The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Declaration of the Perfect and Complete Unity and Oneness of True Parents and the Era of the Unity of the Cain and Abel Worlds

Sun Myung Moon
March 26, 2012
King Garden, Hawaii (HC 3.5)

True Mother flew to Hawaii as soon as she had completed the initial Global Women's Peace Network Assembly in Korea on 3.5 (March 26, 2012). (For more on the GWPN, see page 26.) Father met her at the airport in Hawaii. Because of the time difference between Korea and Hawaii, Mother left Korea in the evening and True Parents arrived at King Garden at 11:30 in the morning of the same day. As soon as they had alighted from the car, True Father called the international president, Hyung Jin Moon, and his son Shin-joon nim to come to them and asked Rev. Gi Boon Kim to offer three cheers of Eog Mansei there.

Once in the King Garden house, True Parents stood hand-in-hand, and Hyung Jin nim, Shin Loon nim (Hyung Jin nim's fourth child) and Yeon Ah nim stood in a line, hand-in-hand, facing True Parents. Shin Deuk nim, Hyung Jin nim's fifth child, stood behind True Parents. Father then declared the following:

In that this is the time to proclaim the unification of the divided Cain and Abel worlds by uniting and perfecting Adam and Eve on the foundation of the unified heaven and earth....

1. Mansei for the unity of the Cain and Abel worlds centering on the True Parents and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

2. Mansei for the victorious True Parents and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

3. Mansei for the unified oneness of heaven and earth that Eve can attain after accomplishing the ideal oneness between heaven and earth blessed by God.

4. True Parents will be established and firmly settled eternally. Mansei for the liberation of God, the liberation of the God of Night, and for the perfect and complete unity and oneness of True Parents. 

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