Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

True Parents Are the Hope of God and Humankind

Sun Myung Moon
December 2, 2004
Yongpyong Resort, Korea
The Second Assembly of the Mongolian Peoplesí Federation for World Peace
Congratulatory Banquet, Special Address

Honorable guests from home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen, Iíd like to extend my gratitude to all of you who have graced us with your company to participate in the development of the Mongolian Peoplesí Federation for World Peace.

This federation and movement that I have founded does not aim at establishing another nation in the world. Nor is it the beginning of a new nationalist movement. It is a movement of harmony and unity to do away with all walls and national boundaries and to bring together the six billion people of the world through rallying together the interrelated people of Mongolian descent.

Therefore, on this day, I would like to pass on to you words of truth specially given by God to all humankind still living in a world of complete darkness, unable to see an inch ahead of themselves. It is my hope that you will receive these words with an open heart and become the chosen people in this era of confusion and chaos. The topic I will speak on this evening is "True Parents Are the Hope of God and Humankind."

Ladies and gentlemen, originally, in relation to humankind, God was to be the teacher of teachers, master of masters, king of kings and parent of parents. In other words, He was to be the true parent. However, through the fall of Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, humankind lost God; and people have lived for thousands of years not knowing that they are orphans. The history of humanity has been one of grief. We lost the true teacher, through whom we were to learn; we lost the true master, whom we were to serve and honor; we lost the true king, to whom we were to be loyal; and we lost the true parent, from whom we were to inherit the eternal and true bloodline.

That is why the desire of fallen people is to meet the true Son of God, who is not of the fallen race, and whom Satan cannot accuse. He comes as the original Adam, with the true love, true life, and true lineage of Heaven. He comes as the Savior, representing the realm of the son on the national level. His coming is nothing other than the advent of the Messiah.

The Messiah comes as the perfected Adam, so he must first choose a true bride whom God can love according to the absolute standard; God then raises them to be a true husband and wife. In that position, the ideal of the original husband and wife, through which Godís ideal of creation can be achieved, is perfected. On that foundation, the true husband and wife can give birth to true children, who have inherited the pure lineage of heaven. These children will then begin the eternal lineage of goodness, and never walk the path trod by the descendants of the Fall.

The True Family Principle

However, the mission of the Messiah does not end there. He must rise to the position of the True Parent and establish an absolute and true family. Based on this true family, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven can be established, in which Godís ideal of creation is perfected. To achieve this goal, the six billion fallen people of the world, without exception, must be engrafted to the true family of the Messiah. Not only must their hearts be engrafted but also their lineages.

How can they be engrafted? All of you are wild olive trees, born with fallen nature. Even if you waited hundreds or thousands of years, no miracle or mutation that can transform wild olive trees into true olive trees would occur. You would remain wild olive trees forever. What this means is that unless the lineage itself is transformed, you cannot escape from being wild olive trees. Therefore, the six-thousand-year-old wild olive tree must be ruthlessly cut down to its base, and a shoot from the true olive tree must be engrafted to it. The engrafted shoot will grow into a tree, and when it matures it will bear the fruit of a true olive tree.

In the same way, fallen people must sever their connection with the sinful, satanic world, and receive the blessing through which True Parents, the true olive tree, can engraft the true olive shoots to them and begin the true lineage. The true lineage begun in this way will produce true children who are the fruit of the true olive tree. This is the only way fallen people can be reborn through the love of the True Parents, and inherit true life, true love and the true blood lineage.

True parents come into existence through the birth of true children and thus true families naturally are established. This is the basis of the True Family Principle (the principle that the establishment of true families is the basis for the realization of Godís purpose of Creation).

This True Family Principle is based on the principles of the true love of God, by which subject and object partners give to each other and live for the sake of each other, transcending nationality and all worldly superficialities. It is love that involves giving and forgetting that you have given, and serving the other endlessly. It is love that builds up as time goes on, with the receiver returning more than he or she has received and so on and so forth.

When such a relationship of true love, which is sacrificial and sublime, continues and spreads throughout the world, that world will develop into a true tribe, a true race, a true nation and one true world. Further development will bring about a true spiritual world as the true physical worldís counterpart. In other words, the establishment of a true universe will have finally been achieved.

The power of true love, as can be seen from above, is a great and immeasurable power, capable of creating the universe. In the end, only the power of true love can establish the world God envisioned at the time of the Creation, which is the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

An ideal world is not one in which someone has great power and dictates over others. It is a world where all people are brothers and sisters, a world in which our hearts are automatically moved to respond to Godís love in harmony. What would the world we all desire be like if it isnít like that?

The Four Great Realms of Heart

Ladies and gentlemen, even God reached perfection after passing through a period of growth. Because we resemble God, we human beings also need to go through a growth period.

