The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Establish a third homeland

Sun Myung Moon
April 25, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace (HC leap month 3.5)

Father speaks to thirty-day workshop participants, soon after his arrival in Korea on June 11.

Now we have to establish a third homeland. Thinking of it, we understand it's a desperate effort, at the cost of any sacrifice and with complete investment. This is a mission we are called to fulfill. Since we know our calling, we must replace the past time when we couldn't become owners of our calling. "Everything should be renewed through me." That should be our determination.


To welcome the liberation of the homeland, a person should have participated in the fulfillment of God's will in the past -- at least in one tenth, or one hundredth of that work. Everybody stands in unknown, unclear or indeterminate positions in relation to the accomplishment of the homeland's liberation. This is a huge problem, if you think of it. When I represent a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand people, or eight thousand people from one nation, I have to be a flag- bearer flying the flag; my determination has to be greater than theirs.

One point our Unification Church can be proud of is that I have already left you textbooks and teaching materials. Who do these textbook and teaching materials belong to? To True Parents, the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind; they are masters of settlement who compiled these works, and can say "The light of the homeland, pass by us." They have done all the work, so there is no persecution. No one can persecute us.


I said, "Homeland, shine brightly!" and then I took responsibility for this and walked forward hoisting the flag at every pinnacle of victory. Had I not done so, the age of the safe arrival of True Parents would never have come. Now, I'm talking not about the safe arrival of True Parents, but about firm settlement. We have reached the age of settlement.

The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have therefore overcome everything that was blocking the liberation of the homeland. How great this is!

Centering on the overall purpose of the creation of the universe, the bloodline unites with the tradition. Tradition and the bloodline cannot exist separately. They need to be united.

And it is not just the mother and the father who need to be one; the children they give birth to need to follow in their footsteps. They need to give birth to children who become devoted sons and daughters, and they must form blessed families. When they have their families, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind must be able to firmly establish themselves, beyond having appeared. In any place, in any of the four directions -- east, west, north or south -- they need to go beyond just safely appearing and firmly settle in, until they can say there is no need to go back and repeat things.

Then what is next for them as the True Parents? Firmly settling in concludes something, but within this what more is there to be done? It is the proclamation of the word by God's substantial self! Have True Parents achieved the proclamation of the word as God's substantial self?

Answer me! [They have.] They did not need to leave it for you to proclaim. Why? Because when the family of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind is perfected everything is to be completed.

What came next? The Cosmic Assemblies. I did not ask you to do those. The Cosmic Assemblies have all been concluded. The settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind has been achieved, the proclamation of the word by God's substantial self has been achieved, and the realm of the perfection of heaven, earth and the universe has also been achieved. The pressure of the demands based on the textbooks and teaching materials written by True Parents and expressed through our church has passed.


I had sons and daughters, thus giving birth to twelve tribes. Myriads of tribes will live and follow me as if tied to me by a rope.

True Parents have surmounted all the pinnacles, but you don't act and align yourselves. The foundation is already there; trees have been planted and grown. Give them water so that they grow branches and you will be able to reap new fruit a thousand and ten thousand fold. So, should you forget that you're standing on the ground of such victory that gives you the opportunity of harvest? What's your answer? [We should not forget it.]

So, when True Parents come out and you are asked, "Did you live with True Parents?," suppose you say, "No, I didn't." And when you're asked "Did you work with them?," suppose you say, "No, I didn't." Can a person who never lived or worked with True Parents participate in their wedding banquet? No, that's preposterous. What is it about in the end? Since a millennium was lost, we created D-day to make it up. When 144,000 heavenly brides are complete, the heavenly banquet of the joint wedding of 144,000 will come down to earth. True Parents will become substantial masters of settlement, masters of proclamation of the word, masters of completion of the universal world, but you have no foundation to be able to come back to earth. If you don't prepare for the pinnacle of the Feast of the Lamb, no chance for you to follow me or live with me will arise. You will pass True Parents by.

Where is your nation? If your nation is complete, you should help complete True Parents' nation. But did you help restore even a fraction of a percent of Father's land? I don't have land even of the size of the palm of my hand. You cannot abandon those raggedy belongings of yours, yet you're still saying that you attend True Parents?...

You own property, don't you? True Parents lived all their lives without any property. The environment is so different, but you should be able to be similar fruit and have the same attitude: "The Unification Church is my church and its victory is my victory!" Remember that clearly.


We are teaching tribal messiahs in all parts of the world at this time, but the time for the family messiahs, tribal messiahs and messiahs for the people of different nations is almost over. The Original Substance of Divine Principle workshop for the tribal messiahs, through which they can inherit the position of the representative of the Returned Lord, is the final one. It is the final mobilization.

That is why this workshop should not end with just the mobilized participants. Before Foundation Day comes, you need to do your best to hold these workshops in your own nations, even if it means taking out a loan or borrowing money from others. If nothing else avails, you should ask those who have attended the workshop to come and serve as lecturers in the place of Jeong Ok Yu. In any event, you should carry them out before Foundation Day. Do you understand? [Yes.]

If you bring [groups of] fifty people, enough to form twelve tribes, six hundred people would come every month for the workshop. And if those six hundred people brought fifty other people each, per month, you would mobilize more than enough people for the workshop.

Why? They are your clan, and you are tribal messiahs! You may not be able to finish the task all at once, but you need to finish it by Foundation Day. Then, when everyone has attended an Original Substance of Divine Principle workshop, they cannot be sent to hell. This is until D-day. What that means is that they will not be sent to hell. Do you understand? [Yes.] This has already all been done in Korea. When you try hard enough you can achieve what you set out to achieve.

When you visit someone's house and ask, "Do you know Rev. Moon? Have you heard his teachings?" and they say that they haven't, you should ask, "Why not?" and tell them to attend the workshop before Foundation Day. When they have a set date by which they need to attend the workshop, they will attend it, and our training center will always be full. By Foundation Day, all 70 million Korean people should pay the workshop fee, attend it and be registered.


What will happen if you are not registered in the nation? Give me your answer. Should you attend this workshop and be registered, or not? [We should.] That is the matter in question, and it cannot be postponed to a later date. I have given you clear instructions and clear answers, so let us now conclude with a prayer. 

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