The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

True Father's condition

Tim Elder
August 24, 2012

True Father's condition remains stable but critical. He continues to be treated in the intensive care unit. His lungs and kidneys are not functioning well enough to sustain his life, so he is attached to various machines that supplement these functions.

Senior members and leaders are being given opportunities to go to Father a few at a time and see his situation directly.

With True Mother's permission, Kook Jin Nim Thursday kept a scheduled itinerary to travel to visit the Japanese Church. Because of his U.S. tour and other projects, he had not been to Japan in more than a month, an unusually long absence when you consider that he has been to Japan more than 90 times since February 2009.

According to the reports Kook Jin Nim received yesterday, the Japanese Church organization continues to do well. Membership, church attendance and donations all continue to grow.

The "Strong Japan and Korea?" campaign is reconnecting us to many of our conservative friends from the IFVOC days. At the same time, the campaign differentiates us from chauvinistic right wing organizations by setting unity with South Korea and other democratic Asian countries as a major goal. 

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