Let us consider, in more detail, the True Family Principle in the context of the family, which is the basis for our spiritual growth. In the Garden of Eden, the family of Adam was to be the model of a true family as envisioned by God. The invisible form of God was to materialize in visible form through the four-position foundation that God intended in that family. God created mankind as the object partner to Himself as the subject partner. Children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives and parents had only existed as invisible entities in His heart. He desired to perfect them in substantial form. Starting with the family of Adam, God wanted to feel infinite joy from achieving the perfection of the true love that He had envisioned, with substantial children, substantial brothers and sisters, substantial husbands and wives and substantial parents.

Therefore, the core of the True Family Principle lies in the perfection of the four great realms of heart and three great kingships, which are the most fundamental frameworks of human relationships and are absolutely necessary to forming true families. The four great realms of heart refer to the realms of the heart of a child towards its parents, of siblings for each other, of a husband and wife and of parents for their children.

Everyone is born on earth as a child of someone. As we grow up, we form sibling relationships; we marry and enter a conjugal relationship and produce children, thereby becoming parents. This is the process that we all must pass through. The perfection of the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships is to be achieved within the framework of the family.

Then, first of all, what do we mean by the perfection of the realm of the heart of a child? We are born as children of our parents; we have no choice in this. We cannot choose whom we are born to whether we are born as the son of a president or the daughter of the greatest beauty in the world. Nevertheless, from the moment of our birth, we are destined to grow and develop under the protection of our parents. We live with our parents, and we serve them. As we grow up in such circumstances, we learn about and nurture our heart of love and filial piety for our parents as their children; we reach the point of being ready to give our lives for our parents.

Our parents do not teach us these things, and neither do schoolteachers. The heart of a child develops as children see their parents living lives of sacrifice and true love for their sake. As children grow and mature, they perfect their hearts. In other words, they are perfecting a standard of life in which they are willing to give everything they have for their parents and are willing to serve them forever. It is a life in which children can read the minds of parents before their parents even open their lips, and serve them in the way they wish to be served. It is a life in which the child can know what the parents are feeling just by looking into their eyes. The child thus fulfills the duties of a true child. It is a life in which a child offers a heart that has reached an absolute standard not only to its parents on the horizontal level but also to God, the true parent, on the vertical level. This is the perfection of the realm of the heart of a child.

Secondly, perfection of the realm of the heart of a brother or sister also involves the family. It is the realm of the heart and of true love that is perfected by brothers and sisters living together in harmony, learning from and understanding the lives of their parents. It is the realm of heart in which the children learn to be like their mothers and fathers. When you consider this from the viewpoint of human relationships, it is a relationship of front and back. If the older is in the position of the subject partner, the younger is in the position of the object partner. But the person who gives the older one the position of the subject partner of absolute value is the younger, object partner. This is the perfection of a beautiful realm of heart, in which the older brother is served and honored like a father, and the older sister is trusted and relied on like a mother. This is the practice of true love, with the older taking care of the younger as a parent would a beloved child, and the younger serving and honoring his elders like he would his parents. It is the perfection of true love between brothers and sisters, in which one makes up for what is lacking in another, and fosters and learns the good points. It is the realm of heart and love between brothers and sisters who are of the same lineage, and whom nothing can separate.

The children who have perfected the realm of heart of true children and of brothers and sisters within the context of a true family will lead lives that shine brightly like the sun even when they go out into the world. They will become children loved by all; when they meet elders, they will serve and honor them as they would their own parents, and when they meet people who are younger, they will share true love with them as they would with their own brothers and sisters. Wherever they go, whatever they do, and whomever they meet, these children will be respected as the possessors of true love and heart, giving more than others, working harder and longer than others, and thinking about others and making concessions before thinking about themselves, under all circumstances. Though they may be young, they will become central figures trusted and relied on by all, regardless of gender and age. In this way, the perfection of the realm of heart of brothers and sisters achieved within the embrace of a family will promote absolute values for eternal life.

Next, how is the perfection of the realm of heart of a husband and wife accomplished? Unlike the relationship between parents and children, and that between brothers and sisters, the relationship between husband and wife is not an absolute one, in that they are not related by blood from the beginning. In fact, the coming together of a man and a woman, from different backgrounds and families, to create a new life together, involves a truly revolutionary decision and resolution. However, the relationship of husband and wife, once they become one in mind and in body through true love, transforms into an absolute relationship, stronger even than the ties of blood. In fact, endless and boundless treasures can be found in the relationship between husband and wife. Once you become husband and wife centering on heaven, you are in an absolute relationship, and you can never be separated from your spouse.

