The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 24, 2012
Transcript from the video during Day of Victory of Love celebration by Airenae Culvy

Korean Leader:

(People are sitting on the floor, huge room with big pillars coming out on left and right sides, screens are in the back of the room on the sides)

So, we started from the midnight prayer and yesterday's Events. Now we are here this morning. Thank you for coming and participating in all these Events. Let me tell you about today. We are going to start at 8:00 a.m. We are going to start The Day of Victory of Love. When that is finished, we are going to go to the Cheon Bok Parade, which will start at the Quam Qua Gate, Yunjon. True Parents may actually be there during that time. After the Cheon Bok Parade is finished, there will be a cutting of the tape for the art exhibition; and, that will be the Cheon Bok Ceremony. There will probably be a lot of cars; so, we'll need to gather by 12 o'clock at the Quam Qua Gate; and we'll start at 2 o'clock with the parade. Once the parade is over, please move quickly. At the Quam Qua Gate, there is a third exit at the 5th subway line; and, it's possible to park your car there. The price is 3,000 won per hour to park your car there. So, you may choose to park your car there; or, you may choose to take a subway get to the parade. (Tossa, the translator, says he's not going to translate this part with the directions because it doesn't seem to be needed for English people) Now we are going to sing Blessing of Glory, the first and fourth verses in Korean for our True Parents.

For your information, I want to tell you about the Cheon Bok Parade. Today's schedule is tomorrow at 10 am at the Main Hall of the Cheon Bok, there will be the world CARP Assembly. At 9 am there is going to be a presentation on a strong Korea by the Tongil Group Chairman. At 9 o'clock, there will be a debate between Atheism and Theism, and then the next day, on the fourth day... on the fifth day there will be choir performances from teams from all over the world. On the sixth day (of the first month of the Heavenly Calendar) there will be a multi-cultural festival at 10 o'clock at the Cheon Bok Gung? And then there will be a Chung Pyung musical performance; so, members can attend there. On the seventh day of the first month there will be a time where we offer blood, we can donate blood and some other events. So, this is The Day of The Victory of Love. Let us quietly prepare for today's Events.

(Everyone is sitting quietly... some preparations are going on the stage, people moving)

Rev. Seuk:

Good Morning. Ohio Goziemas. May God's abundant Blessing be upon you and your family this New Year. Let us now prepare solemnly for the 29th Day of Victory of Love. I'm going to make a short explanation for you about the change of the Seunghwa to the Seong Hwa Ceremony. Yesterday, last year on 10/13 by the Heavenly Calendar, Dr. David S. E. Kim was given a Seong Hwa Ceremony in America. True Parents prayed for three hours for a title for Dr. Kim saying 'Celebrating a representative of a great man of filial piety and loyalty, a founding of God's Homeland has entered the Garden. And then the next day a Hanna Do, Father gave us the order instead of holding a Seunghwa Ceremony to hold a Seong Hwa Ceremony for Dr. David Kim. And Father said also, for the Won Jeon. Ceremony change the Chinese Character for 'wol' to the Chinese Character used in Divine Principle, which is Wol i Han Bok, so Woli Han ban? To use that different character. So this new title of Seong Hwa Ceremony was announced by True Parents. True Parents gave the message about the Substantial Body of God. So, now let's give a round of applause and gratitude to our True Parents for this New Blessing, this new type of Hope.

The Day of Victory of Love was first possible through the sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim, January 2, 1984. It was proclaimed in America at Belvedere. And in 1987 the fourth Day of Victory of Love was held on January 2nd; and, it has been held and it's been held on that date ever since. So, all the other True Children and True Grandchildren Who Have Passed Away also celebrated on this Day in addition to Heung Jin Nim. So, today we are going to Celebrate, Heung Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, Shin Hye Nim, Hye Jin Nim and Hee Jin Nim at this time. So Heung Jin Nim's Seunghwa, after the ICUS Conference in Chicago was completed, Father was on His way to East Garden; and, Father gave a Special Direction, a Special Order.

