The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Sun Myung Moon's Seonghwa Address

Hyung Jin Moon
September 15, 2012
International President of the Unification Church

Distinguished guests from home and abroad, and citizens of God's kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, who have filled this stadium and beyond! We are here today on this sacred occasion in attendance of God and True Parents to hold the Universal Seonghwa Ceremony for the True Father of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

God sent our True Father to earth as the Savior, Messiah, returning Lord, True Parent and King of Kings in order to bring salvation to fallen humankind. This Seonghwa Ceremony is the solemn occasion throughout heaven and earth by which our True Father, who has led and guided God's providence of salvation throughout his life, will transition into the spirit world after concluding his life on earth.

True Father received God's heavenly call when he was fifteen. From then on, he readied himself to sacrifice his own safety and health and even face death in order to complete the great work necessary to release God from His bitter sorrow, liberate humanity and create a world of everlasting peace. True Father dedicated his life of ninety-three years to this. Toward the end of his time on earth, True Father declared that he had "accomplished everything" in relation to Heaven's will. This meant that he had successfully concluded, completed and perfected the work God had given him to do. I stand here today in order to offer gratitude and praise to True Father who laid and achieved an extraordinary foundation of victory.

Beloved guests from home and abroad and citizens of Cheon Il Guk!

God's desire was to raise one perfected man and woman.

Together with True Mother, True Father inherited God's true love, and they became the True Parents of humankind. God, True Father and True Mother fulfilled the substantial trinity and completed a true family through their children.

Transcending race, religion and nation, True Parents bestowed the grace of the Holy Blessing on numerous people throughout the world. Through establishing the tradition of blessed marriage, True Father laid the cornerstone to achieve the ideal of one family under God. No one else has been able to accomplish this in all of history.

Ultimately, True Father's course and his accomplishments were all for the purpose of creating an ideal world of freedom centering on a heavenly family, which God had envisioned in the Garden of Eden.

Members of the True Family participating in the Seonghwa Ceremony: In front, left to right, Ye Jin nim, Un Jin nim, Kwon Jin nim

Distinguished guests, brothers and sisters! Gathered here today are current and former heads of state and other dignitaries who shared True Father's lifelong vision and worked with him to create a movement for world peace. True Father showed great interest not only in his religious activities but also in politics, economics, society, culture, the arts, the media, education, and welfare. Working in all these fields, he presented a comprehensive vision for world peace.

One of True Father's predictions, which I'm sure you all remember, is his prophetic declaration of the end of communism at the second Professors World Peace Academy International Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, in August 1985. True Father also proclaimed the Pacific-Rim era and later spoke of the challenges the island nations on the Pacific Rim would face. I am sure all of you will agree that his prediction accurately describes the situation that is unfolding in the island nations of the Pacific Rim region today.

These are just some notable examples. There are countless predictions and profound teachings on the subject of world peace and the well-being of humankind in the more than six- hundred published volumes of True Father's selected speeches. We who will open the way to the future must inherit True Father's teachings and tradition in their entirety, and fight for freedom and peace in the world. We should raise our voices for the sake of global stability and security. We who have inherited True Father's vision and legacy must cry out for an ideal world of freedom. In so doing, all people will come to realize how important freedom is and how precious is this gift that God has given us.

True Father's vision is encapsulated in his belief in the inauguration of the "Abel UN," in which all the world's religious leaders would stand in the vanguard, working for peace on earth. True Father led the effort to create the "Abel UN" and the "Abel Women UN" for the pursuit of freedom, peace, unity and happiness. These institutions will fight against and triumph over today's secular and materialistic ideologies that impede the realization of God's will and peace for all people.

Consequently, all people should take to heart the teachings and tradition that True Father has shown us as a model, based on which we will realize true peace on earth; we must take the path toward an ideal world of freedom.

Beloved brothers and sisters! Through the Coronation [Enthronement] for the Kingship of God, on January 13, 2001, True Father declared the day of God's liberation and complete freedom, and thereafter proclaimed the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity (Cheon Il Guk), a new nation centered on God. In that light, at the celebratory banquet on True Parents' birthday in 2010, he designated Foundation Day, the 13th day of the 1st heavenly calendar month in 2013, as the starting point of the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity.

True Father revealed that God's kingdom, Cheon II Guk, is a kingdom where "two become one" in true love, and that its starting point will be two people, each of whose mind and body are united. Cheon II Guk is True Parents' unique vision of a real community of humankind as God had envisioned at the very outset, in the Garden of Eden, when He created the first human beings. It is an ideal world of freedom centered on true love and characterized by true freedom, peace, unity and happiness.

