The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2012

True Father's Words Given By Dr. Suk At The World Assembly

Sun Myung Moon
January 24, 2012

At the National Leaders World Assembly, Dr. Suk, who has been attending Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents almost every day, shared Father's recent words with the participants, and the following are some of the main points:

1. God's marriage and True Parents' marriage will be held on the 13th day of the 1st month, 2013. (Not this year.)

2. This year, at the dedication ceremony of Cheong Shim Word Peace Stadium, the Blessing ceremony will be held on 1st day of the 3rd month by the H.C., which is also True Parents' Day. This Blessing ceremony is an extension of the 1017 Blessing. That day, Wongoo Peace Cup will be kicked off.

3. Our ultimate mission is to become the Tribal Messiah, educating and bringing 13,000 people for True Parents' Blessing next year.

4. For the sake of that mission, there are two graces Father gave us: his autobiography and the liberation and the Blessing of 210 generations. Father emphasized recently again that all the Blessed families must be finished with the distribution of 430 copies and the liberation and the Blessing of the 210 generations by Foundation Day.

5. "When one liberates and Blesses 210 generations of ancestors, they can listen to 절대음 / absolute sound."

6. Write in your diary so that your children and descendants will know what you have been through with True Parents.

7. Blessed families must wear new clothes internally, have new way of thinking, leaving their old habits. 

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