The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Your those who opposed me on earth are here with you

Sun Myung Moon
January 10, 2012
Comments during his speech 12.17 by the H.C.
Expo Convention Hall
Daegu in North Gyeongsang Province

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

"There are lots of Unification church members who followed me and are now in the spirit world. Today, you might not know this, but your ancestors and those who opposed me on earth, having known that I would be here today, came here and are with you. So listen to my speech calmly without criticizing. There are many people who had followed a person called Rev. Moon saying, 'Don't oppose Rev. Moon. Daegu would disappear," and died with tears. Your brothers, sisters, and persons that you had respected could be among them. I hope you are decent listeners today in front of them and calmly examine the content of my speech."

"I have a record of speaking for 17 hours and 47 minutes without having breakfast, lunch and dinner. How many hours do you want me to speak today?"

"What is the title of my speech? '천지인참부모정착 / Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.' How amazing is this title? How many couples of True Parents have been in history? Since God is the True Parent, True Owner, and True King, there is only one couple of True Parents. With that standard, I will speak today."

"The title is '천지인참부모정착 / Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.' (Father whistled). It is '정착 / 定着 / settlement,' not '안착 / 安着 / safe landing.' The settlement means nobody can move True Parents, and so what people can do is either they follow them, attend them or show them around. Then comes '실체말씀 선포 / Proclamation of the Substantial Word of God.'"

"'중생 / 重生 / Rebirth' means 'to be born again.' Have you been born again or not? Answer me. (Father whistled) Answer me! Rebirth is necessary because the first parents made a mistake and so the second parents must give them rebirth. Then the next is '부활 / 復活 / Resurrection,' which means 'to live again. There is the tradition of parents, and by receiving the parents' blood lineage, children resemble their parents. When have we become the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind? If we became so after I was 90 years old, all your ancestors and those who were born before that must go through rebirth and resurrection. Then '영생 / 永生 / Eternal life' is necessary."

(Katsumi: By 'resurrection' in the speech, Father meant what the Chinese characters of the term indicates, which is 'to live again.' Father's explanation following that definition (in which he said 'tradition, blood lineage and resemblance') leads us to understanding 'resurrection' as 'to live again or to live a new life in resembling True Parents after rebirth.' This is not contradictory to the teaching of the Divine Principle, but rather, it gives us a more dynamic understanding of 'resurrection.)

"When you speak to me, I understand it all. But if I speak quickly, you will understand only one-third of what I say. It is because I am talking about something new to you." "I guarantee what I said 10 years ago will be realized 20 years later, and what I said years ago will be realized thousands of years later."

(After having read:) 'Please take heed of my autobiography, which is a record of my life's work to enable the True Parents to succeed in their mission during their time on this earth, and build on my achievements. Please also inherit the teachings I have bestowed upon this world. In doing so, I pray that you will surely be triumphant in your course of life') "Who is praying for that? True Parents. You must rightfully understand this."

(After having read:) 'I ask that you take (받아서 / 受け取って) this proclamation of True Parents to heart and pledge to put it into practice') "This is not 'to learn or study' but 'to take' the proclamation of True Parents."

(Katsumi: Every time when Father read this part, he emphasizes this is '받아서 / to take', not 'to learn or study.')

"My name is Yong Myeong Moon. Among Unification Church members I love more than my younger brother those who have 'Yong' in their names,"

"The first Adam fell, and Jesus, the second Adam, couldn't have the feast as the groom. When I was 17 years old, Jesus came to me saying 'Mr. Yong Myeong Moon. Let's go to be married!"

"Korea is God's fatherland and homeland. Why? It is because the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind were born there. If I decide it by myself and lie about it, I will die hit by lighting."

"If you read my speech carefully examining the contents, you will understand 68% of the speech."

"7 x 7 makes 49 and there is the summit of 50. If one dies before 50, they can't be buried in the graveyard."

"For God there is no 가감승제 (four rules of arithmetic such as subtraction, multiplication, and division), which appeared after the fall. Five centuries later, the East Indians made that. You're hearing this for the first time, aren't you?"

(After having read:) 'Under such circumstances, how could we be anything less than completely serious in our lives as we guide the 6.5 billion people of the world along the path toward the building of God's kingdom on earth?'

"I can't help but doing this. When I don't say (something I should have said), my mouth shouts at night, and I, listening to that, cry my heart out praying, 'I am sorry.' Do you know such thing? I don't think you know it."

"One should be able to listen to the '절대음 / 絶對音 / absolute sound.' The Creator and the creatures must be able to interact."

"It is Rev. Moon that invented the term '영인체./ 靈人體 / spirit self.'"

(After having read:) 'Your ancestors who are in the spirit world shall now return to this earth at this time of the True Parents, who directly govern all life and all things as the substantial entity of God who exists without form. They will go through the three-stage blessings of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life and complete the Original Divine Principle education -- the education on absolute marital fidelity -- organized by True Parents. Only then can they take part in the original authority granted by the Seonghwa and attain the qualifications to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk while on earth.'

"I am not lying. Pray for 40 days or 70 days with fasting to find out if it is true or not."

(After having read:) "Ladies and gentlemen, last year in Las Vegas, there was a special proclamation centered on God that was given by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on two separate days -- one part at 2:20 AM on the 8th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 19, 2010) and the other at 3:25 AM, on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 26, 2010), There was a secret meeting. Nobody knows it."

"'태평성대 (The reign of tranquility and prosperity)' means the world before the fall."

"Shall I teach you Rev. Moon's prayer? It is '원형이정 천도지상 인의예지 인성지강'. This is the prayer of True Parents.1

The peaceful settled place is realized by uniting England, the US, France, Japan, Germany, and Italy, and it will become an unified nation as God's Fatherland. Without attending to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and love each other in place God more than just as brothers, there will be no citizens of heavenly nation. Japanese people must educate Germans and Italians. Korean people must be in charge of educating England, the US and France. We are now entering the era of inter-religious and inter-cultural marriage.

(Looking at the Buddhist priests who are seated in the front) Are you going to be married or not? (Katsumi: in Korea, Buddhist priests are celibate) You would enter the heavenly nation with your family and you as an individual can't make it by yourself. Buddhist priests! Be married as soon as possible! If you come to me, I will find your spouse. (Applause) Die and find out if I am telling a lie or not!"

"Myung and Pak of (Korean president) Myung Pak Lee respectively represents Myung of Yong Myung Moon (True Father), and Park of Bo Hi Pak."

"I will make a newspaper company and bank."


1. According to Father, "the prayer of the Messiah of the Second Advent" or "the prayer of True Parents" consists of two parts. The former is from "Moderation (중용 /中庸), written by Confucius' grandson 자사 (子思 / Jasa), one of the Seven Chinese Classics (the Four Books and the Three Classics). Which says: 元亨利貞 天道之常(원형이정 천도지상) 仁義禮智 人性之綱(인의예지 인성지강). This basically means that spring, summer, autumn and winter, which respectively represents foundation, growth, harvest and conclusion of life, are unchanging heavenly law, and that is also the way that humans are, who pursue love, righteousness, courtesy and knowledge in order to go along with such a Heaven. The latter part is Father's providential viewpoint of realizing the ideal word, and I don't know the exact words of Father in his prayer. Basically he explains by uniting England, the US, France, Japan, Germany and Italy centering on True Parents' family, the world of peace will be established. 

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