So, on December, 1983, the Victory of Communism Events were held in 8 cities in Korea. The last Event was when He was in Kwanju in Korea. Heung Jin Nim was in America at the time. Heung Jin Nim had gotten special permission from Mother to fix the motor cycle, which was in UTS. He had gotten permission to go to UTS; so, He had taken two 2nd generation with Him. On His way back He got into the accident. It was December; so, the ground was frozen and this truck was coming very fast and it was slipping. It was about to have a head-on collision. If Heung Jin Nim had turned the steering wheel to the left, He would have probably survived the accident. However, He wanted to protect Jin Bok and Jin Gil, the two 2nd generation who were with him. So, Heung Jin Nim deliberately turned the steering wheel to the right and Jin Bok and Jin Gil did not get hurt at all; but Heung Jin Nim was very hurt through that and was seriously, critically injured through that accident.

Heung Jin Nim entered a coma at that time and was entered into the St. Francis Hospital. I was there at the time. So, it was a time when I was able to meet True Parents at that hospital. So, after I met True Parents who had completed their tour in Korea, Father came to America. Father thanked Heung Jin Nim for sacrificing himself on Father's behalf; and, He made a determination to send Heung Jin Nim to the spirit world and held a Unification Ceremony at the hospital. The Unification Ceremony was a time where Father was setting a condition of becoming One With God instead of in all ways being so sad about Heung Jin Nim's dying. Also, Mother, Instead of being so sad about Heung Jin Nim's death, She set a condition of becoming One with Father and set a standard of Love of God and Father (and a Highest Level Connection was made with Heung Jin Nim Spiritually) Also, brothers and sisters of Heung Jin Nim, instead of being so sad about Heung Jin Nim's death, They were coming to have greater Love for True Parents. Also, the Blessed Families made a dedication of, instead of being so sad about Heung Jin Nim's death, they had a time of becoming one with True Parents. That was a time when all the religions of the world to become one with The Unification Church on that occasion as well.

So, that is, as Father was talking about, how to have victory over death through Love. So this is talking about Father's Absolute Love toward God and True Mother's Absolute Love toward Father overcoming Heung Jin Nim's death. So, Heung Jin Nim's Absolute True Love toward True Parents and Heung Jin Nim's True Love toward His friends brought Victory over death at that time. So, it was through this Day of Victory of Love that it was possible, through the Unification Ceremony, for the Seunghwa Ceremony to appear, which is the Seong Hwa Ceremony. So, Seong Hwa Ceremony is a time of new joy when people can be graced by God; and, it is a time where our life on earth has just moved on to the spirit world.

So, Heung Jin Nim's Devotion and Love for True Parents did not end at this point. Heung Jin Nim was appointed as the Commanding Chief of the spirit world by Father, and during the eighteen-year period until 1987, the greatest Devotion was given. So, before this Foundation was given through Heung Jin Nim on the earth and when this Foundation was given to Heung Jin Nim to do His work in the spirit world. So, in this way The Day of Victory of Love was proclaimed and the Seong Hwa Grace has been given to us by True Parents. So, let's give a big round of applause for gratitude to our True Parents.

Next, we will talk about Hyo Jin Nim's Seunghwa. On March 17, 2008, everyone, we were all working hard on the election in Korea, we heard the news that Hyo Jin Nim had passed away. While we were all concerned with the attitude of sinners, True Parents Said that Hyo Jin Nim did something great and at that time I Sacrificed My Eldest Son for the sake of God's Homeland. Hyo Jin should go on my behalf as God took the spirit world on my behalf. So, at this time Father is talking about the liberation of His Homeland, and talking about the Seunghwa of Hyo Jin Nim from God's View. From a human view, this is not something we would expect a Parent to say about His Child's death. In this way, Father is completely absorbed in fulfilling God's Providence.

