Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1967

The Path of Indemnity that We Must Go (I)

Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 1967
The Selected Speeches of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 18

Sun Myung Moon April 10, 2011

Restoration through Indemnity

You learned the word, "Restoration through Indemnity." Restoration through indemnity means that you will indemnify large issues by making a small condition. For example, there are one hundred people who need to be forgiven. If there is one person who only loves and longs for God, while embracing the ideal of Heaven in his heart without a word of complaining, despite being beaten by Satan as a representative of the one hundred, the sins of the one hundred people would be indemnified in exchange for his suffering and beatings.

A human being who stands to go through the indemnity course must be resolved to love and long for God and the Heavenly Kingdom in his heart, resolute only for Heaven -- born for Heaven, living for Heaven and dying for Heaven. He must know that he was initiated from Heaven, to go through the process of Heaven, and return to his final destination, Heaven. With this conviction, as he goes over the beatings, the sins of the one hundred people will be forgiven. In other words, it is restoration through indemnity that as one person is chosen to stand in the position to represent the one hundred people and is beaten in place of them, those one hundred people will be spared from being beaten, and moreover they are elevated from the evil position to the position of goodness. Do you understand what I am talking about?

Then, how can you find this history that is the history of restoration through indemnity? You will know that it is true if you see the providence of God. Human history is the history of restoration through indemnity. Therefore, I can proceed with God's work only by using and centering on four or five true persons here. Do you disagree with my word?

I have been living according to this principle. If I go to Japan, all local churches will ask –calling me throughout the night by phone -- telling me, "We will repay thousands and tens of thousands times for your grace to us; please, just drop a letter of greeting to us." I don't even ask for them to do this, but they can't help it. No one at Headquarters even knows about this.

So, what kind of time period are we going through now? We are going through the period of the restoration through indemnity. Also, this period corresponds to the time of outreach or witnessing. What is the purpose of this witnessing period? It is to connect the worldwide providence of setting up 120 holy grounds centering on the forty providential nations that I selected. Through witnessing, you will create relationships with these nations. Rev. Moon has been contemplating and conducting various things over the last three years for the purpose of this restoration through indemnity.

In human history, you find good events and evil events took place alternately. There were good societies and nations, but they did not last forever. After a certain period passed, an evil period became predominant. This is the same principle that applies for the time of indemnity.

It is human nature that people offer their sincerity before important events or when they are facing major problems. Also, when you set up your purpose, you invest your sincere effort in order to achieve it. You may set up a one-hundred-day prayer or other prayer period and then offer your sincerity. Especially, believers of religions ardently offer their sincerity. Then, why do people give their utmost sincerity? It is for the sake of indemnity. 

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