The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

The latest news about True Father

Joon Ho Seuk
September 1, 2012

Beloved brothers and sisters of the Unification Family throughout the world, I would like to inform all our brothers and sisters who are on the alert for updates on True Father, concerned and worried even at this moment while offering intense Jeong Seong, that True Father has safely arrived at the Cheongshim International Medical Center in Chung Pyung.

Yesterday (7.14 by the heavenly calendar / August 31, 2012) True Father departed the Seoul St. Mary's Hospital at 6:40 PM and safely arrived at the Cheongshim International Medical Center at around 7:40 PM. As I had earlier informed our members, True Father's doctor, Dr. Chun, and Dr. Kim, who is in overall charge of patients with respiratory disorders at the intensive care unit of the St. Mary's Hospital, accompanied True Father in the ambulance and oversaw the entire process of the transfer. Two veteran nurses who were exclusively in charge of True Father at the intensive care unit at St. Mary's Hospital and Chairman Kook Jin Moon, representing the True Family, were also in the ambulance and, while offering Jeong Seong, stayed at True Father's side all the way to Cheongshim Hospital.

After arriving, True Father was brought to the special room (a private room for True Father's use) at Cheongshim International Medical Center. The doctors and nurses who accompanied Father from St. Mary's Hospital and the doctors and nurses at Cheongshim International Medical Center were of one heart and mind in safely preparing True Father's room, bringing in the machines that were used at St. Mary's Hospital and setting them up alongside the facilities at Cheongshim Hospital, which had been prepared to perfection.

Brothers and sisters, True Mother earlier (on 7.1 by the heavenly calendar) clarified that what is important to us at this time, and what we should be doing more than anything else, is offering Jeong Seong for True Father, rather than simply focusing on the details of Father's health condition. Let us therefore continue to offer prayer and special Jeong Seong without interruption so that our Jeong Seong can reach Heaven and True Father's physical body can miraculously recover.

With this message, the daily updates on True Father's condition which I have been sharing with you will be tentatively suspended. I will immediately convey updates to you in the event of any special occurrences in the course of True Father's treatment.

Thank you.

7.15 by the heavenly calendar (September 1, 2012)

Dr. Joon Ho Seuk
International Vice-President
Unification Church
President of the Korean Church 

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