The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 24, 2012

I waited until now because it had not been the right time. Now the time of the children has come. By entering the one realm of the liberation of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the God of Night and the God of Day, God's family has emerged. In God's family there is the Heavenly Parent, there is a grandfather and grandmother, there is a mother and father, there is a couple, and then there are the two sons and their wives. All of these couples had been divided. On the basis of Heung Jin's passing, I must unite the divided paths of the spirit world. Since he was going there with the responsibility to bind things together, he was going into the position of an elder brother to Jesus. Since Jesus has an elder brother, he also has Parents.'

Until now Jesus had no parents. Thus, even if a person knew of the one tradition, because the blessing did not exist, it was discontinued. However, with True Parents connecting Heung Jin to the spirit world, he became an elder brother to Jesus, and connected the separated God of Night and God of Day through True Parents and so took his position. As this was concluded by this time, the era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind is now passing by.

That is why you must receive the blessing centering on the tradition and resemble the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Otherwise, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. That is why, second generation members, you should know that a serious time has come in which you will be unable to enter the kingdom of heaven if you fail to resemble that heavenly kingdom, teach from the position of a father and parent, and unite completely. I am not playing around.

True Parents conducted the Unification Ceremony of connecting the blood and sweat, tears, water from your nose, water from your mouth -- these channels of tears that flow and merge. That is where the substance of the Unification Ceremony arises. Listen carefully; from now on, read True Parents' speeches and connect to them, otherwise there is no meaning to participating in this occasion today. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Families especially should be aware of this. You must first understand this and teach others. What I mean is that the era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind has come. Therefore, under circumstances where the Creator -- the God of Night and God of Day -- did not exist [for fallen humanity], as the God of Night and Day determines the position of the Parent, and as it established the position of the Parent of the cosmos, this will give rise to a family -- God's family -- for the first time.

If the Day of Victory of Love is not understood, God's family cannot arise. Do you understand? Heung Jin passed away because Heaven gave him as a sacrifice. You should all understand everything you hear in my speech today. These are such important times, but you have lived in ignorance for decades. For twenty-eight years, you lived without understanding these things. During this time, you stole, and the mothers and fathers [of the world] brought things down. You should repent, do you understand? [Yes.] If you do, clap your hands. [Applause]....

You must know that because of the Day of Victory of Love a bridge to the adult era was built. You did not know of this until now. You blessed families are thick-headed! You have lived to this day without even knowing that you were engaging in thievery and without understanding the position that you have been in. You must change from today....

You are brothers, so you should uplift your elder brothers. You should uplift your elder siblings' couples and create God's family.

In order to reconnect what had been severed, I abandoned my children for twenty-nine years until now. I was never able to kiss them when they were babies or hold their hands. What about you? What about your children? When you didn't have enough to eat, you stole in order to eat, but when you think about how I starved and was in prison...

[The Family Pledge is recited]

[While reciting verse two:]

That refers to God's family. It is not referring to your families!

[While reciting verse four]

You must live for the sake of the world. Yet, instead of doing witnessing, you eat and play! You must repent.

[After verse five]

Who is the one who has been thinking every day about the [Heavenly] Parent and about heaven and earth! You are all fake. You should know that you are a group of thieves that are betraying and stealing from this Pledge. You have wreaked havoc on the Unification Church. Because the time was not ripe, I had to go through hardships alone. There was no one but me. Since then, haven't I blessed the saints, the sages and your ancestors?...

I starved and went in and out of prison, yet what do you know about prison? You live off our assets and then suck the blood of those you have brought into the church. You have to repent. You should pay indemnity on account of your children.

[While reciting verse six]

Have you become representative families! You're all fakes.

[While reciting verse seven]

Do you know about the original bloodline?

[While reciting verse eight]

Absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience...

Among you all, is there a family that has achieved at least one entire verse in the eight verses? Show me. Answer my question. You have to repent. Do you understand? [Yes.] All that you own, the nations and all that is owned by your clan does not belong to you but was obtained through thievery, fraud, conflict and falsehoods. This must all be erased. Do you understand? [Yes.)...