When we look at the family of Adam, we see that, although Adam and Eve were both created as the son and daughter of God, Eve began in the position of the younger sister of Adam, and Adam was the older brother of Eve. When they grew up, they became husband and wife. In the same way, the relationship between husband and wife must begin from the level of a brother and sister who are related by blood. What this means is that everyone is born with God as his or her true parent, and they are destined to serve Him forever.

Considering these points, how can people in a marriage relationship fall victim to divorce? How can someone even consider forsaking his spouse of eternal joy and happiness, when he knows that the eyes of heaven are on him, and the blade of his conscience is ready to pierce him at the slightest mistake?

Just as the love of God is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging, the love between husband and wife is also absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. That is how Godís principles of creation in other words the laws of nature work.

A husband and wife who are one in mind and body, and who have perfected the realm of heart of husband and wife, are the joy of God and the hope of the universe. The perfected realm of husband and wife is absolutely necessary to perfect the realm of heart of true parents. It is the foundation upon which the true family of absolute value and standard, who will perfect the oneness of God and humankind in love, can be established. Therefore, the positions of the husband and wife are also the positions through which God and the children come together, the brothers and sisters come together, and the parents come together. They are also in the position of the absolute subject partner of the four great realms of heart and the position of the object partner. To the wife, the husband occupies the absolute position through which she receives the ideal son of heaven, the older brother of heaven, the husband of heaven, and the father of heaven. It is the same for the husband; to him, his wife also occupies an absolute position.

However, due to the fall of the first ancestors, the framework of these sacred relationships was crushed into pieces. What you must understand is that the heart of God, who is the origin of principles and fundamental laws, is filled with grief because He has to restore His fallen children without deviating from the principles and fundamental laws He established. And so the moment the true husband and wife are born through the Holy Marriage Blessing, carried out based on the true love of God, and conducted by the True Parents who have come to earth as the Savior of humanity and the Messiah, is the moment of liberation and freedom in which the grief harbored by God for the past six thousand years is resolved. It is also the point of a new beginning, at which the happiness of that family is promised.

Then what is the perfection of the realm of heart of parents, and how can it be achieved? Even the most precious and greatest husband and wife cannot ever become parents if they do not give birth to children. The husband and wife are elevated to the position of parents only at the first cry of their firstborn child. I have already mentioned that God created humankind to be the object partners of His joy. In the same way, a couple giving birth to children and raising them is a work of creation in itself, in that through their children a husband and wife can feel the same eternal joy as God.

Parents must give birth to children, and from the position of the visible God they must raise their children as the children of heaven. Only by doing so can they experience and inherit that realm of heart of true parents experienced by the invisible God as He created and raised Adam and Eve. To put it more simply, by raising their own sons and daughters, parents can experience our invisible Godís work of creation. They are given the honor of becoming Second Creators on behalf of God. However, although by creating Adam and Eve God established Second Creators, it became His eternal grief that they did not produce for Him His grandsons and granddaughters who were to occupy the positions of the Third Creators. Through the fall, their lineage was changed to that of Satan, and their children became Satanís children. Thus, they could not carry on His true bloodline.

Therefore humankind, born as wild olive trees, must be engrafted to the true olive tree through the grace of True Parents, the Messiah, and through the Holy Marriage Blessing that changes the lineage, humankind must produce children of goodness. You must realize that this act, in other words, offering a third generation, Godís grandchildren, into His embrace, is a great act of filial piety in Godís providence. This act signifies the historic appearance of the Third Creators. In this manner, based on one family, the paradigm desired by God as His ideal of creation is perfected. This perfected true family can then expand throughout the globe in true tribes, true peoples, true nations, a true world, and in the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

Parents are the center of families because they represent heaven. The children, on the other hand, represent earth. Heaven is in the position of the subject partner whereas earth is in the position of the object partner. Therefore, the parents, who are the subject, have the responsibility of raising their children according to the will of heaven, and marrying them to appropriate spouses. They have the responsibility of preserving the pure and good lineage that can never be accused by Satan, and to prepare the ground on which this lineage of heaven can be passed down from generation to generation. This is the only way the original parent position, lost at the time of the fall, can be restored, and the only way the realm of the parentís heart can be perfected.

The Three Great Kingships

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think I mean by the "three great kingships"? Simply put, if the four great realms of heart are perfected centering on the unity in love of a true husband and wife, the three great kingships are perfected when Adam and Eve produce good and sinless children. If God is the first generation, Adam is the second generation, and the children of Adam are the third generation. When you look at your own families, the grandparents represent God and so are the first generation, the parents are the second generation and the children are the third generation. If the grandparents are the king and queen representing the past, the parents are the king and queen representing the present, and the children are the kings and queens representing the future world. In other words, the realms of these three eras can all be established in your own families.

