife? Even in the fallen world, this is exciting. How much more exciting will it be in the original world of creation? How great will the commotion be? How great the vibration... Even pigeons coo and kittens purr, even mice clatter in the ceiling. Would the impact of God's rhythm when making love be big or small?

The sound of thunder is the sound of God's kiss; the sound of lightning is the explosive power the first breath God exhales after making love. That is why His exhaling and inhaling become the sound of lightning striking. Boom!! Does it go in a circle or does it come down like this? It strikes from the top down, doesn't it?

Since God kisses and makes love in that way, the ideal essence of love must be such that when people kiss, the sound would be like thunder. When you make love it must be more powerful than a cat's meow or a pigeon's cooing in spring, so that your grandfather, grandmother and God would wake up and watch you making love.

That kind of original sound is what God would like to see; he would like to go where that sound is being made and be intoxicated. Then everything would be okay...If you can eat well and enter heaven, you are a fortunate person. That is possible. I am saying it is possible for those of our Unification faith...

There are quite a few remarkable folk songs in Korea. Only Koreans can sing these. Japanese people cannot sing them, In the West they don't have anything like these Korean songs. Mrs. Yang Yoon-young used to sing a famous Italian song, but she couldn't sing these Korean songs at all. That is why I'm telling you to become someone who can sing both Korean songs and classical songs. If you can adjust to the Western feel and the Eastern feel, you can live with Eastern people.

If you can't, how can you live with them? What if the French will only live in France? Those who cannot free themselves from a limited environment will not be able to establish ties with the spiritual world, a world that goes infinitely beyond all boundaries.

Our church members must be able witness wherever they go; and if I tell you to live somewhere, you must be prepared to pack up your things and live in that place. The reason I say this is that there is special meaning to this. That we may suffer is not the problem; what matters is the purpose. If you go with purpose, you can become a liberated leader, a prominent leader in the mainstream of heaven who can go freely back and forth across national boundaries. The unavoidable conclusion to this is that you can become the marrow of the bone, the core agent of core agents. That is why I tell you to do this and that and make you do things that you don't like, so that you can become that kind of person. There was a purpose to all that I have done...

The direction of your work must now change. You must be able to say that the place I am going is that place, that village, that country, that world which God is searching for; and I am going toward that corner of the world with a heart of longing. You have to go with ambition.

If you can go to the spiritual world with a heart of longing at the time of your death, Heaven will always receive you as a forerunner, developer and master of pioneers. Encountering a village in that state is encountering God's village and at the same time it is a worthwhile path of endeavor and visitation in your life. You should have that kind of mindset...

How fortunate and how great the joy and delight in finding that moment of welcoming the day of joy, where we can sing praises and yearn for that day with God -- welcoming that joyous liberated day of spring by overcoming the anguish of history and bringing God to that place, the ideal world of our hometown, the entirety of that world of spring, a different environment which God longs for. If you can have that kind of mindset, everything will turn out well. Do you understand? [Yes.]

This comes to mind especially since this is a Sunday. God has yearned for those sons and daughters, our families, our members, our relatives, our nation and our world. How much He has yearned for this -- how great His desire has been to see this nation. Finding that place of joy where we can sing in praise of everything that belongs to God, offering everything back to Him and sharing everything with Him is my vocation and direction in life!

Where else can we find a more fortunate person, where else can we find a better path in becoming the sons and daughters of Heaven? You must take action, feeling in this way. Would that person be an unfortunate person or a fortunate person? [He would be a fortunate person.] We are certainly moving toward that kind of nation...

Now as spring sets in and that kind of world unfolds before my eyes, I would like to go towards that world for the remainder of my life, and since I did not go the path of piety and loyalty in attendance to God, I pledge to offer everything I have and go the path of a pious son and loyal servant to add value in any place I go beyond national boundaries and to become a loyal and pious family with even greater value! This morning I ask in earnest that you all create that kind of family. Now let's have breakfast with a joyful heart and begin today's activities.

Have the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind come closer to you? You are they. You are all the parents of our families. This never crossed your mind, did it? Those who are living in a state of being enraptured in their position will definitely go to Heaven. Even if they do nothing or stand upside down, they will be taken to the side of the royal throne in heaven. I pray that you all have new determination and make a new beginning. 

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