The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Hak Ja Han Delivering "Let Us Inherit the Realm of True Parents' Victory and Open a Future Filled with Hope"

Tim Elder
September 16, 2012

True Mother this morning was visibly still deeply affected by True Father's seonghwa. Physically exhausted and emotionally spent, she was not in a condition to stand at the podium and read her manuscript. After some introductory remarks, she called Peter Kim to the podium to read the text on her behalf while she sat and watched.

The standing-room-only crowd in the Cheongshim Peace World Center received her with warmth and enthusiasm. Long rounds of applause broke out several times. Whenever she would rise from her seat to acknowledge the applause, the applause became even louder.

In her introductory remarks, True Mother thanked everyone for the love and devotion each person showed toward True Father during his time in the physical world and for their work during the Universal Seonghwa events.

She then had the five men who have been serving as True Father's personal security for many years come to the stage. She announced that they would continue to serve in the security team of the True Family. 

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