True Father declared that Foundation Day will be a new day of eternal life, where a new heaven and new earth will be opened with God at the center and eternal liberation and complete freedom will be enjoyed.

The task that remains now on earth is ours to accomplish. That is, to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. True Father has bequeathed all 615 volumes of his sermons and the eight great heavenly textbooks to be his final words to us. These teachings shall be our compass in guiding us to live a truly valuable life in this world. If you practice these teachings, a nation and culture that carries on the mission of Heaven's dispensation -- which we call Cheon II Guk -- will surely emerge.

From True Parents we have inherited great teachings and truth, plus their vision for Cheon Il Guk. True Father's indomitable spirit is absolutely crucial to overcoming all the oppression and hatred that remain in the world. It is now time to put all of our strength into substantiating Cheon II Guk.

Now with life-or-death resolve, we should invest ourselves completely and work for the building of Cheon II Guk based on the exemplary life of true love and the vision True Father has shown to all humankind.

On October 8, 2009, True Father proclaimed that based on the Association of the United Spiritual and Physical Worlds, the communities of the spiritual and physical worlds will become one. Father will guide us for eternity and will conclude the providence through True Mother, who has achieved complete and ultimate unity with him. Brothers and sisters of the Unification Family, we should unite centering on True Mother and firmly advance toward the completion of the substantial Cheon II Guk and the victory of Foundation Day, which is God's ultimate desire.

Beloved True Father! You have achieved everything God desired you to achieve on earth!

You were released from the hospital on August 12. The very next day you went around Cheon Jeong Gung and, while holding True Mother's hands, you offered a final, serious prayer. At that time, you reported to God that you had achieved everything. You entered the eternal world after bestowing on us the providential numbers "2012.9.3 01:54," which signify that you have fulfilled and completed everything.

In Matthew chapter 18 verse 18, Jesus said "Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." True Father loosed everything that had been bound on earth -- this was achieved for the first time since the Creation.

True Father had the task of opening the gates of heaven prior to Foundation Day for the myriads of people in the spirit world. Cheon Il Guk cannot be a kingdom only for those on earth. If Cheon II Guk is on earth, it must also exist in the heavenly world, and if Cheon Il Guk exists in the heavenly world it must also exist on earth. Consequently, with 172 days remaining until D-Day, Foundation Day, True Father went to the heavenly world while entrusting this final task on earth to True Mother and to all blessed family members.

On January 21, 2007, True Father stated: "Everything should be brought to an end by the 13th day of the 1st month in 2013. God's will for this is going to be fulfilled even if I am unable to live until then. I will go to the spirit world and have the people there institute a revolution." He said he would open the doors to the heavenly kingdom, which until today has had no owner, and take full command. Today these words ring in our hearts.

Therefore, on the 13th day of the 1st month of the heavenly calendar in 2013, True Mother on earth, and True Father in heaven shall simultaneously proclaim the Foundation Day of Cheon Il Guk. At the time of the celebration accompanying the proclamation of Foundation Day, the living works of the "God of Night" who resides in the heavenly world and the "God of Day" who resides on earth shall commence. God's new era will begin simultaneously both on earth and in heaven.

Beloved True Father! Before leaving this world, you repeatedly reminded us that the "God of Night" and the "God of Day" will work together in unison. It is only today that we realize the meaning of this. As you had asked us to do, we shall offer everything and completely invest ourselves with life-or-death resolve until Foundation Day, and we will surely obtain victory. We shall build a nation of the ideal world of freedom that God and True Parents envision for us on earth.

Today, all the world's people are sending you, True Father, off to the heavenly kingdom. We are resolved to follow your way of life and the teachings that you, True Father, have shown us throughout your life. We sincerely pray that you will guide us so that we unite with True Mother absolutely and take the lead in building Cheon II Guk, the ideal world of freedom.

True Father! You worked so very hard. We have no way to express our gratitude to you for bequeathing us your teachings and true love!

True Father! Brothers and sisters, let us shout together, "We love you" three times.

We love you. We love you! We love you!

Brothers and sisters, let us shout "Thank you for working so very hard," three times.

Thank you for working so very hard. Thank you for working so very hard! Thank you for working so very hard!

We shall attend you for eternity. We will love you forever. We shall eternally fulfill your will.

Thank you. 

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