The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

The Day of the Declaration of the Completion of God

Sun Myung Moon
February 29, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace (2.8 HC)

True Parents in a field near the newly opened Cheongshim Peace World Center

It is the last day of February. As we reach this last day, we need to remember yesterday, the day of the declaration of the completion, perfection and settlement of the beginning and ending points of God, the starting and ending points of the motive and the particulars of the Fall, and the beginning and the ending of the completion of the ideal envisaged at the time of the Creation as recorded in the textbooks and teaching materials left by True Parents.

But the textbooks and teaching materials are more than that. The representatives who attended the Citizen's Rally to Support the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind' also need to receive these textbooks. From that day on, the textbooks and teaching materials need to be passed on to everyone as a unified family centered on God, based on the completion, perfection and conclusion of the world of the ideal of Creation, which goes beyond the standard of tribal messiahs and nations. And those representatives need to be in a state of mind -- body unity. You should know that your families need to inherit and uphold as a tradition the victorious supremacy achieved by True Parents, because only then can the path of wisdom to the world of eternal life be connected. This is an important day.

Please look. You have the first and second volumes of this book. We have the same textbooks and teaching materials. On every page of the first and second volumes, I have personally written words that serve as a reference in perfecting and completing my work.

You can find tens, even hundreds of additions on just one page. The third volume, however, is clean and untouched, because there is nothing to be added. There is nothing in here that you need to change, not even a word.

Right after the creation of heaven and earth, the Creator was not perfect. We speak of the God of Night and the God of Day, but there is no night or day for God. Have you ever heard that He works only during the day and rests at night?

Mother and I have an age difference of twenty-three years, but had to be born at the same hour of the same day. We were born on the same day, lived in the same manner and married on the same day. It may be that we leave the world on the same day as well. We are completely united as one body. There should not be anyone whose body and mind are divided and in conflict.

There were never to be 286 surnames in Korea; there was only meant to be the relationship of father and children centered on God. The substantial True Parents have liberated and freed the God of Night and the God of Day.... The actual Creator was divided into Night and Day, and everything in the middle has been split up. Thus, there is no unified world of harmonious communication....

It is not about the first heaven or the second heaven. The Apostle Paul went across the mountains and the seas and offered devotions for fourteen years. Why did he do that? He spoke of the third heaven, which is the place of the perfection and completion of liberation, but he himself could not go to that place. Even now, he cannot go there because he is tied to the history of restoration through indemnity on earth. Together with True Parents, the God of Night and the God of Day, our Creator, was lost.

There have been no traditions. We knew neither the ideal of creation nor the Principle of Creation. There has been no tradition of the Principle. We need to be united on the basis of traditions. True Father's sperm and True Mother's ovum come together; their meeting point is the eternal kingdom of heaven, which is a high and level land we can reach only after we have reached a summit. There, Lucifer does not exist. There is neither the Fall, nor the history of the salvation of humankind in exile. Of the many religions, Buddhism speaks of achieving deliverance through one's own efforts, but it is unknown to us. No one has ever achieved it.

Why did Jesus come? To bring rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. If God had remained the eternal subject-partner of creation, the world would not have become what it is today. Satan's fallen bloodline was planted between the mind and the body. Nothing came under the Principle's law of indemnity, and [solving] it was a task that neither the Creator nor Lucifer knew about. Such things as repentance or salvation could not be found. How were we to overcome that crisis? Not even God could do that. Neither the God of Night nor the God of Day could. We were exiled. Who took responsibility for this? It was Mr. Moon....

The sons and daughters that divided into the 286 surnames all became self-centered and said, "I am the best. Our family should be at the center." They did not wake up from their world of dreams. Yong Myung Moon is the one who finally enlightened others about this....

I stepped forward with the power of the common good on my side and fought against groups formed in the name of war and conflict. All those who came after me behaved as enemies. They all said, Catch and do away with Yong Myung Moon, but not one of them succeeded in chasing me away.

Do you know that I sat and rode on the back of China, Japan, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and France and declared the movement to breaking through at the grassroots level (tong-ban gyeokpa)? Who can break through at the grassroots level? The Federation for Victory over Communism defeated communism. Rather than branding the enemy as the enemy and burying it, the world of the enemy -- the Devil, Satan -- was brought to complete submission and liberated on March 21, 1999.

Lucifer had become the ancestor of humankind. The middle syllable of the name Lucifer is not shi but sshi (meaning seed). We received Satan's blood. We became Lucifer's fruit. The three archangels were Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael. Lucifer was the central archangel. He created the devil's tradition and planted the devil's seeds. Those seeds didn't die. They occupied the world and all of heaven and earth, and the God of Night and the God of Day, the Creator, was lost. How can we reveal the terrible original basis of the Fall? It is not in the Principle of Creation. What caused this? What is the Fall?...

