The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Day 2 of the Special Seonghwa Period

Yong Cheon Song
September 4, 2012

Unification Church Europe
18.07.03 (4th September 2012)
Sent to all Nations and Communities/Cities

Dear National and Community Leaders,

President Song is continuously keeping us closely informed regarding True Mother's guidance and an internal understanding as events unfold during this Special Seonghwa Period. There follows an account of the latest news.

Mr. Peter Kim spoke to the Continental Directors today and gave an intimate insight into True Family's attendance of True Father. The True Family are offering three meals to True Father from amongst his favorite food. They gathered around his Holy Body and each greeted him. True Mother is sharing precious education with all the True Family, explaining that we must all make a new start and 'never stop', rather speed up development and determine to achieve greater miracles, more than ever before. Together they sang 'Danny Boy' and Korean folk songs for True Father, individual True Children and Grandchildren also offering songs. True Mother led this beautiful attendance to create a very high and joyful atmosphere.

True Mother has agreed that all who wish to offer their respect directly to True Father's Holy Body at the Cheon Jeong Gung may do so (during the period from 6th to 13th September between 10am and 6pm each day), with the heart that all can have an unforgettable memory directly connecting with True Father's heart and spirit.

In Korea there is huge media coverage with some 460 individual items appearing yesterday. There is great public curiosity about possible high level representation from North Korea. This is a very important time for the Government and people of Korea to recognize the incredible international influence and impact of our True Father's life and work and his status as the Savior and greatest patriot in Korean history.

The level of international VIPs attending from Europe will directly contribute to and affect the level of formal participation from the Korean Government at the Universal Seonghwa Ceremony. Confirmation of Heads of State and Government and V VIPs from Europe will be very influential. True Mother has instructed that international VIPs should be treated with the greatest warmth and hospitality, beautiful hotel accommodation is already reserved. Every day we should connect our hearts to True Mother who wishes to honour True Father in the most glorious way possible and to dramatically lift up the way in which True Father is recognized in God's Homeland, Korea.

True Father spent just one day in Cheon Jeong Gung between his two periods of hospitalization. During that brief time he held True Mother's hands and offered a beautiful prayer in which he already revealed his awareness that 'All is completed and it is time to depart'. This prayer was filmed and is now available for Brothers and Sisters to view Please view this very moving video as a part of your Jeong Seong devotions during this Special 13 day Seonghwa Period. (An English and Japanese version will be available soon)

Already several current and many former Heads of State and Government from around the world are confirming their desire to attend the Universal Seonghwa Ceremony on 15th September – please work and pray to secure the highest level participation from Europe.

True Mother regards those who hold public missions in the providence and our Blessed Central Families as so precious – she is calling you to offer your respects in person to your very own True Father at this most special moment of attendance. Please let us make this Universal Seonghwa Ceremony for Reverend Sun Myung Moon the most glorious tribute to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

From President Yong Cheon Song,

Yours sincerely,

Tim Miller and Peter Staudinger
European Office 

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