Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il

Sun Myung Moon
May 5, 2004
Blue Sea Garden, Yeosu, Korea

We are offering a translation of one section in which Father speaks about the meaning of the declarations he is making.

This is the Day of Attendance of Safe Settlement [Ahn Shi Il]. Change has come. This is the day when the era before heaven changes into the era after the coming of heaven. The Day of the Victory of the Number Ten [Shib Seung Il] is like this: all the days that have passed up to this April are in my left hand, and they join with the right hand [representing the days to come] to meet the new age. This signifies the victory of the number ten in heaven and earth, the combining of all things together.

Top-middle-bottom makes the number three. Then left-middle-right, front-middle-back; three times three is nine. Adding the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind make it twelve. Making twelve through the numbers ten and two -- making pairs (twos) out of all things -- The Day of the Victory of the Number Ten and the Day of Attendance of Safe Settlement can be celebrated.

When everything stands on this foundation, God's fatherland and kingdom will emerge, and since all existing beings -- all things created by God -- are unified into God's nation, the era before heaven and the era after the coming of heaven are different, aren't they? You have to clearly understand that [the era] has changed.

On May 13 it will be forty months since the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. From 1, from 4 hours, from 4 days, from 4 months, 40 years, 400 years, and 4,000 years, all these numbers are connected. Thus, among all the numbers that Satan had been involved in, the first has been the worst and God has dealt with the second.1

Thus we did not go "first, second" but "second, first, third." This must all be rectified to become the complete age of liberation. In the age of liberation we can fly; we fly towards God's throne, and by flying we can connect directly to God's throne. By bringing together all of creation that was turned around due to the fall, the time, day, year, century, and eternity, all these can become victorious through the combination of the victorious numbers indemnified by God, the victory of the number ten.

Thus the era after the coming of heaven can begin from the era before heaven. All things can now enter the age of liberation, the age of perfection. These things are therefore entering into the realm of God's ownership. It is an important day.

Therefore, we are setting aside the Sabbath and ushering in the Day of Attendance of Safe Settlement. This is connected with the number eight. It becomes the number eight on the basis of the four-position foundation. Three times eight is twenty-four (3 X 8 =24); twice eight is sixteen. Today is the sixteenth day2. Since two weeks of eight days have gone by, everything is included. Since this position is one that can unify all numbers from one to ten as the heavenly number it becomes the Ssang Hab Shib Seung [victory of the number ten as a combination of two parts3] number. You must understand this meaning. I have established this day. Everything under the sun has been restored into the realm of God's ownership.

In that sense today is a historical day as it is the first Ahn Shi Il, rather than the Lord's Day. Today we are also holding a fishing tournament. With the sea and land, all the villages participated in yesterday's 44th wedding anniversary and I gave them all rice cakes. So when I go by the villages the people raise a clamor. Yeosu and Suncheon, which was the area of the communists, are now connected to the base of the beginning of God's blessings through that 44th anniversary.

Some people from the villages offered [food] to the kitchen with all their sincerity... some came from North and South Jeolla Province and the citizens were mobilized based on their churches.

The victorious shib seung number [Father clasps his hands together] combines all the numbers of heaven and earth into a unified realm centering on South Korea, centering on the 10 million separated families"10 million correspond to the number ten -- centering on the 70 million people of the entire nation. We have ten fingers do we not? The victory of the number ten comes forth with heaven and earth grasped firmly [in its hands]. Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il is to commemorate this victorious day. The meaning of this day is that everything will be changed beginning from the day designated as Ahn Shi Il.

You have to be able to explain. Thus this calligraphy is an important one, which marks this historical anniversary. You must all engrave this in your mind and become people that can stand on the foundation of Shib Seung Il.

Your conscience and body must become one. You cannot lie. When you show courtesy to others, when you greet each other you must not start off with a joke. It is all right to joke centering on heaven as a way of praising Heaven but you cannot joke in a way that pleases Satan. We have used bad language until now. Now we need to "curse" with words of love that can please Heaven -- curses on the side of goodness. Everything must change to align with this standard of life. Do you understand? [Yes.]

On the 18th, the Holy Scripture of Heaven was chosen as the heavenly bible. The holy writings of heaven and earth set the standard and direction, indicating the path to take, and the contents of the Holy Scripture of Heaven teach about the destination of the restored ideal realm and the realm of life centering on that path where the staring point and goal are in alignment. You must not deviate from this path...

You who are on earth are the elder brothers to the spirit world. You have to live a life of consultation with your parents. As the elder brother [representing the parents], you must make others live the kind of life I have lived. The world of heaven must follow the path taken by the parent and the path taken by the elder brother. Even Father's children are trying to follow the path I have gone. Thus the next world, which stands as the younger brother, must become a model for the heavenly nation. Know that you are given that kind of responsibility where you must become an example as a child, and become an example in the place of God, who is in the position of the parent, so that the model standard combined from both worlds unfolds from yourself. This is serious. You cannot live your life recklessly.

