The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Letter of condolence for Mama Moon

Joe and Gina de Venecia
September 4, 2012

Ms. Hak Ja Han South Korea

Dear Mama Moon:

We are saddened by the news of the passing of our beloved Reverend Moon, who for many years, was a big part of our lives as a father, friend and adviser.

He will forever be remembered by us, and the more than three million members of the Unification Church worldwide, as the True Father, who selflessly dedicated six decades of his life to tireless efforts to bring about global peace.

Though he may no longer be with us, he has successfully planted the seeds of his mission, to end human suffering, in the hearts and minds of his congregation, so that his teachings may live on. This is the mark of a true leader.

We are indeed blessed to have been a part of True Father's life. His confidence in his vision was truly inspiring. Most people go where the path may lead, "he went where there was none, and left a trail for everyone to follow."

Reverend Moon has earned his place in history, but more importantly, he has earned a permanent place in the hearts of millions of people whose lives he has touched and changed.

With tears in our eyes, and with longing in our hearts, we bid our Papa Moon goodbye.

With all our love,

Joe and Gina de Venecia 

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