The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2012

How many True Parents are there?

Sun Myung Moon
January 11, 2012
Hoban Indoor Auditorium in Gangwon Province

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

Father's comments during his speech

"There are lots of false parents but have you seen True Parents? How many True Parents are there?"

(Reading his speech title:) "'실체말씀선포 (Proclamation of Substantial Word of God).' People thought the truth is the first thing and humans are insignificant. Which comes first, the word of God or the substance?"

"In human history, there have been no rallies held by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind."

(After having read:) "On April 18 we celebrated our 52nd year of marriage. On that occasion, I brought to a close the era before the coming of heaven, which was marked by sin and indemnity [atonement], and proclaimed the era after the coming of heaven through which a new heaven and new earth will be realized by returning to true love."

"This is not 복귀하여 (restoring) or 탕감복귀하여 (restoration through indemnity), but 회기하여 (回期하여(returning)."

(Katsumi: I think '회기하다 / 回期하다' is a coined word by Father. There is a term '회귀하다 (回歸하다),' which means 'to return or to go back,' and I just translated 회기하여 (回期하여) as the official English version says: 'returning'. Every time Father reads it, he emphasizes 'this is not 'restoring or restoring through indemnity,' but 'returning.')

(After having read:) "All the blessed children in the heavenly and earthly worlds, who are related to the True Parents by blood,") "What is my business? To give the Blessing."

"You know '훈민정음 / 訓民正音 / Hunminjeongeum' (Korean script), don't you? ('Yes.') The sound that teaches heavenly citizens should be the right one. It should be the absolute sound. The word that the Creator says is the right sound. Have you heard it? Any creature as the second existence, which was created and related by the right sound of God, the First Existence, must be able to interact with God. We as the second existence, are to live with the sound of the First Existence and exchange the words with Him. So when you live a life listening to the '절대음 / 絶對音 / absolute sound,' and then you can be citizens of the absolute peaceful world. I think that's why it was named as 훈민정음 / 訓民正音 / Hunminjeongeum'."

(Katsumi: the Chinese characters of the term mean 'The right sound that teaches people.)

"I wrote page 74 which is the last page of this speech file. It says '섭리적 최종목적되다 (The final providential purpose is done)' This means everything has been done. The title of the speech is '천지인참부모정차 실세말씀선포 천주대회 (Cosmic Assembly for the Proclamation of the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and the Substantial Word of God) and this has been done too."

"God doesn't have His fatherland and homeland yet. But you say you already have your homeland? This is a 사고 / 事故 / accident. Rev. Moon has been fighting to correct this until now. I knew I would be able to have done 60% to 70% of my path, and before I die I need to solve the rest -- I don't know how many times I can hold the rallies until then --, and that's why I have provided you my text books and teaching materials and I tell you that you must live accordingly to them."

"It is a lie that believers go up to the sky when the Messiah comes and live with him having the feast for a thousand years while non-believers go to hell."

"Until now there is nobody was really married because God has not been married yet. You have heard 'Heavenly Father,' but have you heard 'Heavenly Mother'? Without heavenly father and mother, there can't be sons and daughters."

"There are many people in the spirit world who want me to go there. But it is not that anybody can meet me."

"God's responses through the absolute sound to my questions have become the contents of my textbooks and teaching materials. They are not my words. I, entering 공명권(sphere of resonance) with God, stand in a solid position even in front of the judges and persecutors (in the spirit world). Without being able to listen to the absolute sound that the Owner of heaven and earth gives, one can't be the leader of their family, province, nation and the world. More than 80% of my speech are not my words. I ask by myself and listen to the absolute sound that people can't hear, and I published thousands of my speech books as of now."

"Why does 9 x 9 make 81, not 102, being reduced by 21? (Raising his voice) Who made this? The history of the fall made this."

"What I say will take place. If I say, 'If you go there, you will die,' they actually die. When I say they shouldn't go but they go, an accident will happen. This applies to me too. Before I come here (for example) I discuss with God if it is better to take an airplane. If God tells me to provide a new car and come here by that and I don't listen to Him, there will be an accident in which a ghost works. I know how to avoid such a thing."

