The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Rumors of Sun Myung Moon's recovery

Bill Miho
August 17, 2012

We texted In Jin Nim with the Joo family report being shared amongst Korean BC's, and here on facebook, that Father had regained consciousness and had some rice soup.

Her response was stunned disbelief. She went to Father's room and texted us back; "ABSOLUTELY NOT."

Rev. Cotter called me to confirm that I should post this, and reference her directly.

When people say it is impossible for Father to speak, one needs understand that the details of a medical condition are considered an embarrassment in Korea, for example there are no official pictures of Hyo Jin Nim or Heung Jin Nim in a hospital ICU with tubes down their throat. But it is nonetheless not possible for Father to have spoken, much less to have had some soup. (Father has been intubated -- i.e. he has a tube down his throat that makes it impossible to speak.)

The claim Father is well enough to drink soup would indicate the remotest of possibilities Father may have spoken to Hyun Jin Nim, as Hyun Jin Nim is proclaiming. No doubt claiming he was named heir on his Father's deathbed. But is absolutely untrue, and a medical and physical impossibility.

I will leave figuring out the possible motivations of Mr. Joo in creating such a report, to those of a much higher pay grade than myself. 

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