The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

How we are reacting to True Father's condition

Tim Elder
August 22, 2012

Sun Myung Moon

I heard a person with direct knowledge of True Father's condition say this afternoon that there is no change since yesterday.

This person said: "'No change' means that Father's body has a chance to heal itself, so we want to keep hearing 'no change' for the next week or two."

He also pointed out: "Father is still in the Intensive Care Unit, and his situation is still critical. If his condition starts deteriorating, it could become very bad in a matter of hours. We need to keep praying."

Today is the half-way point in the very important week for Father's recovery. His condition remains critical but relatively stable. True Mother and the True Family are still either in the hospital itself or in the nearby hotel.

The atmosphere is still very serious.

Kook Jin Nim starts each day with a visit to the hospital, and keeps as close to the hospital as possible during the remainder of the day.

He also keeps as much of his scheduled appointments as possible so that the Providence can keep moving forward. On Monday, he traveled to the northern suburb of Uijeongbu to meet the mayor and give the "Strong Korea?" lecture. He spoke to an audience of Ambassadors for Peace and other community leaders. Uijeongbu is close to the North Korean border, and so has the largest number of military bases in the country.

One thing we are grateful for as we go through this difficult period is the treatment of True Father by the Korean media. He is no longer a "cult" leader. Instead, he is being given the proper level of respect for someone who occupies a major position in South Korean society.

Most South Koreans recognize that, when all is said and done, Father has done a lot for the national interests of Korea.... People these days talk about a "Korean wave", but Father was the Korean wave before that term was even invented. He is the original Korean wave.

The initial report of his illness was reported in many television news broadcasts. KBS, the main national television station, has been following up by publishing almost daily updates on Father's condition in their news ticker that runs at the bottom of the screen during news programs. Many newspapers are also publishing regular reports on his progress. The information in these reports is consistent with what Dr. Seuk has been sharing with us on a daily basis.

True Mother has instructed that the work of the Providence must continue. At Tongil Foundation, that is what we are doing. But our work is always mixed with prayer for Father's quick recovery. 

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