The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

The Abel UN hasn't been announced yet

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon
March 26, 2012
Special Proclamation and Hoon Dok Hae
King Garden on 3. 5 H.C.

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

True Parents arrived at the King Garden after Father welcomed Mother at the airport. Right after Father got off from the car, he had Rev. Ki Hun [Peter] Kim to do 'Eog Mansei for the Abel UN.' Then in the King garden, True Parents stood hand-in-hand, Shin Deuk Nim stood behind them, and Hyung Jin Nim, Shin Jun Nim, and Yeon Ah Nim also stood hand-in-hand in front of True Parents. Then Father said,

"We will do Mansei for the Cain and Abel UNs, Mansei for True Parents, Mansei for Hawaii and the assembly in Washington D.C. Do you understand? This is being recorded. (Father checked the recording machine.) As of now, the Abel UN hasn't been announced yet. We have to say Mansei for the Abel UN, Mansei for True Parents, Mansei for the Cain and Abel UNs, Mansei for the East. West and True Parents, and Mansei for the Blessed families in heaven and on earth. (Then Father initiated Mansei as follows).

천지통일기반 위에 가지고 아담해와가 하나 완전히 일체 완성됨으로 말미암아 가인 아벨 세계가 갈라진 것을 통일선포하는 시간이 되어서 천지인 참부모가 중심이 되어가지고 가인 아벨 세계통일 만세 ('Mansei.') 승리한 천지인참부모 만세 ('Mansei.') 하늘 땅을 통일한 하늘 땅의 일체이상 모든것을 해와가 되가지고 종결을 지을 있는 모든 천지의 통일적 통일 만세 ('Mansei.') 참부모 정착 안착 영원할지어다. 하나님 해방, 밤의 하나님 해방, 참부모 일체권 완전통일 일체완성 만세 ('Mansei.') Sit down. 모든 전부를 참부모 해방, 가인ㆍ아벨 해방 유엔 발표한 위에서 보고하나이다. 완성으로 받아 주시옵소서! 박수."

(Katsumi: What Father basically proclaimed through Mansei was "It is time to be able to proclaim the unification of the Cain and Abel worlds that have been separate, thanks to the unity and perfection of Adam and Eve. Mansei for the unification of the Cain and Abel worlds centering on True Parents, Mansei for victorious True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, Mansei for the unification of heaven and earth that can conclude everything through Eve, Mansei for the liberation of the God of Night and for the perfected unification and the realm of the unity of True Parents.")

Hyung Jin Nim made a report in Korean and the following are excerpts.

"While Father was offering Jeong Seong in Hawaii, Mother went to Moo Chang Po (무창포) where my elder brother Kook Jin had made a hotel, called Beache Palace ( He started to make condominiums there two years ago, and this time 1,500 WFWPU leaders from the world got together there to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Mother gave her address at the opening ceremony, which was a condensed version of Father's speech 천지인 참부모 정착 실체 말씀 선포 천주대회. Before her speech, my elder brother Kook Jin gave welcome remarks, in which he emphasized that women must be strong enough to join the peace police and peace army for world peace.

When we had the Blessing ceremony and other events, world leaders came to Korea (for Nuclear Security Summit which top leaders from 57 nations and international organizations joined) which symbolized the Cain world joined the Abel world.

Within 5 years, they say China will have the biggest army in the world. They are not only making weapons, but also aggressively going to the Pacific Ocean. 5 years ago in 2007, True Father, through his world tour, had spoken about the settlement of the Abel UN and the necessity of banding together all islands in the region such as Taiwan, Japan, etc. He also mentioned the danger of Russia and China. Elder brother Kook Jin is now promoting the national campaign called 'Strong Korea.' Centering on Korea, Japan, US and all islands in the region must be together against the danger and establish the Abel UN, which will open the era of the Pacific Rim Era."

The following are some of Father's words at Hoon Dok Hae.

"All things must get together and become even (smooth). 平泰太平主王 (평태태평주왕)

(Katsumi: Father suddenly said these Chinese characters and wrote them with his right hand in the air).

Today we are going over the number 6. After the fall, God doesn't have 어머니 (means 'wife'). 平泰太平主王 (평태태평주왕).

(Katsumi: Father seems to say the new title of God. While writing, Father explained the meaning of each Character as follows: (even, smooth), (big) (big), (even, smooth), (owner), (King)) (Then he said again)平泰太平主王 (평태태평주왕)."

"Your body and my body are fundamentally different. Mine is so sensitive. You need 8 hours of sleep but I am OK without sleeping or eating."

(Showing his agenda book) "This is my personal agenda book. I recorded here things I had thought about 50 years ago."

"God wasn't finished with His creation. Individual perfection of the creation (개인창조완성) wasn't done yet. The Perfection of a couple wasn't done yet. These must be done."

(Katsumi: According to Prof. Tek Yong Oh posted on the web page 통일교, the proclamation above could be realized due to Mother's victory on establishing Women's UN through the 20th anniversary of WFWPU, which strengthened the foundation of the Abel UN. This proclamation is also meaningful in relation to D-Day when God's Blessing ceremony will take place.) 

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