Sit quietly. I will say a few words. In the past, after Heung Jin passed away, for the first, second, third and fourth year, people placed True Parents' photograph with greater respect than they had for their ancestors and offered a full bow to it and to our flag. Yet, midway, these blessed families discontinued all of that. This tradition must be rebuilt.

You who are below the ten saints that were blessed in the spirit world centering on God's family, centering on True Parents and centering on the people here, cannot rise above them. I built a bridge in the middle. Without their achievements of having laid the bridge for the blessing through the Day of Victory of Love, none of you would have the qualification to hold a position in God's family, which is tens of thousands of times more holy than any other! You are but a group of people that would have been growling, snarling and weeping bitterly in the bottom of hell. Do you think you are great just because you have been liberated? You do not even have any children.

God has no children. Neither do the ancestors, you...! Do you think you are in the position of ancestors? Decadent lives of this kind must be abolished during this time here! Do you understand? [Yes.] If you welcome this, raise your hands and applaud. [Applause.] You should awake up and march ahead from this day! Today should be different from yesterday! [Applause.] Stop! [Applause continues]

We are the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. We are heaven's representatives, the representatives of the parents on the earth, the king of kings, and the ancestors of all ancestors. You have been attending them until now, but being ignorant of the fact that True Parents have been fasting and living in hunger, you have eaten your fill, have not gone out witnessing, and have lived merrily with your children and with your wives. How will I forgive this sin?

As of today, you should awaken and quickly be registered! If you are tardy in this registration, thousands of generations will fall away in proportion to how late you are, even if you have been in the Unification Church for a long time. Have you liberated 210 generations of your ancestors? [Yes.]...

Some may come and say "Ahem. I have come to speak in private with the Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. Why does he not meet me?" [Father indicates his irritation over this attitude] From now only those who were invited can come here.

A year in advance, a name list of those who can participate from around the world should be prepared. You should know that those groups of beggars who eat and play around, who defraud others, who cheat on their spouse, who drink and who manipulate people do not even amount to a shadow. Do you understand? [Yes.]....

In the United States, people in her fifty states claim that they will go to the kingdom of heaven if they believe in Jesus, but that is all falsehood. Where will you find the millennium kingdom? Look to the Divine Principle. The Divine Principle. Do you understand? [Yes.]

The things I am saying and teaching you are a declaration about heaven and earth made from the position of the owner of a new world that shall come about. It is a proclamation and declaration; thus you should know that it must be upheld. Do you understand? [Yes.]...

From now, nations must first pay taxes to Heaven; they should devote funds to their nations after that. These taxes should be used in helping the needy. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes.] The heavenly nation is not a nation where you or that nation sustains itself by receiving taxes! They are to save people in the world that are dying of starvation. Those that make war for their own benefit, those who kill others and exploit weaker nations are the devil's grotesque followers. They are the devil's kinsmen. You should be clear on this point.

Why do you live your life opposite from the Principle way when you know the teachings? Do you think you can get away with it just because I haven't done anything about it? No. You must take action now. You should mobilize your ancestors. All the police and global UN forces as well. You should become ancestors from now. Do you understand? [Yes.] If you do not act in compliance with the law, you will all be taken away. If the people who know this in this fearsome world do not follow [the law], regardless of whether the world itself is aware of it, they will be the first to be taken away....

True Parents are now the great owner of heaven and earth. They are the king of kings and the king of parents. Do you understand? What does this mean? What are True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind? This is the era of their being globally established. It can be the era for commencing the cosmic family....

We will be doing a rally today. Two days ago we continued [Hoon Dok Hae] for seventeen hours, the entire day...

If there is any indication that you are going around drinking alcohol, I shall pursue you from behind, report to your in-laws and round you up in a single location -- that is, if you go to some party and drink alcohol there. You will not be able to go around meeting women and dancing around without the members of the Unification Church knowing. Do you understand? I am telling you that from today you should be careful. These are my instructions. / 

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