The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

CheongShim Peace World Center Dedication Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
March 22, 2012

Note: On Cheon -- gi 3rd year, March 1 by the heavenly calendar (solar: March 22, 2012) from 1:00 pm, the 2nd part of the Dedication Ceremony took place inside the CheongShim Peace World Center at the main stage. As True Parents took the podium the stadium roared with cheers as all the people filling the stands stood up and cheered for True Parents. True Parents spoke the following words with great wishes for the development of Cheon Il Guk; (These are True Parents’ original words)

Today’s words are not going to be spoken by my wife and I.

From the past, through the present and until the future, heaven and earth will establish God’s one sovereign nation; when man and woman is completed on the foundation of individual perfection, husband and wife is established and then after building a family, within the family, through the connection of the blessing the sperm and ovum which is the seed of a child that centers on God; the father who is the embodiment of sperm and mother who is the embodiment of ovum, love springs out. As water and tree is heated with fire, water and oil starts to boil, the DANJI (small unglazed pottery) breaks suddenly, and the sperm and ovum that was planted as the first love becomes one; as we move forward, front, back, left and fight, all up and down, all 4 directions, 5 pacific oceans and 6 continents completes a united realm and that DANJI must be broken.

For 10 months, it must be united and must be grown. A sperm is given and an ovum is given, the mother will take care of it for 10 months and grow it. That is the 10 month era in the stomach.

Then we must be born. We must be born. We will be born and then live 100 years of our life. There, our body and mind unites as one where the sperm and ovum never separates as it centers on love and from the gates of eternal promises it completes the departure of presentational family, an ideal for an individual, an ideal for a family and in the room of a house that has 8 stages of an ideals, those children’s time that will be raised in such atmosphere…

Ladies and gentlemen, these words are not words that hover in the air. True Parents will complete this; a family will be completed from husband and wife and will start for 1st year old, 2nd year old, 3rd year old, 4th year old, 5th year old, 6th year old, 7th year old, 8th year old, 9th year old, 10th year old, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and become 20 years old. It becomes 20 years old and then moves to 40 years old. They become 40 year old and then until 50 years old. Parents of the children should do their best as a father and a mother must do their best and pour all energy. The life of giving birth must be done with their best and pouring all of their energy. Offering all of one’s energy and after 10 months, must give birth to a child.

When you give birth to a child; in this world; they are born on this earth with the promise of living 100 years on earth. Through love, the 100 years will be lived; create a nation on earth; after finishing all sorts of things to complete the life of a nation; aging until 100 years old, then follows a 1000 year old era, the eternal world, millions of years; and change to the eternal world. That 100 years that is changing cannot be separated. When they become 100 years old as they unite their heart and body; for the first time they must be registered in the position of son and daughter to the 3rd world; that time is the unchanging and eternal years. That you don’t understand.

Because they fell at the Garden of Eden; after Adam gave birth to a son and daughter the creator could not hold a marriage ceremony. What is marriage? What is love? A family is where the True Parents comes to the center and after growing to the age 20 to 23 and 24 years old; together from 24, 25 and then 28 years old, it arrives at the ‘28 Youth’ (One’s youth around 16 years old) a time of blessing in the family. When that time comes; originally, until 12 years old, 13 years old, and 14 years old; until 13 years old; the man grows into the eldest position but when it turns to 14 and 15 years old, the woman starts to grow faster on the heart side; centering on love.

So what does that lead to; for a child to be born the man and woman’s sperm and ovum must meet; and once it becomes 13 and 14 years old; March and April. If it is the hand then 7 and 3, 2x7 is 14, 3, and 40. From the position to overcome the peak of 12 we are able to give birth to a son and daughter. Then until 23, 24 and 27 years old if you can’t give birth to any child but you only need a year and a half, so if you have 3 years you can give birth to 2 children. 4 years and 5 years. If you marry at the age of 23 or 24 then 4 years you become 27 and 28 years old you can have grandsons. That is why there is a Korean saying ‘28 Youth’.

It is stumbling down 7 times but coming back 8 times. To give birth to a child means that the parents must decide the fate and pour all energy into it. This is not a simple thing to do. A mother who gives birth to a child is about death or life. When the baby grows in the womb of the mother it grows together with her but at the time of birth it enters a completely different world. Must come outside after circling once. The father and mother on earth can’t do anything about the child turning around. God will directly build the pillar of love, and at that moment of birth, it is also the time of registered as heavenly people; this you still don’t have any understanding.