"The (Existence of) odd numbers will disappear. Homosexuals and lesbians will disappear. You have to remember there comes the scientific era of leaving true sperm and eggs while killing false sperms and eggs. Women can give birth until they become 47, but after 51 they can't. Ask medical doctors about this. I knew it when I was four years old."

"I became Sun Myung Moon from Yong Myung Moon. I had lots of friends who knew me as Yong Myung."

(After having read:) "Throughout my life, I have offered myself for the liberation of God, the one and only True Parent of heaven and earth, to restore to Him His rightful position as Parent, to save all human beings who suffer in the realm of death, and to return them to God's bosom. For this purpose I have persevered and triumphed over countless tribulations while leading the people of the world, who are living like lost and unaware orphans searching for their heavenly parent, toward the goal of global salvation."

"Who can deny this? I'm not lying."

(After having read:) "Ladies and gentlemen, God created us as His children. As the original, absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal being, God created human beings by breathing His love into them to endow them with a soul. If not for the Fall, we would have been able to perfect ourselves, including our spiritual self, as God is perfect, fulfill the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and attain eternal life."

"There is no exception because this is the formula course."

(After having read:) "In order to live a perfect life, all people without exception must receive new life through the blessing from True Parents and pass through the three stages of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life."

"This means one should absolutely be related to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind."

"From birth I am different from you."

(After having read:) "At the moment of death, our spirits should feel more excited and thrilled than a newlywed bride feels when she goes to her groom's home for the first time."

"Don't become the people who try to escape in sadness from that moment. I wanted to go over there but my endowed lifespan is 117 years. When I go to the spirit world, I need to put things in order. I don't need your prayer for me to live longer. I am a person who even knows what time I will go. Having gone over several moments of death, I prolonged my life course."

(After having read:) "However altruistic and philanthropic people's lives may be, none of them can be guaranteed entry into the world of eternal life without receiving the Marriage Blessing and the Seonghwa Blessing of the True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Moon. This is because the parent-child relationship between God and humankind was severed due to the Fall of the first ancestors. Please take this point seriously."

"Even if you forget all the other parts, please remember this point."

(After having read:) "All the good spirits in the spirit world are mobilized and are already moving forward a step ahead of you."

"You don't know this but they in the spirit world are making their utmost efforts to save you. So in your mind can't help but getting better."

(After having read:) "Ladies and gentlemen, God quietly raised and prepared the Korean people over a period of thousands of years."

"If a rumor was abroad that God is raising the Koreans, they would have been killed by... I myself also have been (through my course) without a word though I know all the secrets of heaven and earth. I recently talked about the God of Night and the God of Day. Also I said God has a younger brother, and therefore Adam has a younger brother, which is Lucifer. It is recently that I taught this. (Raising his voice) Why didn't I teach this before? I would have been killed on the street."

(After having read:) "The leaders of Judaism and the people of Israel were supposed to receive Jesus as the Messiah and follow him with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. They should never have allowed Jesus' crucifixion to take place."

"Did Jesus volunteer to die? He was caught and killed!"

"There are the God of Night and the God of Day and the God of Night has made no mistake. The God of Day as the God of the Body fell. If the God of Night is a man, the God of Day is a woman, and she fell. Eve rode on God's younger brother, and Adam's younger cousin turned things upside down. There is no such principle, which can't be found in the program of the creation. The God of Day is a woman. Woman rode on God's brother's belly and made him fall.

In the process, she went below putting God's brother on her and she received the seed, but their children are those of the crazy. They can't go to Heaven. Nobody knows how to reverse things, and only Rev. Moon knows it. By the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, the God of Night and the God of Day are liberated. How can the creature liberate the Creator? How can such a thing happen?"

(Katsumi: I heard for the first time that the God of Day is a woman and we need to listen more to clarify what Father means by this. Father said two days ago that the Archangel also has sperm.)

(After having read:) "Ladies and gentlemen, last year in Las Vegas, there was a special proclamation centered on God that was given by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on two separate days -- one part at 2:20 AM on the 8th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 19, 2010) and the other at 3:25 AM, on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 26, 2010.)"

"There was a special meeting. Nobody knows it and only I know it." 

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