The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Victory Celebration for True Mother's speaking

Sun Myung Moon
March 13, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung on 2. 21 by the H.C.

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

The following are the excerpts of Rev. Song's report.

"At a welcoming banquet, Mother showed us Father's wallet. According to her, (holding back his tears) when she was leaving, Father came outside and told her to take it with her to Japan, which contains Father's ID card and 3 million Won (about US$2,600) Father always has to give to the people and members. Japanese members who saw it wept loudly thinking 'Father came to Japan with the wallet Mother brought.'

There are 140,000 couples in Japan and two thirds of them come to the church, and even more come for special occasions. I expect that many people will show up on D-Day. There are 5 million people in Japan who attended the workshop but didn't remain in the church, and we have to find all of them. In South Osaka where we have 55 churches, they have contact with 100,000 people of that kind, and have realized all of them still miss True Parents. They are coming back to the church now only because they miss True Parents. Right after they come to the church, they just shed tears. Some left the church 10 years ago, and others did so 15 years ago. They say that after they left the church, they couldn't find another place like the Unification Church where they experienced love, hope and truth, and couldn't enjoy their life no matter how rich they became. One brother said to me, '15 years ago, I left the church with this and that reasons,' and offered his business and real estate to the church.

Japanese members miss True Father so much. When I go to their church, they treat me as Father, and all of them want to shake hands with me. There are too many members and so I just walk keeping my arms and hands open so that they can touch my hands. I felt that they wanted to experience Father's fragrance.

This time what made me worried most before True Mother came to Japan was the fact that thousands of fish in Chiba province died at the sea shore one week before she came. There has also been the mood in Tokyo that they must move from there. I was happy to receive Mother but on the other hand I had been worried about her who would stay in Japan for eight days. I prayed that we would do the best we can so that nothing would happen during that period. I even prayed to God 'Heavenly Father, you created the land and ocean, and if you are destroying them and we die now, there is something wrong here.'

There was one man, 33 years old in Kumamoto who belongs to a religious organization SNI (生長の家) of 300,000 believers. He had received a revelation on Jan. 1, 2011, in which God told him to make 2,000 origami cranes for world peace and for the salvation of humankind. He started to make 10 cranes every day with the help of one member, but they didn't know to whom they were supposed to offer them. Later this person, Mr. Kimura, received Father's autobiography from his younger twin brother who had read it before.

In the beginning, Mr. Kimura refused to read it, but then his brother said, 'If you read this, you will solve your problem (regarding to whom he needed to offer the origami cranes).' So Mr. Kimura read the book, and was strongly moved by the life of True Parents. He also found Mother's name has ( / Hak: crane), and realized that True Parents were the only people to offer the origami cranes to.

When they made 1999 cranes on the 100th day, he received a further revelation that told him to make two cranes together (연학) as the last one. Mr. Kimura didn't know how to make it but one person, sent by Heaven, came to his place and said to Mr. Kimura that he can teach him how to make it. Mr. Kimura was so surprised and so happy that this person could teach him how to do it.

Mr. Kimura completed making 2,000 cranes including the two tied cranes on the 101st day, which was April 11.

Then he received another revelation that the Unification Church is the model for realizing God's peaceful world and that the Unification Church, which was established by God, is to realize the unification of North and South Korea. But he was not a Unification Church member and had no access to offer his cranes, and so he came to think that he needed to find the person who gave Father's autobiography to his younger twin brother. The person who gave the book was Mrs. Kusakabe, 65 years old. He went to her place only to find that she had gone to the Yeosu workshop for 40 days. Long story short, he heard that Mother would come to Japan, and finally he was able to offer his cranes to her through a church leader.

When Mother received them, she asked if he was at the rally, and was told that only the church members could participate at the rally this time. She told us to specially invite the two men who made the cranes, and they came. After the rally was over, Mother met them briefly when they explained how they came to make the cranes. After she heard from them, she said "축복 받아라. (Receive the Blessing)." Mr. Kimura replied, 'I have a girlfriend.' Then Mother said, 'When you receive the lecture, you will understand. Listen to the lecture.' Yesterday, Mrs. Kusakabe met Mr. Kimura, who had received the lectures, said he would receive the Blessing. (Applause) Members there say Mother witnessed to Mr. Kimura and so he is Mother's spiritual child.

There are many Japanese members but only around 5,000 of them have been able to directly see True Parents. For example, when we have celebrations at the Cheon Jeong Gung, only 500 to 600 members can participate. Only those who have the maximum results can participate. In Kyoto, only 2,500 people could be with Mother in the main room, and another 1,000 were in another room disappointingly watching Mother on the screen. When Mother heard that, she said she would go to the other room to see them before her speech. When she came there, they welcomed her crying so loudly. This surprising visit happened several times during her tour.

It seemed that it was hard for Mother to hold the rally in Kyoto where I think the spirit world is heavy. But it was amazing for me how wonderful 선진님 (Sun Jin Nim) was to keep encouraging Mother. I would say 선진님 was the MVP this time, from whom I have learned lots."

The following are some of Mother's words.

"Japan has a difficult time internally and externally, and that's why I went there. External problems such as if Japan sinks or not is important, but internally Japanese members… It has been more than 50 years since the Unification Church in Japan was established, hasn't it? ('It has been 52 years.') For the sake of the providence in the world as well as following Father, there have been lots of ups and downs. Those who joined the church in the early days and have been on the front line, for example, we have the Japanese president of the Unification Church (Rev. Gentarou Kajikuri) here who is now over 70, and as Rev. Song said he suffers cancer on three locations in his body. Even though he has difficulties in doing activities, he is doing them as if it is a life or death situation. (사생결단). Until the last day, he is determined to work in the front line, and his son grew well and is now a leader there too. It was so beautiful to see his daughter-in-law attend to her father-in-law. Everywhere he went, she carried him in a wheelchair. I truly saw beauty in her.

At every venue, I saw all the members trying to directly see me. Later I heard that it would be great if I could come to Japan every six months, if not a year. (Seeing Father) I said it all depends on Father, not me. I strongly feel that it was really good to visit Japan. Father's speech that I read was great and Heaven gave another opportunity to do the best before D-Day.

I keenly felt this time that our Jeong Seong towards Heaven always remains. (Holding back her tears) Their faith is so beautiful. I have visited 북해도 (北海道: Hokkaido) where there is a couple who practices music. When I saw them five years ago, they seemed young, but this time they seemed much older. The wife sang '가고파' [GaGoPa] at the victory celebration, who had actually been kidnapped before and escaped by the skin of her teeth. There are so many difficulties internally and externally in Japan but when I see them, firmly holding their faith do the best they can in the front line, (holding back her tears) I wanted to do what I can for them. I wish I could have done more for them." 

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