The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1961

 Table of Contents

Prayer: Please achieve everything through us (January 1, 1961 pdf)

True Sons and Daughters Who Have Loyalty During Times of Great Difficulty (February 12, 1961)

The Meaning of the Tribulation that God Foretold Heavenly Father Whom We All Want to Attend (February 12, 1961)

God Wishes to Bond with You as Father and Child (February 12, 1961 - Excerpt)

The Best Gift that You Can Offer to God (February 12, 1961 - Excerpt)

Sending the 36 couples out as missionaries (May 18, 1961)

At the conclusion of the 36 Couples forty-day separation period (June 24, 1961)

The tour of Korea (July 17, 1961)

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