The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

I was born of a different seed from yours

Sun Myung Moon
April 21, 2012
Special Assembly by True Parents
Cheong Shim Peace World Center on 3. 1 HC

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

(After having talked about his unique childhood)

"I was born of a different seed from yours. Therefore, I have lived a different life and have come thus far."

"My nickname in my childhood was 오산집의 조그만 (Small-eyed boy of Osan family). I see far like a stopped-down camera does."

"I started to study at Osan School (which Father's granduncle had virtually established) from grade 3 one month before summer vacation, and then skipping grade 4 I went to grade 5. I knew I had to fight the Japanese but my granduncle told me not to study Japanese, ever. But I said 'I must study it for my preparation and open the way for the country, but you can't do it. Don't tell me what I should do as a grandchild.'"

"Heaven took to the spirit world all the people who had loved or hated me."

"Who is Rev. Moon? It is simple to conclude it. It is me that was born from a different seed and blood lineage. You should understand this at least."

"I am the person that Japan hates most. They kidnapped 12,000 Unification Church members for brainwashing but they couldn't be successful."

"There is no famous sea, mountain, or scenic spot in Korea that I didn't visit."

"My granduncle (Yun Guk Moon) said to me 'You are better at calligraphy than anyone who studies for 과거 (The imperial examination in China and Korea, an examination system designed to select the best administrative officials for the state's bureaucracy) even you hold the ink brush with your toes. So study letters.'"

(Regarding his speech) "Don't edit it. If someone changes the words in my letter, I can't sleep that night. Even my grandfather couldn't do that. If you live according to these words in the speech, you will receive fortune in your life."

"Should there be a couple made of a father and mother or many of those? Why are there many kings in the world? There should be only one King of Kings, who is the True Father as the representative and the root of humankind in heaven and on earth. They should be settled and they will be false otherwise. That's why the title of my speech starts with "천지인참부모 정착 (The Firm Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind). Do you know True Parents? Have you heard of it? The Firm Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind is everything."

"God took all those who had hated or loved me to the spirit world. My 14 brothers and sisters (Katsumi: Father included his cousins?) were all gone except my youngest sister 호순 (Ho Soon) in North Korea, who had her twin elder brother. Do you know that without having a twin of brother and sister in the family the Second Messiah can't appear? Her twin brother died of chickenpox when he was 7, 8 years old after he had suffered from it for one year and eight months. When he was dying, he said to me, "Brother Yong Myung, I am going first (to the spirit world.) This is for the sake of you but also for our youngest sister to survive to the end in my family.' For the sake of my younger sister, my two elder brothers died too, and nobody knows where their graves are. After I accomplish the restoration of God's Fatherland, I need to make my family graveyard."

"When I was in prison, I said to people 'You came to prison because you stole this and that,' 'You don't have your father and mother,' or ''During the past 20 years of your stay in the prison, nobody has visited you.' They were surprised, saying 'How did you know that?' I know those things because the spirit world informs me. I said to them, 'If you follow me without dying, you will be saved.'"

"In Las Vegas, which has a population of 1,700,000, 170,000 copies of my autobiography have been distributed."

"How many days are left before D-Day? ('307 days') Too long."

"Is the President Park (assassinated President of Korea) just a human or a patriot? There must be family members of Jeong Hee Park here tonight, listen to me. There was an educational institute of Mr. Chang Ho An which was 320 km away from Pyongyang. There was a place close to the border with Soviet Union where people from the seven defeated countries got together to be trained as spies. It was Yong Myung Moon, not Chang Ho An nor Seung Man Lee that was the representative of Korea there.

"When I was 7 or 8 years old, I came to know what the world is like. You should remember that I, who could find the secrets of the people, am the person who had been trained to find out the secret of Heaven."

"A Blessed couple who went to the spirit world came to know those who had opposed the Unification Church on earth were doing the servant work."

(Indicating his latest speech) "This is the record of my life from the year one to my age of 73. I numbered 74 on the sheet by myself which has the conclusion. It says 'page 156 of the Sermons of the Rev. Moon volume 35, 11.7 by the heavenly calendar, Change the blood lineage. Aju. Og Mansei.' The title of this page is '섭리적 최종목적 되다 (Final purpose of the providence is accomplished).' It says '1. Perfection.' Adam's family must have been perfected. Adam ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and became a false parent instead of becoming a True Parent. Then it says '2. Conclusion,' and '3. Completion.'"

(Showing his handkerchief) "What is this? Sun Jo Hwang, come to the front. I must teach him this well. (Father called Hyung Jin Nim too) Hyung Jin! I now realize that this man (Hyung Jin Nim) went beyond the level of martial arts without my notice. When we went to Geomundo, I asked him, 'Have you learned from me or not how to fish?' He replied, 'I don't know how to fish and I know you are the best. So I just follow the best person.'

(Katsumi: I remember Hyung Jin Nim once said at Hoon Dok Hae he didn't like fishing) His wife, Yeon Ah, always gets sick on the boat and then he is always with her, not with me, taking care of her. He has a dog and he loves it more than his sons. Wow, an unexpected change happened in the Unification Church and he is more strange than I am. (Laughter) He said, 'If I am the number one in martial arts and love it to the end, good people will like that and bad ones will recognize me. I believe that is the practice of true love.' I said, 'How did you learn that? You are right.' What's the name of the martial art? ('Brazilian jiu-jitsu')

(Hyung Jin Nim and Rev. Sun Jo Hwang continued to stand on the stage beside Father.)

"A man can't become a woman, and a woman can't become a man."

