The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Where will you go?

Sun Myung Moon
June 9, 2012
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Hwa Gung in Las Vegas (4. 20 HC)

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

Mrs. McDevitt read Father's speech from the Sermons of the Rev. Moon volume 52, titled "Unification Church History II."

"I am leaving here tomorrow, but where will you go? To see your wives? To establish a pillar in your house to love your sons and daughters?" Where will you go? You don't have any place to go that you are interested in, but I didn't even start."

(Ye Jin Nim brought her granddaughter to Mother. Mother held the baby, and Father said to Ye Jin Nim) "Do you also think your granddaughter is lovely? ('Yes.') How about your sons and daughters? ("Yes, I do.') How about your brothers and sisters? ('Yes, I do.') How about your parents and relatives? ('Yes, I do to everybody.') 안돼."

"Where will you go? You don't have any place that you are interested in, but I didn't even start to go to my interesting place. I have a dream and am always looking for a better place. It will be the start of the four dimensional world (4차원세계). Do you understand it? I am saying serious words."

"You must follow me without falling out. You must follow me to the end without falling out."

"어둑신[1] is the errand of the Creator, the God of Mind and the God of Body.[2] What are my text books which educate for the sake of unifying the God of Mind and the God of Body? You can find them in 'Divine Principle Original Copy (published in 1952),' then 'Explanation of the Divine Principle (1957),' 'Exposition of the Divine Principle (1966),' and 'Original Substance of the Divine Principle (from 2008).' What are those books saying? It is 'the ideal of remodeling and creation of the cosmos (천지개조 창조이상이야)' On which page? It is page 74 (of his latest speech). Having gone through the era before the coming of heaven and the era after the coming of heaven, I am entering the four dimensional world (4차원세계), but where will you go?"

(Mentioning the address of the mountain) "I realized 묘두산(猫頭山/ Myeo Doo San: Mount. Myeo Doo)[3] was there when I was three or four years old. There was everything before that. (그전에 있었습니다.) I didn't fall (내가 나오는데 타락도 안했어). There was everything before that. 에덴 동산도 지나갔어. How long did it take? 7,000 years. 4,000 years plus 3,000 years."

"What is 'goodness ( / / Seon[4])'? 'Goodness' is something that connects two points. Our ancestors are amazing. 'Goodness' is something that connects east and west, heaven and earth, and so on. What is 뱃두리?[5] It is our ancestors. It indicates two belly buttons."

"Which comes first, the truth, words or substance?"

"Jesus died in the spring before blooming."

"Who is the Foundation Day? The Foundation Day after the fall is the Second Messiah. (타락한 후의 기원절은 재림주야)."


1. 어둑신 (Oh Duk Shin)

Oh Duk Shin is originally 어둑서니 (Oh Duk Seo Ni) and this is a North Korean term which means 'something which actually doesn't exist but seems to exist in the dark.' But Father often uses this term as 'some spiritual existence that stays at the crossroad in the dark.' I remember Father said that this is not the God of Night.

2.. The God of Mind and the God of Body

Father said the following officially only on the 52nd True Parents' Day "God works as the God of Mind and the God of Body, that is the God of Night, the God of Day, King of Kings and True Parents. When Adam and Eve become perfect observing absolute sexual morality, they become the Substantial True Parents and the God of Day Who is the God of Body. This means they become the Creator, King of Kings and God incarnate. But the human ancestors fell and lost their absolute sexual morality, and so mind and body where separated. As such, human beings couldn't become the substantial holy temple of God, and reach the position of true children who attend to and live with God as True Parents."

3. 묘두산(猫頭山/ Myeo Doo San: Mount. Myeo Doo)

The mountain where Father met Jesus during Easter

4. Seon

Chinese character "" is also pronounced " / Seon," and it means "line." Father has in mind here that " / Seon" is "" which means "goodness" as well as '" which means "line."

5. 뱃두리

According to the dictionary it means a kind of "jar." But Father seems to interpret as which means "belly, and 두리 as 둘이 which means two people. 

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