Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Loving The Creation As An Owner

Sun Myung Moon
June 18, 2004

Brief Excerpts from Fatherís speech on the 42nd Day of All True Things: June 18, 2004 at Blue Sea Garden

Where is the True Father? Where did he originate? What is his origin? What? [Sun Myung Moon] You should not think like that. It is God! The origin of the concept of the True Father is eternal and unchanging. The concept existed before the Creation; it existed after the Creation. Even during the course of the age of indemnity, God worked hard not to lose his appearance as the True Father.

In terms of the standard of restoration through indemnity, the internal significance of establishing the kingdom of the true parent, the kingdom of the true teacher, and the kingdom of the true king, which God originally had envisioned, begins from the True Father. You have to know that this is the central root ideology that transcends the course of history from God -- not me -- to the end of eternity. [Amen.] You said amen. [Yes.] Then thatís concluded.

The Day of All Things, Parentsí Day, Godís Day are all included in the root of this principle. Even God went through hardships to reach the position of the fruit by going along the root. If that original path to the position of that fruit had existed there would have been no need for the providence of salvation and restoration through indemnity. Indeed, "providence of salvation" is an unpleasant phrase. Think about it: the Providence of Salvation. The way to becoming Godís true sons and daughters was through the providence of salvation! Then where does God fit in? Do we wish for the happiness and complete settlement of Godís family? How miserable God has been, dealing with orphans, the sons and daughters on the side of Satan! He has had to believe that they were His sons and daughters when they were not even in the son or daughter position, but in a position where the family of God did not exist...

So what is behind the Day of All True Things? It is simple: all the things man consumes in order to live, from the elements to all created things whether mineral, plant and animal.

The motive for the creation of all beings was Godís love. Some may ask, "What is Godís love? Away with such fabrications! Rev. Moon is saying those things to become the king of pickpockets, a man who gets his hand into your pocket by saying sweet, deceptive things." Yet the created world would not agree with such people.

Then where is the owner who can become a real owner? Throughout the ages of history, creation has been in lamentation. Look at chapter eight of the letter to the Romans: All of creation is groaning in travail. Men cry out to the father and long to become adopted sons. Yet God gathered up this discarded material. No matter how great you may think you are, all you Unificationists would acknowledge that you are now here with your real names only after having discarded your label as "garbage."

Those who are confident that they can stand before the creation without shame raise your hands. These days, the mountain hiking club members are going out to nature and learning all kinds of things. The grass, the rocks, the animals and the soil in the mountains -- all these are seen and understood in a new light and can begin in that way. Thus the mountain hiking club members will grow into owners who can love nature.

If all these things were created through love, what did God do? With a heart of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, God created even the fragments of the microscopic molecules of the minerals, the crystals of a diamond and the grains of sand. [Amen.] God created even the grains of sand with such a heart. With a greater level of faith, love and obedience, God created the larger creatures. If there are hundreds of levels of the creation, at the higher levels God would have invested with a heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in proportion to the higher value.

True obedience, true love and true faith become the official standard and model. Thus, before we talk about love and before we talk about faith, if we can fully attend all the created things of the world with absolute love and absolute obedience, we can move into a position of a king greater than God.

At the time of the Creation, which God had so longed for, all the fundamental principles and formulas of His absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience were constantly the same. Consequently, the creation could become an object partner of manís liking and form a reciprocal relationship of love with humankind, with man as the subject partner and creation as the object partner.

What is the center of the absolute value system? You must clearly understand what this is. Absolute love that prompts people to live for the sake of others is important. That absolute love must become the foundation for an absolute value system, eternally. Neither God nor man nor woman would be able to fall away.

There is no way to find an owner of love among subjects or objects that have no partner with which to share love. The nature of God is such that, by Himself, He has no way to perfect love. Is this correct, or not? [Itís correct.]

You become a mother or father the minute your newborn baby cries out. What does this mean? Even though the mother gives birth to a child and raises the child, the newborn baby is the one that causes the parent to become an owner of love. Do you understand?

That is the root of eternal, unchanging values... Who is the owner of love that makes God, the king of life, into the king of love, the king of the lineage and the owner? We have lived in ignorance of the fact that sons and daughters -- newborn babies -- are the ones who determine the position of ownership held by the parent.

Thus, what you need to know here is that God created man based on woman as the model, even before man was created. When God was about to create man, He modeled him after woman, who thus existed as a precondition for man. Man was born in accordance to the standard of this invisible concept that existed previously and conditionally. Then how was man born? Since he was born with woman as the precondition, woman could be regarded as the blueprint for man. She was like a blueprint. Man was born in accordance with this. Thus, we cannot deny the fact that man was born for the sake of woman.

Men were born for the sake of women, and women were born for the sake of men. Why? Without a woman, man cannot secure the position of a man as the owner of love who loves his woman and his sons and daughters. Thus God first established woman as a precondition and created man using her as a model.

