The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Since True Father arrived at Chung Pyung

Tim Elder
September 1, 2012

September 1, 2012

It has been 24 hours since True Father arrived at the Cheongshim International Medical Center in Gapyeong.

Unfortunately, I am being told his condition has not improved during that time. In fact, it is moving in the opposite direction.

I will continue to update with any information that I am able to obtain.

September 2, 2012

I have no new information today on True Father's condition. It seems clear he is still not showing signs of significant improvement.

There is concern we may be drawing closer to the time when Father's physical body can no longer be sustained and he will transition to the spirit world. Even if that happens, the complete unity of True Parents means there will be no interruption in the work of the Providence. 

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