"Can one become the Second Messiah as they like? Can Adam become perfect as he likes? I am the person that revealed the God of Night and the God of Day. I am the person that clearly taught the difference between (soul) and 영인체 / 靈人體 (spirit self). All those secrets are included in this speech, which contains 74 pages. This has the contents of all about the formula and public course in God's providence. Anyone who doesn't know this will fail."

"Who is the father of 박혁거세 (Park Heok Keo Sei, BC 69 -- AD 4: the founder of the Shilla dynasty)?"

"Do you know when they play drums and blow the horns at the feast, they can call their ancestors? (Then he whistled.) From 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. the whistle with a secret code can call the spirits, and then good and bad spirits in the village will come. Then they discuss about who is better or older, their blood lineage, good words or bad words they said, etc., and then good and evil spirits are distinguished."

(Father talked about the handkerchief again and at that time Rev. Hwang was already back in his seat) "I don't fold my handkerchief as I like. Sun Jo Hwang! Why aren't you here? (Laughter) (He came back to the podium) I will teach you secrets." (After he spread his handkerchief on the podium he explained the number 4, 13, 9, 36,16, east, west, south and north, Korean saying 초부득삼, heaven and earth, and man and woman, while indicating points on the handkerchief)

"Mt. Halla in Jeju island is in the position of the wife of Mt. Baekdu in North Korea. There is Bek Rok Dam (a crater lake) on Mt. Halla. 40 years ago I bought Jiguido (a small island close to Jejudo) and wanted to educate people there but I couldn't."

Father sang "뒷동산의 할미꽃 (Grandmother Flower Song)." "This is the song that my great-grandmother taught me when I was four years old."

"It is me that holds the international wedding ceremony. It is me that distinguishes 영인체 (靈人體; spirit self) from (; soul). It is me that says the kingdom of heaven on earth must resemble the kingdom of heaven in heaven. it is me that revealed the secrets in Heaven."

"84% of the world population have the Mongolian birthmark. When they are united, the unification of the world automatically comes."

"Today is 4.1 HC. (Rev. Hwang, who is still standing beside Father, said, 'It is 3.1 HC as an intercalary month.') Don't be bothered with the intercalary month. (Laughter) Today is 4. 1 HC, and this is my birthday."

"Do you know 광개토대왕 (Great King AD 374 -- AD 412, the 19th king of Goguryeo who greatly expanded its territory)?"

"Who is the archangel? God's brother was the archangel, who was a younger cousin of Adam. He fell with Eve and there is no such principle."

Father called Mother to the podium for reading the speech. "Welcome her with a big applause!' (Applause) Father continued to speak and Mother said to him, "2 hours and half passed. Please be seated." Father said with smile 'If I speak 3 hours or more, do you kill or kick me out." Mother said, "If you continue to speak, I can't start." (Laughter) She started to read, stopping Father from speaking. Father urged the audience again to give her big applause. After her reading, Father came back to the podium to read the conclusion of the speech.

"This is important. (Then he read a subhead in the speech) 'Seunghwa Ceremony of the New World and the Establishment of the World Federation of New Tribal Messiah.'"

"Only (True) parents' wedding ceremony on D-Day has remained undone. How many days to go until that day? ('307 days')"

(Father read a subhead in the speech)"'新実體映像時代到来 (신실체 영상시대 도래: The Arrival of the Era of the New Substantial Image). We show now, not only words, but also visualized substantial contents as the fact (영화화된 실체내용을 사실으로 보여주고), which nobody can deny. (Katsumi: I think this "実體映像 / 실체영상: Substantial Image" corresponds to "実體말씀 / 실체말씀: Substantial Word" of his speech title.)

(After having read the activities of WFWPU in the speech) "Here I am secretly saying that the next secretary general of the UN could be a female. Men, don't be proud of yourselves."

"Page 74 has the conclusion of the speech. '섭리적 최종목적되다 (The final purpose of the providence is accomplished.)' Firstly, '完成, 完結, 完了 (완성, 완결, 완료: Perfection, Conclusion, and Completion).' The Creator told Adam and Eve that when they eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would surely die. Who fell? Not Adam, but Eve! Eve, in reverse, rode on a male (해와가 거꾸로 남자를 타버렸어). She rode on Adam's younger cousin, that is, God's younger brother. There is never such a principle. This incident means annihilation and self-destruction, but I am the only person that came to know that, found out how to restore it, and is responsible for that. One can't help but follow such a person."

"The grandmother, mother, one's wife, and wife of one's son are all like young widows and they are waiting for the groom. But the groom has no nation with which he can take possession of the world! Who is the groom? It is Rev. Moon. I had made compromises with Heaven, pledged, and decided the method to be able to handle the providence even without having a nation, and so you can't help but follow my will at all costs. One must resemble by uniting with God's blood lineage and tradition. Children must be born resembling their parents through the same tradition and blood lineage. Anyone who doesn't resemble their parents is false."

"By being Blessed and receiving the blood lineage of Goguryeo, which is crystal clear, one should follow Heaven. There is no son or daughter of the direct lineage of God, which is like a flawless crystal. After receiving such a Blessing, a book will be bequeathed that has the seals of the names of three nations such as Korea and Japan which received the Royal seal (옥새 / 玉璽), and China and Russia as the Archangel nations. Japan will disappear. Goguryeo, China and Russia will do so too. There is only one Royal seal (옥새 / 玉璽). There shouldn't be three. Since everything, which has been split on an individual, familial and tribal era, will become one in True Parents' life time, anyone who isn't united with True Parents' direction will disappear. A scary time is coming. Please work yourself up to completing the registration contract (입적계약 / 入籍契約) as soon as possible. Aju." 

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