The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Experience of telling Shin Jun Nim about Father's assention

Yang Jeong Kyum
September 4, 2012

Ms. Yang Jeong Kyum who has been taking care of Shin Jun Nim for some years now. Shin Jun Nim was one of the True Grandchildren most adored by True Parents, and he was also with True Parents at the helicopter incident. Ms. Yang shared her experience with Shin Jun Nim regarding the recent tragedy on her Facebook page for which she has given permission to share. Please excuse my bad translation.

I told Shin Jun Nim the news yesterday late in the afternoon. He didn't cry. He held back his tears, trying hard. I told him it's OK to cry if you want to. Drops of tears immediately started to fall down his cheeks.

Today, while we were walking, he suddenly told me, 'I was so sad yesterday.' I asked him, 'How about today?' Then he simply said, 'I'm still sad but I think it's better than yesterday.'

After offering a Keung Bae at night, he tells me, 'Jeong Kyeom Unni, could you offer a prayer today?' So I started praying. I opened my eyes just slightly during the prayer to see how he is doing. He was crying silently. When the prayer was over, he said 'Please put out the candle,' as if nothing happened.

When I told him just now, 'I'm so moved by the way you accept it like an adult. But if you want to, you can cry as much as you want.' Then he tells me, 'I know that King Daddy is here with us, so I won't cry.'

Just nine years old.

Is it Father's love that brewed such heart of giant inside this child?

Now, I'm even slightly ashamed to pray for the wisdom to comfort his heart. 

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