The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Hyung Jin Moon's Account of Sun Myung Moon's medical situation

Tim Elder
August 19, 2012

Hyung Jin Moon – August 19, 2012

Hyung Jin Nim gave a detailed account of True Father's medical situation during his sermon at Cheon Bok Gung this morning. It was enough information to put an end to any discussion of Father having communicated verbally with anyone, or of his taking any nourishment through his mouth, during the past several days.

What follows here is just a summary. Please refer to the full text of Hyung Jin Nim...'s sermon when it is published.

Hyung Jin Nim's description of events began on July 16, when True Father returned from Las Vegas and gathered Korean members at the Cheongshim World Center. Father developed a slight cough that became progressive worse, until True Mother insisted that he go to a hospital.

He was admitted once to Seoul St. Mary's Hospital (Korean name Gangnam Holy Mother Hospital), but was discharged after ten days based on his strong desire to leave the hospital.

On returning to Cheon Jeong Gung, he performed many ceremonies and gave many revelations. Then, his situation deteriorated once again, and he had to be taken back to the hospital.

On arrival at the hospital, his breathing was so weak that nurses had to administer artificial respiration, using their hands to apply pressure to his lungs.

His lungs were so weak that even the application of an oxygen mask was not enough to bring his blood oxygen level up. So he was put on a mechanical respirator. This involved placing a tube down his throat. To withstand the pain, he was put into a deep sleep.

Even this was not enough. the mechanical respirator operating at full capacity still could not get enough oxygen into his blood. So the hospital used a procedure to bring blood out of his body, force oxygen into, and place back into his body.

Fortunately, this worked. As of this morning, he is able to get enough oxygen with the mechanical respirator working at just 30 percent capacity. This means the tube is still in his throat, and he is still in a deep sleep. He cannot yet breathe on his own.

He is being fed rice water through his nose.

The doctor says Father will need to remain in the Intensive Care Unit for at least another week. Because of his age, sudden and dramatic deterioration is possible at any time.

The Cheon Bok Gung congregation today offered 120 gyeongbae (half bows) for True Father's recovery. Let's continue our strong prayers and Jeong Seong throughout the world. 

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