In this manner, the process of creation involving origin-division-union action unfolds in the realm of one family. The grandparents are in the position of the origin, the parents are in the position of division into two, and the children are in the position of the union of the two. By loving and serving our grandparents, we can learn about and inherit the past. By loving and serving their parents, children can learn about and become familiar with the present. And through their love for children, the grandparents and the parents can feel hope for the future.

If Adam and Eve had become perfect, Adam would have been the perfected father and king of the kingdom of heaven, and Eve the perfected mother and queen. They would have become the lords of the family, and the kingship of the family, race, nation and world would have been established. God would have become the king of the kingdom of heaven in heaven, and Adam would have become the king of the kingdom of heaven on earth, as the visible God.

Therefore, when you look at your families, the grandparents can be said to be the ambassadors plenipotentiary of heaven sent down by God. That is why you must serve and honor your grandparents as you would God. And the parents who serve heaven are the king and queen of the family, embracing the six billion people in the world as one family. The children responsible for the future need to adhere to the traditions of heaven, and inherit the kingship of goodness by being devoted and loyal to their parents, the king and the queen. Moreover, the manifestation of the True Family Principle begins when all of the three great kingships of heaven are perfected in one family on the horizontal level. In this way the original family becomes the model for the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, as originally intended in Godís purpose of creation. In other words, the family that has perfected the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships becomes the foundation upon which the peace kingdom, desired by all of humanity, can be established here on earth.

The family is therefore the palace of heaven. All members of that family are the royalty of heaven. However, if unity in true love cannot be perfected among grandparents, parents and children, neither the three great kingships, nor the four great realms of heart, can be perfected.

Receiving the Call in This Era

Respected leaders, in the Bible there is a verse that says, "But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins." (Luke 5:38) Even before you realized it, the era before the coming of heaven the old wineskin has passed away, and already the time after the coming of heaven the new wineskin has opened its gates to us. With the advent of the True Parents, heavenly fortune has arrived here on earth. With the beginning of the twenty-first century, the destined, absolute providence to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth, which is God's ideal of creation, is being actively advanced. For all of you, who have received Heavenís call, there is only one path to follow, and only one task to perform: to establish the peace kingdom here on earth.

The spirit world has its gates wide open, and not only the four great saints but also millions of good ancestors are pouring down like a great storm. They are coming to watch over everything you do, and are eager to break down the thousands of barriers and national boundaries throughout the world. They are coming to establish Godís kingdom of "Cheon Il Guk," as we say in Korean, the era of the liberation of true heart. All of you reborn as true olive trees should receive your good ancestors with new eyes, new ears and new hearts, and become front-runners in putting into practice the True Family Principle.

Ladies and gentlemen, I clearly understand the will of heaven as having placed me in the position of the True Parent, as ordained by Providence. As the Savior, True Parents have to fulfill their responsibility of saving the world. As the Messiah, they must fulfill the responsibility of cleansing humanity of all their sins. Through the Holy Marriage Blessing centered on true love, True Parents must cause the world to overflow with true families, who will be the new true olive trees. This fortune and destiny given me by heaven is now being fulfilled at revolutionary speed. This is clearly visible in the work being done for the establishment of Godís kingdom of Cheon Il Guk by tens of thousands of blessed families international couples, flying high the flag of the "Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace" or under the banner of the "Mongolian Peoplesí Federation for World Peace." They are truly the special vanguard of heaven, risking their lives for the work of God.

Now, no force on earth can turn off this beacon of the revolution of true love. Who can stop this typhoon of the establishment of a new heaven and a new earth, when heavenly fortune is with us, and the whole of the spirit world is working together with us? Just welcome the heavenly fortune with a humble attitude as it flows toward you like a great tidal wave. We are now living in the era of the family. Selfish, individualistic or unethical actions that destroy morality, and which go against heavenly fortune, will be punished accordingly. Establish true families that have returned to the realm of Godís ideal as envisioned at the Creation. Become true parents yourselves! God will then reside in your families. Eternal peace and happiness will overflow in your families.

The movement comprising the Inter-religious and International Federation and the Mongolian Peoplesí Federation has already become the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire, guiding humanity. From now on, your motto is absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Become the vanguard in establishing Godís fatherland and the homeland for humankind here on earth, by transforming Mongolian spots into "true love birth marks!" I urge you to put on the helmets and armor of true love and to become brave warriors chasing away the forces of evil from this world.

It is my belief that you will accept Heavenís decree I have passed onto you today. From now on, no matter when it is, where we are or what we are doing, we are all members of one family centered on heaven. I hope you will remember at all times that God works miracles through your conscience.

May Godís blessing be with you and the true families you establish for eternity. Thank you.

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