Father gave a title of the Lord of Filial Piety and Loyalty Who Will Open up the Garden of the Deepest Heaven. So, Father Gave that and that title is a Blessing to Hyo Jin Nim to fulfill that role when He goes to spirit world. So, when True Parents go to the spirit world, they will open a world of the Kingdom of Heaven. That means that Heaven can be opened through Hyo Jin Nim's Seunghwa, His death. When Hyo Jin Nim's Seunghwa Ceremony was completed, True Parents went to Hawaii and then to the western United States and stayed there for about ten days and offered Devotion to God for about ten days. During ten days, True Father did not sleep or eat; and, Father was experiencing the life of the bottom of hell. Father was suppressing His Sadness for Hyo Jin Nim's death; and, He was offering the greatest Devotion and Love in order for Hyo Jin Nim to find His place in the spirit world.

So, at the time, 22 testimonies of people who had been attending Father at the time said that it was very difficult for them to look at how much suffering Father was putting Himself through. Through a Special Ceremony on April 3rd, Hyo Jin Nim's Life on the earth was put into order completely by Father; and, Father Proclaimed that Father had set the Foundation for Hyo Jin Nim to fulfill the Role that is sought after by His Title.

So Heung Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim and other True Children are really working hard in the spirit world. We need to understand their work and really pray for them. There needs to be a proper common base on the earth for them to work through us to do their work in the spirit world. The completion of Cheon Il Guk is impossible without the help of the spirit world. So, True Parents told us to liberate and Bless ten generations of our ancestors up until Foundation Day. All Blessed Families are supposed to complete that mission. So, Hyo Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim and other True Children in the spirit world should not have to worry about what is happening on the earth.

Okay, everyone please rise. We have now heard that True Parents are now coming into the hall. True Parents are on Their Way. Let's move forward. Put our full strength to move forward until 2013 serving True Parents and The True Children. If you agree, please give a big round of applause. True Parents are now entering the hall, please give a thunderous round of applause welcoming our True Parents. Let us now offer a bow to the True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind (True Parents Bowed in Their Seats at the same time).


(Father begins to speak but can't be heard. Tossa is not able to hear what True Father is Saying. It looks like He was not given a mike. Someone comes and puts a mike on Father)

The parents need to understand The Day of The Victory of Love was and teach their children what it means. I've been waiting for the time to come; but, The time now has come for the children, so... The True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind, Who Gave Liberation To The God of Day and The God of Night. So, through God's Family Appearing, in The God's Family, there is The God's Parents, The Heavenly Parents, there are The Grandparents, The Parents and also They Are The Two Children---also The 7 Parents are important? So, by Heung Jin Nim going to the spirit world, I made it possible for things to be united.

Heung Jin Nim went to the Position of Being The Elder Brother of Jesus. So, in this way, it was possible for Jesus to have Parents. In the past there was no Parents of Jesus; so, that is why there were no Blessings in the past. But, through connecting Heung Jin Nim to the spirit world, Heung Jin Nim went to the Position of the Older Brother of Jesus; and, True Parents have been able to get that Position up until now; so, the Age of The True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind will pass. Centering on the Tradition of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind you need to resemble; and, follow Their Tradition. If you do not, you cannot go to Heaven. So, in the Position of Parents, you need to teach your 2nd and 3rd generations True Parents Tradition. If you do not teach The Tradition, they cannot go to Heaven. This is not some kind of joke. True Parents have shed Blood, Sweat and Tears; and, Nose Water, Mouth Water and Ear Water. These four kinds of waters are connected. That is what is connected to the Unification Ceremony, which we will discuss today.

You need to connect with These Words, True Parents Words, or there is no significance for you to be here. Especially the families need to understand this. You need to understand this first and you need to educate others. There used to be no God of Day, God of Night on the earth; however, because we are at the Age of True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and through the Position of The Parents Being Established, now it is possible for God's Family to Appear. If you don't know The Day of The Victory of Love, God's Family cannot Appear. Do you understand? So, through Heung Jin Nim's going to spirit world, Heung Jin Nim's going to the spirit world was a Sacrifice made by Heaven. Through the Words today, you need to really understand this. Even in 28 years you didn't understand this important time; and, you've been thieves. As parents you've been messing things up; so, you need to know things clearly Do you understand? If you understand, give a round of applause. (applause)

Now we are going to begin with the Hoon Dok Hae, reading of Father's Words.

