The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

You should be happy in giving

Sun Myung Moon
March 9, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung, Geomundo on 2. 17 by the H.C.

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

"When you have food and you can't digest it all, you need to give it to others without leaving them. You shouldn't give it while crying. You should be happy in giving, so that others will be able to be happier than yourself. The food would be gone but the more you give, the more you go up. The receiver must put the giver to the upper position.'

"I like to pioneer."

"Here is the person named Yong Myung Moon, who became Sun Myung Moon. He has been working hard. When I reached my 70's, I felt my legs become heavier."

"When I came back home, I found Hoon Mo Nim (Father's mother) singing 'Higher Ground.' She didn't know Jesus."

A Japanese sister sang "幸せって何だろう (What is Happiness?)" and Father sang it together and interpreted the lyrics as well.

When Rev. Kamiyama was called for singing, Father asked him in Japanese "Are you over 70? Are you 80 now?" He replied "I am 71 years old," and sang "엄마야 누나야 (Mother, sister)."

"The most important thing (in singing) is to correct wrong pronunciations (of the lyrics) and ill-fitted feelings to the songs you like to sing. When you are ready to sing a suitable song, tears flow with a runny nose, and you can't continue to sing because you are so moved. Reaching the stage where you are moved enough to go crazy, you can put the environment in order and give a great influence to it."

After Rev. Man Oong Jo sang a song, he asked Father if he can talk about Father's granduncle Rev. Yun Guk Moon. Father said him to do so and the following are excerpts of his report and Father's words.

"Father has two granduncles. One of them Rev. Yun Guk Moon worked to win Korean independence from Japan, and Father has dedicated himself and his whole life to restore God's fatherland. When Father talks about his family, he often hesitates to do so (since it seems that he just boasts of it), and so when we found the articles of Rev. Yun Guk Moon, we thought we ourselves must testify Father's family. When I saw Father speaking about his childhood missing his family and hometown, I thought that it was our mission to release his (han) and all emotions. It was really fortunate that Rev. Yun Guk Moon left a record of his life, which he made when he was 78 years old. (Showing the record by his handwriting) As Father said, this was well written by excellent handwriting. This can be a testimony to what Father has told us about his granduncle until now."

"Among my ancestors, there are many people who held the title of 스승 (master or teacher)."

"In 1910, Rev. Yun Guk Moon joined the Presbyterian Church in Korea. He taught Chinese literature, and then from the ages of 35 to 36 for two years, he taught at private elementary schools in Jeong Ju."

"He made all those schools and gathered children of beggars who hadn't studied before."

"From 37 to 41 for five years, he studied at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pyeong Yang, which is the most famous institute in Korean Christian history. Famous Christian leaders in Korea are all alumni of this seminary. I believe that Rev. Yun Guk Moon, by absorbing new knowledge and Christian theology at the institute, became determined to win the independence of Korea. He then worked as a pastor at three churches in Jeong Ju. According to Father, it was seven, not three."

"I (as a child) visited them all in order to know what kind of person my granduncle was. I investigated them."

"In 1919, Rev. Yun Gok Moon joined the Samil Independence Movement(March 1st -- 3.1.), where he mobilized around 10,000 people who respected and trusted him and his words, such as the people in the region and the teachers and students of Osan Private High School in Jeong Ju (정주 오산 사립 고등학교) he had founded with others. He was one of the people who signed the document which was later sent to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. During the Samil Independence Movement, he was surrounded and captured by 120 policemen. He was sent to Seoul and tortured there. We can imagine how hard it was by recalling the torture given to Father. He was sentenced to be in jail for two years but later he was released due to the special pardon for royal marriage. From his age of 44 to 50 for six years, he served as the pastor for three churches in his hometown.

Two years after the Samil Independence Movement, he sent 70,000 Won to the Korean interim government in Shanghai through Rev. Suk Che Kim who was in Manchuria at the time. 70,000 Won in those days is roughly 7 million Won now. According to Father, Rev. Yun Guk Moon didn't only give the money, but also provided 8000 Won for Rev. Kim for his expenses. We need to understand that he donated so much money as the representative of the Moon family. Father says that his mother always sang 'Higher Ground' and his whole family were Christians.

Though he was released from the jail, he was always followed by the police who considered him as the person at the first rank on the blacklist. After realizing the date and the place of his alleged re-arrest, he escaped to Chungcheongbuk-do and hid for three years there. Later he moved to Kangwong-do.

Right after Korea gained her independence on Aug. 15, 1945, he went back to his hometown where he found the communists' strong control. He told his wife, children and relatives that he couldn't work as a pastor there, and left his hometown on Jan. 17, 1946. Like Father, who put one leg on the north side and the other on the south side and pledged to unify the South and North Korea, Rev. Yun Guk Moon pledged in front of Heaven 'I am heading for the South now but in my lifetime I will definitely defeat communism and raise the people.'

His handwriting is full of vigor and it doesn't seem to be written by a person of 78, through which we can imagine his high-spirited final life." 

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