The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Benediction at the CheongShim Peace World Center Dedication Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
March 22, 2012
Cheon-gi 3rd year, March 1 by the Heavenly Calendar
Edited: Department of Education and Planning
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center)

Note: At 12:15 pm, True Parents who were welcomed by the attending members as they arrived at the plaza in front of the main entrance of the CheongShim Peace World Center offered a benediction. True Parents were overcome in deep emotion over the CheongShim Peace World Center as they offered sincere devotion since the late 1960s here at Chung Pyung Holy Ground.

Beloved Heavenly Father!

Heaven and Earth has established this solemn title of Shim Jeong; uniting the body and mind towards this; here at this time where you are trying to bloom the first flower; centering on the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind; the universe creator of creativity will have one body and one mind; as it says in your words at the time of creation of the original Adam and Eve; on the day when eat the fruit of good and evil; like an indication that we will eternally be in ruin; returning to the heart position before that.

True Parents have had gathered sincere devotion; to blossom the flower that centers on the standard of one mind, oneness and one heart; to be born; to even do works; to even grow; lived for 93 years and bringing the 53rd Day of True Parents together; bringing this great scenery to a completion and fulfillment; welcoming one to the heavens; before the body separates centering on God the absolute being.

As we live in this project that plans for the ideal of the Garden of Eden; imagining the ideal of the future in our hearts; after completing one realm of generation with one heart; in the name of True Parents returning to the original position where the false parents do not exist; with that name and the church like a program; being built on top of an arbitrary plaza; where the people of heaven and earth; would blossom their hearts; harvesting the crops; to the whole universe with True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Looking at the great authority of the creator who was alone in the world and universe; offering 30,030,000 bows of gratitude; the things that are wished here on this land of miracle which is a symbol of supremacy of victory; in the unexpected sorrow through Adam and Eve, the failure of a wife; from the day that the heavenly crane of resentment; heaven accepted the noon time world; the heaven in the world of night is showering the new light like a firefly inside the dark light; until the light of the center of this big wide world will light brightly as the original light.

The true parents who were put into the position of the fallen parents; completing and concluding the Will of True Parents; looking at the dream of more than 3,000 years of history at the original Eden; the time of resentment that couldn’t experience a day of blessing of joy; stepping over the wrongful day of the path of the false parent; overcoming it; putting the original design that the original creator had created; this position of concentration that marks the new victory; standing in the position of sincere devotion; at this place where all heaven and earth brings their attention; in the one mind of wish; establishing the beginning of heaven of True Parents’ victory from the bud.

Making sure that the standard which thousands of descendants will look at; standing the specimen at the title; completing the preparation of the realm of filial sons; positioning the liberation and freedom; going towards the world of freedom; in front of all the palaces that you have planned for; in front of the new residence; when all the clans and tribes could welcome it with joy and happiness; remembering as the scenery of glory of delight; today.

Offering this CheongShim Peace World Center in front of our heavenly father; commemorating the completion and conclusion; to not forget this one concentration by all the families who received the blessing in heaven and on earth; the successors on earth will unite focus of firewood; on this bright heaven and on earth; in this liberation of freedom of heaven’s victory where the sun’s light that is shown in the center position will transcend the darkness; freely in this golden heaven and earth; with the authority of light to all directions; this new religious group that can foster this world of darkness.

In the garden of this church; as one plaza where all people can memorize; polishing one’s body and heart that was separate in the past; coming together here; marking the path of history that True Parents had established; rolling it; we are still remaining with the preparations towards the Ceremony of Holy Love of perfection with the great liberation of blessing.

Meeting with that time; the one heart and ones of gladness that comes before the path of pursuit will grow straightforward; welcoming the center of north, east, south and west to our husband and wife’s body and heart; so that we could present the children who could foster true children; within the period of below one year; to welcome the day of conclusion of True Parents’ 3rd stage Holy Marriage; the nationality must be one; the clan should also be one; the nation should only be one; in the authority of creation must absolutely; embracing on the knee.

To be able to inheriting the moral justification of the child; from the insufficient true parents; with the heart of a hero; to be able to stand at this time of hour; with a free heart; forgetting all the sorrow truth of the past history of True Parents; at this construction of happiness; at this focal point; centering on the holy marriage ceremony that will be held from now on, God himself could start the bright red fire of the ideal of a family; please forgive that this hour could be a precious time where we could call upon the heavenly king of glory with gratitude and embrace one lineage.

Appearing here after selling the name of true parents; forgetting all the insufficient doings of your beloveds; the key of heart soaked in one red blood; seed falling on the land; footsteps that will never disappear; father, we will remember; following your footsteps; thousands of generations will match with your body; substantial realm of one body, conclusion and perfection; on the altar stone of glory we have prepared one person to receive the blessing; until that day comes, please protect, lead and defend.

When we look around here; in the future of all the children who received the blessing; in the position of heart who yearns for the original land of hope; in this wide light of peace in the flow of sun; dividing the light and distributing it; without a discard of even one life; together enter the original land of 4th freedom and happiness; that day of special victory; the flower that will blossom on the harmony of heaven and earth; please harvest all your fruits.

Please protect until that day; lead; just like that world where all heaven could eternally accept; the heart of believing the great father; wishing that all wishes are granted according to the hearts of children; to all imperial thrones; loving heaven by all existing thrones; loving a person; with an attitude of a parent to love all things; to make sure there are no insufficiency to this completion and conclusion; the light of the heaven and earth of the glory of protection for the last final ground; from the memories aligning with the pillars; please forgive so that it will eternally be shining brightly; make this place to be presented in front of father; I will offer it gathering all the hearts of true parents; please receive it with the heart of joy with the cheers of heaven and earth; with the cheers and the cheers of parents; praise like our father; may it be a place of eternal unchanging place to be accepted by you; in the name of true parents may it be the king of holy peace; sincerely, sincerely pray and report; I offer this in front of you so heavenly father please receive this.

Gamsahamnida. (Aju) 

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