Rev. Seuk:

So we are now wanting to attend The True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind. We are now welcoming the spirit world and the physical world to Celebrate at the same time this 29th Day of Victory of Love. First we will sing the Cheon Il Guk national anthem first and fourth verse.


If you say Ace in the card game when you play blackjack, if you add Ace to 20, it should become 31, right? if you add Ace when you already have 20 before? and if you can get to 31, you can get to 41, so there can be no blocking when you get to 50. So, people did not know this up until now. So, what messed up this Unification Church up until now was the 2nd generation of the Blessed Families. They didn't understand what the Day of Victory of Love was and they became like mutts. You've been like stealing your children from True Parents, and not been educating them properly.

Father has no emergency funds; but, you have your own belongings. You need to offer these things off for the sake of your children and get rid of them. Do you understand? Take a seat.

Through the Ceremony of Day of Victory of Love, we need to understand that a bridge is being made to the correct age. You didn't know this up until now. The Blessed Families are idiots. They don't even understand that they are stealing. They don't understand what position they are in. So, everything is changing for today. (Two sisters have come up and are lighting the candles in the front) Already we are commemorating The Day of Victory of Love. We're connecting, through this New Year, what was cut off in the past. We need to do this Victory of Love every year; but, you didn't know this. How are you going to make up for that sin of not knowing that, because the time has not come yet. These two daughters-in- law (Yeon Ah Choi nim and Hoon Sook Nim) have their Husbands in the spirit world. Hoon Sook and the older Yeon Ah have to work together. It's not your family, you're part of God's Family. Your sons and daughters, you need to raise them as being part of God's Family or they cannot go to Heaven.

Since you know this from now, you need to quickly educate your children; and, let them be part of the right Tradition.

Rev. Seuk:

We will now offer a bow to The True Children in the spirit world. So, the True Children and The True Grandchildren will come forward to partake in this bow to the True Children in the spirit world. They are your Elder Brothers; so, you have to raise up your Elder Brothers and raise up Their Families. In that way, we are making God's Blessed Family on the earth. So now there was no Family of True Parents. You should not have boasted about True Parent's Children being Sacrificed. The Unification Church was not developed because of you Blessed Families. Do you understand that? Do you understand that?

All the people of the world need to participate. (True Family is lined up and bowing now. Keung Bae... To do) Ship Ji Young is making a very good bow. What kind of sin do the children have? It is because of the parent's mistakes. The Unification Church has been blocked up until now, blocked by the Christian Churches and the nation. The time has come; so, I have to connect the things that have been messed up in the past. So, for 20, 29 years I abandoned My Children. I did not even kiss or hold the wrists of My Children. What about your children? You took better care of your children than you took care of True Parent's Children. You were even stealing things in order to have food; but, did you ever think about Father starving and having to go to prison? You bastards. Noriko, do you understand? Mya mada...

Next, the first and second generation representing the physical and spirit world will offer bows... (Keung bae To do) This is not just a Ceremony. The saints and the ones in the spirit world are offering a bow together with you. You need to know that. You have to attend the Heavenly Family in your lives.

We will now recite the Family Pledge. Please speak at the same speed as me.

In the middle of Pledge Two,


What am I talking about when I say God's Family. I am not talking about your families. God's Family is different You should live for the sake of the world; but, you are not even witnessing and just messing around. This means that every day you need to think about Your Parents; and, You need to think about Heaven and earth, but who among you have done that? You are all false. You are deceiving the Pledge; and, you've messed up The Unification Church. Because the time had not come, I just suffered by Myself. Up until now, I gave The Blessing to the saints in the spirit world and to your ancestors, right? You've been like mutts and just stealing. You bastards. Father has been starving and going to prison; but, you've been stealing assets. You need to pay indemnity for the sake of your children. As the verse says 'You need to become representative families of God and True Parents'. Do you understand what the Original Lineage Is? Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. Which of you families have fulfilled even one of the verses of these eight verses. Stand forward if you have done even one. So, you need to repent. And also your belongings. The things that your clan has and your nation has. You think it belongs to them; but actually, it is all stolen through fighting and lying. All those things have to go away. Do you understand?

