The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Joon Ho Seuk and Peter Kim brief members on Father's health situation

Tim Elder
August 31, 2012

Dr. Joon Ho Seuk and Rev. Peter Kim briefed members on Father's situation this morning at Cheong Bok Gung. The crowd filled both the main sanctuary and an overflow room on the same floor. There must have been about 2,000 people there.

Dr. Seuk did not go beyond what he already said in the letter to members that was released Thursday evening. If you have not seen it, please refer to the copy poste...d on the Tongil Foundation Facebook page.

Rev. Kim gave additional details about the course of events and the decisions that were made along the way. He also told us about the very desperate efforts by True Mother and the True Children at each juncture to find the correct path to follow.

The emotional and physical toll on the True Family has been tremendous. At one point, Hyung Jin Nim collapsed, hit his head on the stone floor and had to be treated in the emergency room for a few hours. He is alright now.

When True Mother was informed of the doctors' opinion that modern medicine could do nothing more for Father, she went into a room where she could be alone and wept out loud.

Rev. Kim quoted her as later telling the people around her, "All we can do now is pray for a miracle. But whether the miracle happens is Heaven's decision, not ours."

Let's all pray and offer Jeong Seong for this miracle.

One person asked me why True Father wasn't taken to Cheongshim Hospital earlier. The answer is that St. Mary's Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Korea, has a higher standard of medical care.

Now, modern medicine cannot help him any further and the only hope we have is for a miracle. So he is being moved back to Chung Pyung, where a miracle is more likely to occur. 

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