Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Declaratory Prayer For The Day Of The Great Transition To The Realm Of Dominion Of The Ideal Of Creation

Sun Myung Moon
May 4, 2003

Beloved Father! Today is May 4 in the third year of Cheon Il Guk, the first Sabbath of this month. Up to now, April has been a month in which there was ongoing historical struggle and confrontation between the satanic world and Heaven centering on the Unification Church.

From this month and hour, now heaven and earth can grandly welcome oneness of heart, oneness of body and oneness of mindset with God, which is centered on absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love, and upon God's true love, true life and true lineage. God is establishing the original standard in which Heaven can be the subject and the Archangel the substantial expression of the object. Centering on the God of the mind, the God of the flesh, centering on the Kingdom of Heaven of thought and of the surroundings, we in the Unification Church have worked to create oneness centering on absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, in order that this Kingdom may be established.

Due to the faithlessness of our first ancestors, everything that was planned in the original ideal of creation was lost. While devoting Himself to re-creating history, God lost His proper position, lost the foundation upon which His own mind and body and unified idea could come down to the earth, and lost all He had accomplished centering on Adam and Eve's family.

We know that You have been shedding Your blood throughout the course of history, throughout the course of re-creation -- namely of indemnity -- for our sake. Heavenly Father, You are taking responsibility for history's course. Despite Your having originally been in the position of the owner who could do whatever You wanted, and in the position of the central being with dominion over all things, You were placed in the position where You could not touch or control the universe, and You had no choice but to hand it over to the satanic world. To restore this, to establish the sphere of religion, You established Israel and Judaism. This work was prolonged and expanded from the first Israel to the second Israel and third Israel, as we learned from the Principle.

All things that were supposed to be united into one shattered into pieces and were turned upside down throughout our fragmented history because all the indemnity courses blocked heaven and earth, crisscrossing each other in all directions. Therefore True Parents came to the earth to walk the course of re-creation, which You are carrying out.

We know how hard You have striven to reconnect all the divisions in the world of microscopic organisms, minerals, plants, animals, human beings and even in the heavenly world in the providence of re-creation through our ancestors in history centering on the religious realm and the nation of Israel.

Even now, in the internal age of the providence, religious leaders have not known True Parents' will, which is to digest the power of Satan that has separated the earthly world and the spirit world, and ancient Rome and Israel. Because of this ignorance, You set up all things for the establishment of the realms of religion and ideology and at the appropriate time You sent the True Parents. You illuminated the reality of the spiritual world and the physical world, the relationship between God and True Parents, and the relationship between mankind and all creation, and, in order to bring about unification You continued engrafting to the point of unity. On the basis of this You accomplished the Coronation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Now, spiritually and internally, I have repaired the divisions between the heavenly kingdom, paradise and hell and between the spirit world and physical world, and developed horizontally those things that were split off from the vertical standard. To establish a unified authority, True Parents came to the earth and paid indemnity from the level of the individual to that of the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Through this, the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God was accomplished at the position where we could achieve oneness based on a standard of unity of the divided spiritual and earthly worlds.

On that foundation, centering on the time of Mother's hwangap [sixtieth birthday] and True Parents' birthday celebration on February 6 in the third year of Cheon Il Guk, the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening Cheon Il Guk was held. On that foundation, for the sake of unifying the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Cosmic Parent who is the Original God, divided by the original Adam and Eve, and on the basis of having True Parents' realm of victory that can rebind everything that was broken apart -- from the smallest creation to the world of animals, to the world of humanity, to all of heaven and earth -- we could hold the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of the Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth and thus restore the kingship and the cosmos that had been lost.

Also, up until now You have been establishing blessed families in the position of owners of Cheon Il Guk, putting them in the position of the owners of the ideal of creation in place of God, and letting them inherit all the things True Parents have paid indemnity for. Therefore, although they are fallen people, by receiving the blessing they become one with True Parents according to the standard of one heart, one body and one mindset, in the perfected position of unfallen, original Adam, in the liberated nation of Adam. In going even beyond the level of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, they will finally be able to bring the body into unity with the mind. This we understand clearly.

We should realize the true ideal on earth through realizing one heart, one body and one mindset. As we know that we should perfect a true family, a true nation, the true heavenly kingdom on earth, we in the Unification Church -- by realizing one heart, one body and one mindset for the sake of this task -- must commit everything, and we have been working side by side to bring this to fruition.

There are the blessed families of the Unificationist community and blessed families in the spirit world. One group, in the spirit world, is in the position of elder son and the other group, on earth, is in the younger-son position, the horizontal position. They are going in two different directions. However, the day of great transition -- where the reversed order of night and day can be restored back to the original order -- has come to this earth by which the elder brother can take the younger brother's position, and the younger brother takes the elder brother's position.

Owing to this, from today, May 4, the first Sunday of the month, when summertime is beginning, all of heaven and earth, and hell and heaven, can be shifted, and all the evil and good can be shifted. We should lead the stream of the history of division into an era where unity can be realized. We should straighten out the highway of heaven and earth, and properly complete the realm of perfection of the ideal of creation. Then starting from the age of individuals, and so that all of creation can be protected by God's love, we must enter the heavenly kingdom in heaven and horizontally realize the heavenly kingdom on earth.

You have promised to bless the time and place in which the physical world can connect to the heavenly world. You commanded me and I made preparations at three minutes before three o'clock and three minutes before four o'clock this morning. So here we are, at five o'clock. We, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, in front of all creation in the spirit world and the physical world, with the myriad soldiers of Yaweh in heaven and earth united as one, proclaim the era wherein the qualities of being one heart, one body and one mindset with the Parents of Heaven and Earth, while being completely one in body, mind and thought -- centering on Your original inner nature of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience as well as being one in absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love -- are vertically bound to the earth.

Therefore, we should restore what was lost centering on the love of God's ideal of creation -- in the world of minerals, the world of plants, the world of animals, the world of humankind, and the heavenly world. You, Heavenly Father, and we, True Parents, should create the realm of oneness for the Parents of Heaven and Earth to have independent authority over heaven and earth. As the Parents of Heaven and Earth are united with the ideal of creation of original liberation, and with the family ideal of creation, I sincerely hope and ask You to guide us to create one unified world between the heavenly world and physical world.

Knowing this, may all the content of the prayer at this time now be united with You. All beings in the heavenly world and in the physical world can be embraced in the bosom of God's love, and be free from the bonds of the fall. From this origin of liberation, the new world will be ahead on the road the Unification movement is taking. Now, I sincerely ask You, based on a heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and having one heart, one body and one mindset with You, to allow this to be the time of inheritance when the blessed families in the heavenly world and the physical world, in the position of the owners of all things, can make oneness with the origin that unites the original God and the fundamental root of true love.

This world is full of suffering, misfortune, and ordeals. However, as You, Heavenly Father, wish and as You have dominion, the angelic world is being pushed into the middle realms of the spirit world. Now the heavenly kingdom, paradise and hell are rising from a flat plane through the course of the formation age, growth age, and perfection age to the age of equalization.

Likewise, all of heaven and earth, being in God's bosom, standing on the standard of equality, goes through the stages of perfected formation, perfected growth and perfected perfection. On that basis, we allow this age when people can become part of the heavenly household and heavenly realm of ownership according to their situation. Please, Father, accept this with joy, and, as we march into this age leading straight to the special liberation of all nations and all things, we most sincerely report and proclaim this in the name of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

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