The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Making a life or death determination

Sun Myung Moon
January 23, 2012
True God's Day

Throwing the ball with all your might! Making a life or death determination! Throwing the ball with all your strength! You should know that mothers in labor arc putting their lives on the line and are throwing the ball with all their might. Such parents love their children and they maintain the hope, even now, that their children will become greater than they are no matter what kind of difficulties their children face.

It is the same in the animal world, for the fish in their realm under the sea, for the birds in the air and for the beasts in the mountains. They make effort to leave behind descendants and put their lives on the line to take great care of their sons and daughters who come after them. In observing this, we must understand that we need to make our most extreme effort in order to become the lords and masters of creation. This means we must already have put our lives on the line.

Our homeland is not in front of us; it follows behind us. Even God, the God of Night and God of Day, cannot lie down. He is waiting urgently for the day of True Parents' victory. Each day for God is like a thousand years. Each day for God is truly more difficult than that of a mother in labor. Young women! If you've had the experience of childbirth, putting your life on the line is nothing by comparison.

Just as a baseball pitcher must throw the ball with all his might, a mother giving birth must make her utmost effort to make it over the hill of labor. The newborn baby cries out that it was born as a new son or daughter of heaven, as the first grandchild of its nation's patron saint. Whenever I hear that sound, I ask for the child's forgiveness thousands and tens of thousands of times. As I do so, I welcome this day with tears, wishing to not be ashamed in front of you, wishing that we can become your parents, and wishing for your encouragement. I will not forget that I marked this day.

You are celebrating my birthday, and what was it, an all-out what? [Advance.]1 You should throw the ball with all your might and rally your life-or-death determinations in order to welcome this holy day each year with that kind of determination and resolve to continue advancing and advancing more. Moreover, with the fieriness of your pledge, you should make a more fearsome, victorious advance than if you were to push the buttons to simultaneously detonate both a hydrogen bomb and an atomic bomb. That is the kind of determination I ask you to make now. [Aju! Applause]

If you will make this determination, raise both hands, remember this day in front of God and become soldiers of heaven that are like dragons who will march forward. I pray that you will not be sons and daughters that are ashamed of yourselves when you remember this hour in the future. Do not lose the memory of this first day of the twelfth year. Determine that the tense situation of the Republic of Korea can be swayed by your resolve. In the hope, in my heart, that you will resolve to make a new beginning, I oversee God's protection and blessings on this New Year in the name of the True Parents. [Aju! Applause]


1 Father's speech on the first God's Day, January 1, 1968, entitled "All Out Advance" was the Hoon Dok reading before Father gave this speech. 

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