The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Sun Myung Moon's Seonghwa details for South America

Dong Mo Shin
September 6, 2012

Dear Leaders of South America region

Thank you for your great investment in helping our members prepare for True Father's Seonghwa events in Korea.

Following are important details for your use in communications and outreach:

Event Schedule

1. Recommended Arrival: September 11 or 12 (September 11 is best -- personal viewing of True Father is scheduled on September 12 and 13)

2. September 15 (morning): True Father's Universal Seonghwa Ceremony:

3. September 16: Chung Pyung Holy Ground Pilgrimage

4. September 17 (morning): Special Launch Ceremony for the Members of the World (with (tentative title)

5. Departures: from the evening of September 17 (or morning of September 18 is best)

Accommodations for USA Participants

1. Lodging for Unification Members: Central Training Center, 437-45 Sutaek-dong, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, Tel: +82-31-553-4355)

2. Lodging for Ambassadors for Peace and Contacts: appropriate arrangements are being made and will be announced

3. Transportation will be arranged from Inchon Airport and between the Central Training Center and Chung Pyung.

4. There is no registration fee for transportation and accommodations. Simple accommodations will be provided, but the cost of meals will not be covered.

South America contacts in Korea (beginning September 6) are Rev. Sung Jong Seo (speaks English and Korean)


A special donation of $1,000 is being asked from every family in South America as an expression of our gratitude. Each National HQ should make arrangements for collecting the donation and compiling a record.

Outreach to Ambassadors for Peace and Prestigious Leaders

UPF and WFWP,CAUSA is working to invite prestigious Ambassadors for Peace, religious, political and NGO leaders to participate in the Seonghwa Ceremony in Korea and/or include their names as part of the Memorial Advisory Committee. Attached is the UPF letter that can be used for invitational outreach on your National level. Please report your activity results and lists to the Continental HQ and UPF regional Secretary General, Alejandro de Souza.

Please watch for continual updates and contact us for assistance as needed.

Thank you

Rev. Shin, Dong-Mo
Continental Director, South America 

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