The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1966

 Table of Contents

Prayer: Please Allow Us to Become Aware of the Mistakes of the Past (January 2, 1966 pdf)

Prayer: Please Let Us Become True Filial Children Who Attend You Offering All Our Devotion (January 12, 1966 pdf)

A Man Must Live for Something Greater than Himself (February 21, 1966 - Excerpt)

Prayer: Please Let Us Become True Filial Children and Fulfill Our Responsibility (March 13, 1966 pdf)

The Final Path to Golgotha that We Must Go (March 13, 1966 - Excerpt)

The Blessed Land Shall Be Established by Truth, Character and Heart (March 13, 1966 - Excerpt)

Prayer: Please grant that we may fulfill the responsibilities of the high priest (June 19, 1966 pdf)

Prayer: Allow us to yearn for the call for our re-creation (December 11, 1966 pdf)

Prayer: Please urge us on this path to achieve a world of unity (December 18, 1966 pdf)

Prayer after speech titled The Mission that is Left to Us (December 31, 1966)

Prayer: Father, Guide Humanity So That They Have A Heartistic Foundation (December 31, 1966 - To Unification Church members in Korea pdf)

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