Why did this happen, because of the Fall. Which place had broken down because of this Fall? What is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil? It is explained clearly on the principle of the unification church. All the records of the result of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, at what age and what happened to one’s life. The records of the life of True Parents; because Adam’s Fall was remembered; that origin for thousands of years and through many thousands of years.

Adam wasn’t the one who had Fallen. It was the women! Who did the woman had the love relationship; If she had only loved Adam and had done something wrong, she would be simply be cleared and be created again. However, who did she love? The one who is the little brother of God. Where does Lucifer stand? He stands in the little brother position to God. If it was from Adam’s point of view he stands in the position of Adam’s parents’ cousin. God and Lucifer agreed together to create Adam’s family. This is not known in the bible and by any people in this world.

However, who is this man standing in front of you? His name is Yong-myung. Moon Yong-myung. The fallen world is standing like a lion statue in front of the Korean Presidential House. What do we call it? It is called ‘He-ti’(Korean legendary creature that distinguishes good and evil) The ocean’s water bag. What exists above it? It is a dragon. We have to move the dragon’s water bag. We give water and if we drink water and drink the milk and then eats food. It’s Yong-myung-su who eats the food of this world. what do we call it? After? The dragon eats the He-ti and what eats this dragon? It is the Garuda. It is the father of a crane. Being embraced by the love of God and eat the seed of love, and lost the foundation of eternal, unchanging life.

Why do you think I am saying these words that are not even in the Principle, things that I’ve never spoken to anyone until now; These are the basic lines of training the people and citizens centering on the palace. That is why the Unification Church, my wife who also became the General Director of the Sun Moon University, my son became a director and the vice president who works under him caused a confusion because he was supposed to be the president of Kourei University went to the Unification Church. Where does the Korai University goes? Where is Seoul University heading? Seoul is in a emotional position.

What is the name of the castle in Seoul? Is it Seoul? Or is it castle Han? The victory of the eastern nation of castle Han. The eastern nation where Tokyo exists is in deep trouble. It doesn’t have any place to hide. The volcanoes exploded causing tsunami and Japan did its best in investing in the latest technologies to become the best nation but now it has all gone to waste.

I spoke about the history a bit too long. Let’s end it there. Now where do we have to push the people in religion, politics and industry? They don’t know who God is. They don’t know about the true person because of God. True Parents who is the King of Kings of true love of God does not exist. Who developed this? it is Moon Yong Myung. Moon Yong Myung. Moon Yong Myung does not have any connection to the fall of Adam and Eve.

Centering on the truth, God of night and God of day couldn’t marry even if he was the creator of the Garden of Eden. That is why he was unable to know the God of night and God of day. After the fall, the God of night and God of day started to fight each other and now the result is as it appears today; so those humanity who inherited such lineage now has the unwanted position and lineage in their mind and body and those who are born with such body and lineage cannot fight well. Here many different people had come, famous people, presidents and prime ministers but when I ask them ‘Is your heart in trouble or not?’ then no one can answer that they have never had a troubled heart. No one exists but the person who doesn’t have from the beginning was pushed away from this place. He ran away.

The body and mind must absolutely become one and secure the position of an Absolute son and daughter, absolute family and absolute ideal and protect one heaven but however, was pushed away from God and Adam and Eve who were meant to be the True Parents. Adam and Eve couldn’t get married until now. There are no grandchildren in front of teacher moon. This is the mother’s position so that is why we are training the continent that can become the mother. Education. Today’s title, the establishment of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the position of this place couldn’t receive the graduation certificate. From now, when you receive the graduation certificate from True Parents ‘That person’s responsibility is to take everyone’. All the thing that I have done must return to the heavenly nation. What can we do about this? We cannot make it go away. If we could make it go away then it means that the absolute true parents were in that position easily pushed away and it’s impossible for us to look for them again. They were pushed away. The lineage is completely different. The place that they came from is different.

The people who are here, on top of the traditional lineage similar to True Parents, lineage cannot be connected. We were not similar as the mother and father who stands on that tradition. But General Moon is different. There are no people who General Moon likes. In heaven and on earth until now, General Moon. Because of that person we couldn’t live a happy life and even though we are about to be destroyed he wants us to be destroyed. It means to destroy us. We make them live even if it’s a dream and after transcending the blue melody and like throwing a bait into the sea in a position where the food chain does not fall down; food chain is similar to tradition and lineage.

So if you want do blood transfusion to help another fellow patient their lineage must be the same. The lineage cannot differ. This you must understand. Hospitals and sickness that is not sufficient…

The person standing in front of you is 93 years old yet he still can win wrestling against 63 years old and a 23 years old. He also knows magic. Later, people who know magic will come out on earth and do some things and we have to follow them naturally. We must learn from them. We have to put a sign to that level. It is not true that unification church cannot do any activities. Among the people of unification church, there are spies who will destroy the satanic world. So much hatred.

