The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Total Investment

Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial Translation
Life of Faith in the Era after the Coming of Heaven
From "Selected Speeches of Reverend Sun Myung Moon"

The origin of creation was the logic of "living for the sake of others" centered upon love. Greatness is determined by how much you invest yourself for the sake of your object partner. Here you can derive your life philosophy. Love can be reached through ideal voyage across the seas. In order for you to live purposefully toward your ideal destination, you need this life philosophy of living for the sake of others. Unless you live your life by totally giving yourself, you will not able to meet the path of true love. It is only possible when you invest yourself totally and completely live for the sake of others. You must make all these ideas as your foundation for your logic and philosophy of life.

If you invest yourself totally and forget what you have given, you will definitely be placed at the center. This is Heavenly principle. If you really live like this among your siblings or friends, you will be the center of your siblings or friends naturally even though you do not wish. If you just live for your own sake, everything will disappear. Everything will be destroyed. A place where you live only for yourself is a place of destruction. Thus, it is Satan's plane. However, a place where you live for the sake of others is the Heavenly plane since it is where all people come together as one. You should organize the stage where you live according to this life philosophy and foundational principles.

I try to forget whatever possible. Especially, I forget about all my troubles and miseries in my life. This is my life philosophy. I don't even try to remember them. For example, after maybe three years, your memory of someone's face will be vague. There is no need to remember such a thing. If God remembers the fall of man and repeating the painful incident in His mind over and over again until now, how can you possibly live? As if He had forgotten the fall completely, God has made the utmost efforts investing Himself for the purpose of re-creation. This is why God's love is the greatest of all loves.

If you are going out to work as a day laborer, you must say to yourself, "I will work as an owner today!" Don't work as a temporary day laborer who was hired for the day. Knowing this essence of the principle, you work and forget, and work to forget about your labor. Then you will never get tired no matter how hard you work. I am now over seventy years old, but this has been my philosophy of life. I constantly want to invest more. Even though, my legs get wobbly, I want to give and invest more.

There is an adage saying, "Be constant from the beginning to the end." However, that is not enough. So, you should not just follow the adage. You should follow this, "Start small and give increasingly to end up great." Even though you start out small, you must end larger than what you started. This is my life philosophy. I don't think it is difficult even if I face really hard challenges. If your root is shallow, when a Hurricane comes you will be blown away. You must deepen your determination for fulfilling your desire, so as to not be blown away no matter how strong the gusts bluster against you.

Members of Unification Church should not be limited by the adage, "Be constant from the beginning to the end." Rather, they must follow, "Start small and give increasingly to end up great." You must end greater that the beginning. In the ideal world, if you keep trying to give, you will get larger and larger. However, in the process of restoration, it is "Be constant from the beginning to the end." Because the beginning and the end is the same, they can meet up. However, in our world, you should not get larger centering on your own sake alone. In the world of love, centering on true love, the end will be greater. We don't need a world expressed by another adage, "Being with large dragon's head but with tiny snake's tail."

Even if I was captured and put into a prison, I will never back away because of my philosophy of "Start small and give increasingly to end up great." I will fight head on against a much larger enemy. Then, who will protect me when I will have a head-on collision? God will be my protector. God is our master and our subject partner.

Even if I am put in solitary confinement in prison, as long as I do not relinquish my heart to serve God -- being in the prison or in the jaws of death -- Heaven will pull me out of it and place me at a position of His object partner. Moreover, Heaven will open a path for the realm of my liberation in all directions -- east, west, north or south. You must know that this is Reverend Moon's traditional life philosophy while he established the world-wide foundation, by preparing incremental and cumulative results.

Rev. Moon's philosophy of life is to add one more step wherever I go. For example, when I climb a mountain and reach its summit, I will count from one, two, three from there. Then I will count eleven and twelve, as I step around. This one extra step that I take after reaching the final point is a condition through which new development takes place. In other words, if you make this one extra step, you will not perish. This is natural thinking as you compete against the satanic world.

Rev. Moon has established this foundation despite receiving persecution in this world. Then, what is my philosophy of life that has sustained me. My thought is there is no stagnation. I reached almost 80 years old, however, even today; my philosophy does not allow me to stop or stagnate. I cannot be outdone even by young people. What is development? Development can mean renaissance. Then it will bring prosperity and finally reach the Heavenly Kingdom. 

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