The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Visiting Father's Body

Tim Elder
September 7, 2012

I was expecting chaos and confusion. In reality, that is not at all the case, and everything is proceeding quite smoothly.

Kook Jin Nim and Ji Yea Nim greeted members and guests today at the Cheongshim Peace World Center from 8 am to almost 10. People were guided up to the stage in groups of about ten. They would place a flower on the altar and offer a Kyung-bae in unison. They would then move t...o where they were standing face to face with the True Family. There, the two sides bowed to each other with a half bow.

This routine was repeated over and over for hours.

Standing behind Kook Jin Nim, I saw a wide variety of people come through the line. Probably because it was Saturday, I saw many families come through together.

Of course with toddlers and infants, it's important that parents take care to manage the situation. My wife and I took our 13-month old granddaughter to the Cheongshim Peace World Center Friday night. We got as far as the front door before it became obvious that our granddaughter was not in the right mood. Our son and his wife were successful later on a second attempt.

About 17,000 people a day passed through the Cheongshim Peace World Center and Cheong Jeong Gung over the past three days. Many Korean members have already come on their own, but tomorrow is the first day churches around Korea will be coming in an organized fashion. 

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