The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Viewing Father's Body

Tim Elder
September 7, 2012

True Father's physical body is being viewed in a large room on the third floor of Cheon Jeong Gung. It is placed in a glass case on top of three decks of red, white and yellow roses. He is dressed in gold and red.

After people pay their respects at the altar set up in Cheongshim Peace World Center, they make their way up the hill to the Cheon Jeong Gung to honor Father directly.

They enter the room in groups of about 50. First, they offer a kyung-bae, and then pray silently for a minute. Then they are invited to take a couple steps forward for a final look. After that, they greet the True Family and exit the room.

Tables and chairs are set up in an anteroom to serve refreshments to senior government officials and other important guests.

Kook Jin Nim sat down with several of those guests. To each of them he said, "We have a beautiful church in Yongsan, called Cheon Bok Gung. I hope you will come see it sometime."

He told them how much Father loves Korea. Father's vision for Korea is that it becomes a country that will lead the way toward freedom and democracy in the world, he said.

When speaking with government officials, he explained that the government's relationship to the people should be similar to that of the Archangel's relationship with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. If the government tries to become the master of the people, he told them, it is falls into the position of Satan.

When speaking with members of Korea's National Assembly, he explained it is Father's desire that Korea become militarily stronger and that it form a defense alliance with Japan and strengthen its alliance with the United States. Father makes clear this is the only way peace can be preserved in Northeast Asia, he said.

When speaking with leaders in Korea's financial community, he said the Unification Church theology offers a religious foundation for Korea, or any other country, to become strong and prosperous. 

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