Please be seated.

Listen closely to this prayer. It is going to be My Prayer right? that you read...

Rev. Seuk:

Next will be a Representative Prayer by The International President, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon. He's going to Pray, so you need to listen well to His Prayer. You shouldn't just focus on eating well and living comfortable lives.)

Hyung Jin Nim Moon and Yeon Ah Nim Face Each Other And Pray:

Hyung Jin Nim:

I will offer this report. Our Loving Heavenly Father, Our Victorious True Parents,

Father, We are Grateful and Grateful and Grateful. We offer our Gratitude Again and Again and Again. On this 29th Day of Victory of Love, Heavenly Father, on The Day That You Shed Tears True Parents Declared The Day of Victory of Love As A Day of Victory of Great Love of Our Elder Brothers, The Divided Physical World and Spiritual World Can Become One Centering On True Parents And It Is Possible For Us To Go To You Through Love. Heavenly Father, The Great Filial Piety Of Our Elder Brother, Heung Jin Nim, and Elder Brother Hyo Jin Nim and Elder Brother Young Jin Nim, As Great Loyal Patriots They Are Doing Great Work In The Spirit World, And Heavenly Father, They Are Always Protecting True Parents And Standing As Body Guards Of True Parents. These Are The Amazing Elder Brothers That We Have.

Heavenly Father, When They Were Alive, These Elder Brothers Were Always Thinking First Of True Parents, And They Were Always Concerned More Than Anything Else About Father's Health. And They Were Willing To Put Their Lives On The Line As Body Guards Themselves. And At East Garden They Would Train The Body Guards At East Garden And Really Test How Safe East Garden Was. Heavenly Father, They Were Always Thinking First Of True Parents That Way.

Father Our Elder Brother Hyo Jin Nim, As The Elder Brother Was Going A Difficult Course And With An Absolute Heart Of Filial Piety To You And True Parents. He Had An Absolute Heart Of Absolute Love Toward You And True Parents.

Our Elder Brother Heung Jin Nim Had A Heart Of Compassion In Which He Embraced The Entire Family. And With That Great Love He Was Always Thinking About True Parents. Father On That Day, Just As True Father Says, On That Day He Saved The Second Generation. On That Day Of The Accident, He Sacrificed His Own Body With That Amazing True Love.

Heavenly Father, Our Elder Brother Young Jin Nim As Well Was Always Loving Us Younger Members Of True Family And Always Guiding Us To Become More Mature. In That Way He Was A Really Precious Elder Brother.

Heavenly Father, These Elder Brothers Are The Center Of The Spirit World, And They Are Really Guiding All The Education And All Things And Really As The Direct Children Of True Parents They Are Offering Great Glory To True Parents Even Now. And They've Been Doing That.

So, Father, On This Day Of Victory Of Love, Father, We Want To Really Inherit Their Precious Heart Toward True Parents. We Want To Really Become Proper Sons And Daughters In Front Of True Parents. We Sincerely Beg That We Can Do That.

Father On This 29th Day of Victory Of Love, We Are Sincerely Grateful That We Can Welcome This Day. We Offer All The Gratitude And Glory To You.

In A Repentful Heart, I Offer This Prayer To You In The Name Of This Blessed Central Family, Hyung Jin Moon, Aju

Rev. Seuk starts to talk...

Father interrupts...