The question is where the standard of absolute values lies. Absolute values and establish themselves permanently in the central position through the perfection of the ideal of love. God alone cannot do this; man alone cannot do this; the elder brother alone cannot do this. This can be achieved by having a younger sibling, a wife, sons and daughters and these uniting on the foundation of natural law -- the same formula of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in the position of living for the greater good, representing God. In order for God to stand in the position of the parent, His son and daughter, Adam and Eve, must proceed into relationship with Godís love...

I recently told you all to carry holy salt and holy wine with you. Those who did, raise your hands! Did you bring them with you? Those who didnít raise your hands! You should carry holy salt and holy wine in your handbags. If you are of the Kim family, you should stand at the doorway of the house of a Kim and tell them to receive the blessing and that you are telling them this because they are in your clan and tribe who are as close in heart to you as a brother in front of the heavenly law. Even if they donít listen to you, give them the blessing -- even if you have to argue with them. Sanctify them with the holy salt and have them drink the holy wine.

Thatís the rebirth ceremony. Whatís next? [The ceremony of resurrection] The ceremony of resurrection. What follows that? [The ceremony of eternal life]...

We need to graft to the root before it bears fruit and branches out. Thatís the rebirth ceremony; then the comes the resurrection ceremony, and then the ceremony of eternal life, where single men and women marry. We need to arrange this, bring every single person, the tribes of Korea and Korean nationals in other countries and conduct these ceremonies centering on the authority of the government. Unless we do so we cannot revolutionize this world.

The lineage was stained. Since the lineage of this thief would otherwise continue forever, we need to do these ceremonies swiftly on this path of the struggle...

Evil people need to be educated. They would only become more evil, but good people must be trained to go the opposite direction by disciplining their bodies and creating the environmental conditions to unite with the absolute realm of the subject to the body, to discipline the physical body. In achieving this, an owner cannot become an owner on his own. This will never happen. Only through the partner is this possible. Thus, we must be educated and naturally submit to the person who can make us the owner of love. That will be the start of the kingship of peace, and where the realm of the establishment of peaceful life based on peace in the family of Godís love can manifest itself. Amen! [Amen!]

Do you love your wife? Why do you love her? Do you love your husband? Why do you love him? Because you know the standard of absolute values. Though history may flow and the world may change, since this principle is based on the standard of absolute values, you are created to love your spouse. You cannot separate from him or her.

Those who know this principal, can you abandon your wife who would make you the owner of love? Can you abandon your husband, who makes you, the woman, the owner who can love man? And if you have children, you can become a father who loves his children; and because there is a father there can be children who love their parents. Each respectively creates the position of the owner for the other.

Heung-Jinís adopted son and daughter -- are they here? Shin-Chul, you have to become a real older brother to your sister Shin-Wol. If you cannot become a real elder brother we cannot establish the way of the tradition of Godís love in our home. Do you understand? [Yes.]

It is the same for me. There is no way to return. If I had not set up the condition to love the chosen sons and daughters more than my own sons and daughters... Jesus said to his disciples that they had to love him more than their own family members. We have to go beyond the cross, and the families of enemies must be brought to natural surrender. If we do not accomplish this there is no way to go to heaven.

My neck is on the line because of this principle of absolute values, so now -- I am eighty-five years of age -- I have to complete all this by the age of ninety-two and then say goodbye. That day when I can depart is approaching...

The victor of the absolute value system must stand on the eight stages of this value system from the individual to the family, tribe, and so forth, and must be able to give for the sake of his partner, invest and forget, love and forget, submit and forget in order to create that owner. The realm of love based on absolute values will not appear unless this tradition of love is established. It will be manifested through the realms of the family, tribe, people, nation and world! Beings that come in contact with that kind of value system will automatically be welcomed.

What makes a devoted son? There is no way for a parent to become a devoted son. When one filial act of a crippled, devoted son is based on absolute love, absolute obedience and absolute faith, and people say how precious that is, then a friend of that devoted son, a friend of a patriot and a friend of the family of a divine son of heaven will be waiting for him. [Amen!]

If couples in future generations live in accordance with this principle will they go the way of becoming the royal family of heaven or not? The way will be there. Mansei! Amen! Hallelujah! Praise the lord! Lord of glory, true parents of eternity, true teachers forevermore, king of kings! That future world will be a peaceful world of the kingdom of heaven on earth!

Under the absolute value system, each person helps each other with authority of the owner. Thus, we must clearly know today that we need subject and object partners, left and right, and front and back. In such a value system based on love, if you can have faith in this world, have absolute love for mankind, have absolute obedience, invest and forget more than the owner who represents God, then surely you will become a representative and heir who can do greater works for the heavenly kingdom.

When you appoint a representative in this world, no person in his right mind will appoint a representative that is inferior to him. Anyone would try to appoint a representative better than oneself. Godís will was to set up one exemplary heir among all representatives.

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