Do we say "vertical and horizontal" or "horizontal and vertical"? What comes first? When we say mind and body, what comes first? The vertical element does. The body is horizontal. Who determined this? It wasn't me. When it comes to the God of Night and the God of Day, the ancestors who can be the origin of history and the basis that can be the origin of the family of humanity are vertical and horizontal. When we talk about history, what world do we say we live in? Buddhism speaks of deliverance, doesn't it? You cannot say, "I don't need the vertical or the horizontal aspects of life." If you didn't know that vertical and horizontal aspects exist, could you achieve deliverance without God? It would remain a dream even after a million years. It is all a big lie. How can what is horizontal lead to deliverance from worldly ties without the vertical elements? When you level the ground for a house, you follow the standard of the perpendicular. You center on the vertical standard; that is your focus....

A mother and the father are like two hands. The Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind are centered on people. They are the Parents of Heaven and Earth in that they are the parents of the people in heaven and on earth. They have expanded to the Cosmic Realm of the Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. When was the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self? It was 5.27. It was July 8…

God is the subject partner, and so He is "plus." But if there is no corresponding being, He would disappear. When you consider this fact, you can see that when perfected parents appear on earth, they become the perfected Parents of Heaven and Earth, but if the parents on earth cannot be established, heaven and earth are lost....

The seven great religions need to serve the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. If our original ancestors had not eaten the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, they would not have died. Once you eat that fruit, that world will be wiped away by your action. Therefore, textbooks and teaching materials need to be made so that people can learn to remain the chosen ones who will not eat that fruit. That is my ideology, and the crux of my life, which has gone in one direction. You should not forget that....

The traditional textbooks and teaching materials I am leaving behind should cover not only the era of indemnification but also the conclusion of the era of the completion of restoration. If you don't remain focused on this path, you can go astray at any moment. I don't want to say such things before I go, but I am saying them because a problem could arise in the present. I am walking toward that world, so I don't have much time to spend with you. Therefore, you need to register yourselves in the family register as quickly as possible....

No holy son was from the West. They are from the East. The first holy son who came was Jesus, and which nation did he come to? He came to find Yong Myung Moon in Korea, our liberated homeland. He built and crossed the bridge to find me, Sun Myung Moon. I came to know Jesus at the age of seventeen.

In the middle of the night, out of the blue, the words came to me, "Do you know that the God of Night and the God of Day are divided?"

"Yes, I do."...

God does not have a borderline between night and day. I disregard the border between night and day in living my life. I never sleep because it is dawn or day or night. Other people in the world distinguish between night and day and go to bed at the appropriate time, but I am responsible for watching over the actions of the God of Night and God of Day, be it night or day....

The twelve tribes need to become one brotherhood. Rebirth, resurrection and eternal life are an amazing discovery. I am the very person who explained flawlessly the principle, known to Christianity, that our ancestors are fallen ancestors. Though billions of people are in the spirit world, of all the people in heaven and on earth just one man and one woman chased away the owner, the Creator. They failed to become the True Parents, who were meant to go to the Creator's place, liberate the God of Night and the God of Day and become the owners centered on that sovereignty. They were unable to become True Parents and instead became the false parents, and that is what has brought all this about.

This is why the day when True Parents appear, all humanity will live in the Garden of Eden and serve the absolute God, that is, the God of Night and the God of Day united as one being, the victor in substance. God said that they would surely die if they ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, but they went ahead anyway. They destroyed even the position of the Creator of all heaven and earth, because Adam's wife opened the door and let Lucifer in. Moreover, she seduced Adam to fall and thus ruined him as well. The one who opened the door to first love at the outset was Lucifer. Lucifer was the one who played that game.

No one knew how to right this wrong. The God of Night and the God of Day dug a bottomless pit in the middle of it all, and that pit is the realm of death. We were wrongly born in that pit from the wrong bloodline. This pit exists in our body and mind, and it is the pit of conflict that causes us to fight. How can an older brother kill his younger brother?

In the principle by which God created, not even a shadow or a trace of such a path can be found. No matter how much people studied, they failed to discover definitively what the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is and that you would die when you ate that fruit. The fruit exists as an internal and an external fruit; the internal fruit is the fruit of the sperm that is deeply embedded in the father's bone marrow, and the external fruit is the fruit of the ovum that is embedded in the mother's bones. In the midst of all this, a pit was dug and both died. In other words, both fell.

In relation to the Principle of Creation, neither God nor Adam and Eve had thought about this. Then how did this man, Yong Myung Moon, come to discover, in this historic time, what the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is? I am respectful of principles and rules....

The establishment of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind refers to establishment in substance. It is the settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The True Parents are the substantial beings who have settled. The proclamation of the word, carried out by the substantial True Parents who have settled, is not just done on earth. There is the spirit world, the heavenly realms. It is the proclamation of the word through God's substance. 

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