So today’s words, my wife and I will read it together. I will read the first 6 pages and until page 50 my wife will read. Until 50 years old, 7x7=49 and the common grave does not reach. The only people can do this is the Korean people. 7x8 equals to 56. This ideal and from this method a best way…. That is why there are many teachings of True Parents and there is no other way but to follow him.

So today, what is this? That palace that exists on the peak of Seorak-san. That palace is the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. Heaven embraced everything. It put a lid above. Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. About this Cheon Jeong Gung Museum, everyone wants to enter but all can do. It is not their time. Today, in front of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum, this event where marriage creates happiness, nothing will be forgiven in this small Cheon Jeong plaza. However, what is adultery? Homosexuals and Lesbians will go to this place and education will not be held. They would not even appear in shapes. Absolutely.

There it broke down. If you peeled off the external sides of the broken down part then you must make it live or provide with flesh. At this land where you can receive this great seed that is born from the latest medicine and technology, you plant it on earth and wait until it blossoms. At the beginning, honey which attracted butterflies and bees were needed to live one’s life to perfect the ideal family of a god. Every one needs to pay taxes and those who don’t have money will have a hard time.

When you come to understand all of this, one by one, then you can be grateful, and attend at this place and I don’t know if General Moon is a good man or not. Redirect the God of night into God’s position, and then the God of day to the God of day and night’s position; Fall which was the cause of all of this couldn’t become the True Parents and it is completed by the True Parents and is the last result of a human being. That is why the words that True Parents convey is 100 percent okay. If you say no -- K then nothing will remain. You will go to the bottom of hell. If you say okay then you will enter the final glory of God.

The millions of years of heaven was known by Saint Paul where he met with Jesus after 4 years and did his best for 14 years and after dying without doing any witnessing finally understood everything; 14 years of sincere devotion at the sea and mountain; what did he notice after 14 year; he could only visit the 4th dimension of the world.

There is no need to register or pay taxes in the 4th dimension. Why do we have so many nations in the world today? Cain and Abel is distributed among 387 nations; we only need one nation but 387 nations pay their taxes and supply for military activities. These fees are not even relevant. Thousands of years money was accumulated higher the the Baek-du-san. Sad people would eat and drink to live a peaceful life and crush Satan who tries to live with us. We must protect ourselves.

For that we should have a perfected level at True Parents’ position; today’s plaza; I was told to read in a position of the liberated heaven and earth so that is how I’m going to read it; I will read the first part for 6 pages. This will not even take 3 minutes. Mother will be reading the remaining pages until 50th page. It will take 23 minutes and then will take 18 minutes to the end. That is why I ask you even if it takes too long, would like to listen to my words? Would you like to hear it? Then if you agree then stand up and cheer. Wow! There are no people are sitting down. Sitting down. God! No. Heaven, earth, holy father, holy child, and a family of holy ambassadors. I am so grateful.

Alright, then Father who has the sign, Father’s name is Moon Yong Myung. It is Yong. Yong Myung. If you don’t use the name of Yong Myung then you cannot enter the era of an good spiritual realm. But everyone went away. If people were to hear my name then 10 times more people would have come here. Maybe millions or billion of people might have come here. I feel very sad. Our ancestors…. Because I didn’t follow the fallen parents, I will take the responsibility until the end. What is it? The purpose? One thousand? What is this? What are the 3 great purposes? One thousand? What is it? Heaven of sky, love heaven, love humanity, love all things and I love all things. There is not place on earth that I’ve never been.

I had so much more experience than any of you and faced much tribulations. I also came out of the prison so many times but came to this position until now, at times being chased at. This father who stands in front of you, is he the fake father or the true father? If you didn’t know this then you have to repent.

You are the new registered people in heaven who have completely changed this world. I have forgiven such beginning so let us start. From the start! Then, Mother come to the stage now. Mother! Mother!

We have to do this.. Mother stop this and mother you have to speak from page 7 to 50. Don’t come out even at that time, mother will come from here. From page 51 to 74 I will read it. There are no words that can describe this. There are many things to learn. Thank you mother! (True Mother: Yes!)

What is the title? The title is ‘Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God’s Substantial Self’ Please study these words earnestly. If not then you cannot enter heaven. There is Buddhism and Confucius. They are my disciples. Didn’t I say this? do you understand?

(After this, True Mother started to read the words and after that Father read the rest) 

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