I need to say something. When Heung Jin died, for one year, and two years and three years, we had this bow where you bowed to True Parents' Families before you bowed to your own grandparents; but, you Blessed Families destroyed that Tradition. So, we need to re-establish that Tradition now where the... You guys are lower than all the saints in the spirit world now; so, you should not think that you can go above them. So now, the bridge is being set. This Bridge that was made up until now is being Celebrated through the Day of Victory of Love. If you don't have any accomplishments, then, you shouldn't even think that you should take part in Events where we are Celebrating God's Family. You would just be at the bottom of hell and you would just be crying. That's how you should be living; but, now you are all celebrating liberation. However, you really have nothing to Celebrate because your own children are not ones you can be proud of.

You should no longer allow people to be with that kind of attitude. If you are willing to welcome this, you need to raise your hands and give a round of applause. Today you must be different than yesterday. Stop clapping. We are talking about The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Who Shall Present Heaven, Present The Parents Of The Earth, They Are The King Of Kings, They Are The Ancestry Of All Ancestors. Those Are The True Parents You've Been Attending. Those Parents Have Fasted And Starved; but, you didn't know that. You've just been eating well. You have not been going out witnessing, and you've been messing up your children and messing up your wives. What are you going to do about this sin? You need to quickly make a new determination and quickly have your names entered into the Heavenly Nation. If you don't do that, you will fall away.

Have you liberated all the 210 generations of your ancestors? Have you done that or not? You are all thieves. The Father and Mother Are Not False Parents. You need to be careful. If you don't do what I tell you, the spirit world is going to take you away. You need to understand that; and, you need to be careful. I'm giving you this warning now.

This world is really becoming a very complicated place. The world is really changing and becoming very complicated; so, you need to know that. Father is going up and down and left and right; and, I can go over all the difficulties that are coming. Even though I have to suffer, I am in an Age when I can be respected by the American Parliament and Congress and the leaders of the world. That's the kind of age we are in now. The Blessed Families are like thieves and don't understand this Age that we are in now. You guys up in the front, do you understand what I am saying? You've just been sucking the Blood of True Parent's Family.

You've been lying and just feeding your children and just getting salaries and doing all sorts of thievery. Those sorts of families will all disappear. Do you understand? Do you understand or not?

It's a time for Me to Pray now. I need to call the ancestors and tell the ancestors to quickly get rid of those kinds of descendants. They are going to take you away if you live that kind of lifestyle. Nowadays, do you know that there are more people dying nowadays than they did in the Second World War? There are going to be a lot more car accidents nowadays. More people are going to die from car accidents than they did from the Second World War. In the old days, people didn't die from car accidents; but, people are going to start to die from car accidents now.

You need to really listen carefully to what the wives of the elder brothers are going to be reading today in the reading of Father's Word. So, I don't want you to be left behind. Do you understand? If you are willing to make a promise, I want you to raise your hands and make a pledge to Heaven. Okay, lower your hands now. You can stop. Now we are going to begin.

Rev. Seuk:

Now we will have a special Ceremony in which we offer food and drink to Heung Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim and all the True Children in the spirit world.


This is a seat representing True Parents seat. This table represents True Parents. Because True Parents are here it is possible for the daughters-in-law to come and eat this. Not just anyone can come and eat this. Because they are part of God's family, they can do this. In the past the God of Night and the God of Day were separated, so it was impossible for god to have his own family. So saviors and world leaders could not do this. They were just like thieves themselves. So, the offerings that they took up should have been kept and offered to make God's homeland; but, they just kept the offerings to themselves. They were like thieves. These are people who could not even be standing in front of these doors. In the future, only people who I call to come here can be part of these Events. We will make a list of people who can come in a year in advance in the future.

People who just mess around and are just false and going around and drinking. These people will not even be able to be like a shadow. Do you understand? You young guys in the back. Do you understand what I am saying? Answer in a loud voice. Listen well. Especially if you are a young person, you need to listen well. The Blessed Families can enter Heaven; but, your children cannot enter Heaven. What was it that happened in the Garden of Eden? Where Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge. It's because they could not receive the Blessing. Nowadays, there is all this homosexuality and incest and all this messy stuff in America; but just wait until the Able UN appears. All that stuff is going to disappear.

You need to understand that a boundary line is going to be really high; so, even if you repent for a thousand years you won't be able to come back. 

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