The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

As couples you are good matches for each other

Sun Myung Moon
March 19, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung, Korea 2.27 H.C

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han March 22, 2012

If there are any of you men who came with your wives, or women who came with your husbands, then please come forward.

[Those who came as husband and wife went to stand at the front of the room.]

Did you marry each other (of your own accord), or did Teacher (match you and) give you the Blessing?

[They respond that Teacher (Father) gave them the Blessing.]

As couples you are good matches for each other.

If you've been in the Unification Church for 30 years or 40 years, then you must have done a lot of witnessing. You would have a lot of experiences from witnessing.

Now, with all the witnessing you have done, you have enough experience to write your own autobiographies, as couples.

I'm saying that we should try to make it so that each of you writes on the topic that you are most comfortable with.

(It's an opportunity to) ask each other who did a better job. You should compare yourselves to each other at least once… once every ten years.

Instead of always living the same way as before, you need to change your mode of living from time to time.

If you were living in the East, try living in the West, try living in the South, try living in the North and try living in the center.

In cases where you live in a certain neighborhood, think about how you rank in your neighborhood.

Are you an integral part of your neighborhood, or not?

And you have to decide which families in your neighborhood bring hope for the future and can become good examples.

Therefore, did you marry off all of your children?

[The brother in the front responds that only his two sons have received the Blessing.]

Your two sons. Did you marry them off?

[He responds that he did marry off his sons but not his daughter(s).]

So you did marry off your sons.

In the future, I would like it if we only gather with Blessed Families.

We should make a place for public debate where the families gather with however many children they have. There, we should tell everyone else why we are proud of our fathers, our mothers, our sons...

Parents who have sons and daughters they can be proud of are happy parents.

It is truly difficult to raise even one person well.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your life of faith was difficult, right?

Our lives of faith do not simply occur as we would like them to.

When you walk forward, if your way is blocked by a mountain, then you [cannot simply tell the mountain to go away.] Each mountain has its own personality.

In the same way, since your sons and daughters each have their own personality, you have to take special care of each child's personality. You have to think about which trees, what kinds of vegetation and what kind of water you will use to build your garden. Everyone needs to do this kind of work to decorate [his or her] village.

So... Have you gone out as couples to witness?

[One sister responded, "Yes, we witnessed together for two years in our mission area. After receiving the Blessing, we witnessed in our mission area."]

You probably all have experiences of going out and witnessing.

No matter where a person goes, the person will either become a follower or a leader. [So you have to ask yourself whether you will be a follower or a leader.]

If you are going to be a follower, then the question is, "who will you follow?"

You may have elder siblings, younger siblings, uncles (and aunts), so which of those families should you follow?

You should always be thinking about these things. The question is, "what do you need to do in order to follow?"

What have you done, and what have you left behind?

If you leave your sons and daughters behind, then the question is, "what have you left behind for your sons and daughters?"

You all need to know how to write autobiographies... once every ten years.

[Mother sings Skylark and Father joins in for some parts of the song.]

[After the song is over, Father says,] Men's voices and women's voices are different, you know. Rather than [always] singing together, [a husband and wife] should sometimes take turns, singing different verses or different parts of each verse. While they do so, they should smile at each other and be able to say, "Wow, you sing like that but I can sing like this." Sometimes they should laugh as they look at each other's faces, and in such times they should hold each other's hands, kiss the other on the lips... You need to create many similar situations.

You never know when you might be separated from one another even though you are together right now. If you do separate, you may not know whether the Unification Church was real or just a dream.

When we gather like this, what are we trying to leave behind?

What are we trying to leave behind through this?

You have to leave something behind.

With whatever talents or skills you have... you should all write songs and do similar things, OK?

So, now those members who went out and suffered for 10 years or suffered for 20 years should each write a song and it should be included among the Holy Songs.

[Father and Mother sing one of their favorite songs together. It's a song about one's hometown and Father refers to his hometown as the "northern area" and says that it has now been 70 years since he was in his hometown.]

[Shin Jun Nim gives Father a kiss.]

Are you going to school?

[Shin Jun Nim responds, "Yes, I am."]

You have to go?

[Shin Jun Nim responds, "Yes."]

Let Mommy walk you out. Mommy, you should walk him out. [To Shin Jun Nim] Bye. See you when you get home!

[Shin Jun Nim responds, "Yes."]

Surely, you sometimes fight among husband and wife, but you need to sometimes sing together as well.

Sometimes you do fight one another, right?

Do you know the right way for a husband and wife to fight?

Sometimes you have to fight.

In order to understand what kind of person your husband is, you need to sometimes fight with him, sometimes make love with him, and sometimes travel with him.

You can go somewhere [with your spouse] and say, "Honey, you go and get something from that store. I will go to this store and get something. Let's see who gets the better item!" [Or you can just say,] "Lady, I'm going to this store. Please wait a second." "Sir, I'm going to get something. Please wait for me."

And in that way, go to the store, get the best item... I'm not saying to steal it! You're just saying that you will be right back.

And moreover, you can tell the store owner that your husband asked you to get the item because he likes it. The owner may even let you just take it out of joy! Or you can say to the owner, "Your family is a good family and since you own this store, I will buy the most precious items from this store." When you create situations like that, you can even make friends, right?

Five items. Five cheap items and five expensive items. Ten [altogether.] "OK, I'll pick the expensive items and you pick the cheap items." Then you swap items, check the prices and you can go out and sell the items for more. If you make some money as a result, then wouldn't you be able to buy lunch if you weren't able to buy lunch before?

You have to know how to live like that as well.

You have to know how to be fed by others. You also need to be able to treat others. You have to know the right way to greet others. That kind of thing. 

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