Then we who have participated here today with that determination must go straight up from the south. This area used to be the base of the communist party. Where? Yeosu and Suncheon were called Namrodang [the labor party in the south], was it not? What is the Namrodang? The communist party can be called Bukrodang [the labor party in the north], but Namrodang met its destruction at the hands of Bukrodang. The reason it was destroyed was because Kim Il-sung took action against those factions that were fighting amongst themselves.

In the same way Satan has dragged this land into a struggle between the southern nation and northern nation, between Jeolla Province and Gyeongsang Province, and between the southern and northern areas. Now all of this has fallen apart. These struggles will all disappear. Do you understand? [Yes.]

If we are to give the blessing equally to everyone, then it must be done forcefully at times. Why? Because families are a mess. Even if people don't like the Unification Church they have to model themselves on a good example and straighten out their family. So we have to graft them [to the blessing] no matter what it takes. You have to cut off the false olive tree and graft the bud of the true olive tree day and night without rest. By removing the shoot of the false olive tree from your clan and grafting the shoot of the true olive tree you can perfect the blood lineage. By removing the root you can straighten the tree that was planted the wrong way round. This you must do.

Now we have hell in our midst. By turning this right side up it can be transformed into the world of heaven. It will become the ideal world of the realm of Ssang Hab Shib Seung. For Shib Seung there is individual Shib Seung and family Shib Seung. All of these are included here.

Know these things and please bear in mind how important this day is. Do you understand? [Yes!] Okay. [Rev. Kwak: Let us all together offer a bow to True Parents.] This is the first time, the first time for what pledge service? [For Ahn Shi Il.] For Ahn Shi Il.

Recite the Family Pledge in a different way... The Family Pledge of Cheon Seung [victory of heaven] is so important. I have brought this to a conclusion with the Family Pledge. Now with your pledge, the pledge in your everyday life, the realm of your life must include the universe. Will you fulfill that kind of responsibility? [Yes.] Say it loudly. [Yes!] You will fulfill this will you not? [Yes!] God's blessings will be with you. Proceed. [Reciting of Family Pledge. Representative Prayer by Rev. and Mrs. Kwak.]

Be seated. In terms of the vertical side of Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il, May 5 is Shib Seung Il. From the horizontal viewpoint, five plus five represents the past era the month of April and May plus the era after the coming of heaven, come together to make Shib Seung Il. That is why it is Ssang Hab [combining two together] Shib Seung Il. Rev. Kwak, do you understand? [Yes.]

Thus when we observe history woven together with the history of restoration through indemnity, the development of culture and the beginning of civilization began in the tropical era and moved on to the cool era or the era of the autumn season and returned back to the frigid era. God could not enjoy spring. He lost the spring and summer seasons of the heavenly kingdom. He lost the subtropical zone. By digesting communism belonging to the frigid zone we finally could usher in spring centering on God. This was the first time in the history of God's providence. It is the first time to see this day and go beyond it.

From this we can see that heaven could finally begin from spring and move on to summer and fall... This should have circulated from the civilization of the temperate zone to the civilization of the tropical zone, to the civilization of the cool zone and the civilization of the frigid zone. But that was reversed. That which had gone in the opposite direction through the struggle of communism -- from the tropical zone to the cool zone to the frigid zone -- has come to this side and now entered the season of spring, being able to circulate from the temperate zone to the tropical zone to the cool zone and back to the frigid zone.

All those past days, all of history, has been like this. With two coming together in victory like my hands [Father claps his hands] I have established this day. The end of the age of indemnity, the end of the providential era, all things above and below -- everything has now established order and this ushers in the God-centered era for the peace kingdom of love, God's fatherland and the era of the peace kingdom. Thus all things can now belong to that era, and the kingdom of heaven and earth, the liberated heaven, the heavenly kingdom of love, can now begin! Amen! [Amen!]

You have to know this. Shib Seung Il is May 5. With the month of April and May grasped in my left and right hands I will establish Shib Seung Il centering on God, kick away the "era before heaven," welcome the world of the domain of the victory of love in the "era after the coming of heaven," and return to the world of peace for all nations with the liberated God as owner! Amen! [Amen!]

Shib Seung Il is important. This is Shib Seung Il. Vertically it is May 5; horizontally God grasps the month of April and May in his left and right hand respectively and rotates back the right way that which rotated the wrong way from top-bottom and front-back. By doing so, God can return to the original world and commemorate the age of the attendance of safe settlement and the days of attendance. Amen! [Amen!]...[Material to be read in Hoon Dok Hae is decided: a section from Chung Seong Gyeong]

We need love. After Shib Seung Il, love will replace absolute authority. Only love will be able to exercise universal presence, authority and power./


1 Satan took the first son and God could work with the second

2 Sixteen days since the declaration of the Day of Attendance of Safe Settlement [Ahn Shi Il] on True Parents' Day, April 19, 2004

3 An unofficial translation to give the sense of Ssang Hab Ship Seung Il

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