The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Father earnestly sang with her with his eyes closed

Sun Myung Moon and Yeong-seop Song
April 7, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Hwa Gung on 3.17 H.C.

Mrs. McDevitt read Father's speech from the Sermons of the Rev. Moon #47, "The Path Our Families Take."

After the reading, she sang "천년바위" (Rock of Ages) and Father earnestly sang with her with his eyes closed.

The following are excerpts of the report of Rev. Yeong-seop Song from Japan.

"When I came to Las Vegas this time and saw True Parents, I felt that they seemed very happy (Father said, '아이고' [ouch] then laughed) and healthy. I heard the mood of Hoon Dok Hae has also been great. All Japanese members are always missing the place where True Parents stay. When I was assigned for the mission in Japan and went there four years ago, I saw 70 policemen at our headquarters. The atmosphere was as if that would be the beginning of the end of the Japanese Unification Church, and the members' spirit was going down. Father had sent Kook Jin Nim two days prior to my arrival and I felt that I must raise their faith up with Kook Jin Nim.

What I have realized in Japan was even though I did things I did only 5% and nothing could be possible without True Parents' pressing forward. It has been said that the earthquake would hit Japan between the end of January and early 2012, however Father sent Mother to Japan. Her 3-day stay for the meeting of FFWPU and WFWPU in Japan would have been a great worry for me but I heard from Mrs. McDevitt that Mother was to stay in Japan for eight days. I was happy to receive Mother but was worried so much about her. As you know for an earthquake, 5 minutes are enough to destroy Japan. God told me 'Don't worry,' but I know there is still human responsibility.

It's been 5 years since Mother last visited Japan. At the welcome party for her, she pulled out and showed Father's wallet to us. (Father said '지갑이야. / It's a wallet') ' She said when she was leaving, Father gave it to her. His wallet contains 3,000,000 Won and Father's ID card and as such, if he doesn't have it with him he can't go anywhere. When we saw the wallet all the participants including me cried feeling 'Father loves us and Japan so much.' When you visit our previous HQ in Korea located at Cheong Pa Dong, you find on Father's desk the models of 거북선 (Geo Buk Seon: the Turtle Ship) of Korea and 金閣寺 (Kinkakuji: the Golden Pavilion) of Japan. So when Japanese members visit there and see it, they were all moved feeling how much Father was concerned about Japan in his early days.

I later heard that Father had said in Las Vegas '나도 가고 싶다 / I want to go too.' Father gave me a specific purpose and I couldn't fulfill it yet and I have been so sorry. I was determined not to shed tears but when I saw her this time in Japan I couldn't stop my tears. I later heard that many members had the same experience.

The bill of 50,000 Won has the portrait of 신사임당 (Shin Sa Im Dang: Mother of Scholar Yul Gok Lee), and when she gave the money from the wallet, she explained the story of the mother. I think her messages are always simple and clear as well as very deep.

Through her visit, I can say that the members could feel the love of True Parents and could revive their faith. We tried to do our best to attend to Mother but we made some mistakes. For example, when she asked us to prepare her some Korean instant noodles, they brought her coffee, and when she asked for coffee, they brought her something else because they don't understand her in Korean. I was deeply ashamed. (True Parents smiled at his comments) So I told the regional leaders, 'When True Parents come to your region, you should choose the members who know Korean to attend to them,' and I started the campaign of studying Korean in the Japanese church.

After Mother left Japan, the earthquake started again, which had a magnitude of 5 to 6. The recent one had a magnitude of 6.9. I heard from Dae Mo Nim that after Mother's departure from japan, Japan would shake again. This time about 10 locations including Sendai had light earthquakes that had a magnitude between 2 to 3.

On April 1 (of the solar calendar), I prayed to God 'Thank you Heavenly Father, I can pray in front of you without dying.' I live every single day that way. According to the prediction of the Mayan culture, Dec. 21 of this year is the turning point of human history, as such, if Japan can survive that day, I will offer Og mansei to Heaven. Mother would say again that I speak too much so I will stop myself here. Thank you."

After the report, Rev. Song sang " 마음 별과 같이," (My Heart is like the Stars) and Father listened to the song with eyes closed. 

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