Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1967

The Path of Indemnity that We Must Go (II)

Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 1967
The Selected Speeches of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 18
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Haj Ja Han, April 2011

Sincerity and Indemnity

You must know that you should not allow Satan to invade in important tasks that you must accomplish for the future. Nor, should you allow the chosen people to be expelled from their respective positions. In order to keep away from these possibilities, you must indemnify all the evil elements before hand, while putting yourself in the position of being willing to receive indemnity in order to rid yourself of all elements regarding evil and sins.

This is why you must always give your utmost sincerity. When you want to offer your sincerity, you cannot do it while you casually conduct your life eating and sleeping. It is absolutely impossible to offer your sincerity when you are in the position of having all you want to eat, sleep as much as you want and wear clothing that you enjoy wearing. For this reason, preparing to face an important event, you must put yourself in the position to conduct a showdown with God. You must be prepared to be hit beforehand. If God does not punish you, you should even initiate to punish yourself, on your own. If you get punished, what would happen? You will place yourself as the object to God. This is the principle of restoration by which God advanced throughout history.

Seeing from this standpoint, I consider this time now as a special providential period. So, as much as I can I would like to visit all holy grounds within a certain period. I don't think of anything else. Even when I have visited our factory several times, in my mind I am always thinking, for the path that we all must go, what I must accomplish at such a time as this. On top of this, all members overseas are depending on and expecting our country to achieve great things. However, our Korean members are not even aware of this. Our oversea members have an extremely high opinion of Korean members here at the Headquarters; so much so that you cannot even imagine. They think you are of the highest possible human existence that they can imagine.

Let me give you some examples. They think I can go up and down stairways as if I am on some kind of cloud. Also, when I eat food I don't use my chop sticks with my hand but food would miraculously convey to my mouth. Or, they believe that I don't need to go to bathroom. As soon as they come to know God's will, they start thinking of Korea and me as the highest possible existence. Because of such a view of me, whenever I see oversea members, I feel naturally embarrassed. Why am I telling this story? I feel embarrassed and, somewhat, become self-conscious in my heart. Where else can you find such a story under the sun? So, you must offer your sincerity much greater than those overseas members. When they offer donations or any other offerings, they bow tens of hundreds of times and pray deeply.

We, Korean members must know this fact. When you receive donation or offerings that were given with such sincerity, if you treat it casually without appreciating their value, you will be judged by the offerings. You must understand this point clearly.

Even a good king who does not act properly – namely, if he treats carelessly those who serve him with deep sincerity – will face a destiny of ruin. By the same token, if the staff people who follow the king mistreat the subjects who offer their sincerity, they will be cast out as rebellious traitors of Heaven. For this reason, I never treat those, who give their sincerity. carelessly. So, I will visit holy grounds as much as I can find the free time for, in this period (so as to reply to the sincerity offered to me).

Then, what will I do next? I will reflect on my deeds thinking of what God has done for me in my past life. So, by reflecting on my past, I will share all the grace that I receive from God, since He called me and assisted me, when I was dealing with certain tasks. All members who gathered here have various and unique processes of spiritual growth. By the same way, as you move toward the gate of Heaven, every one of you will go different paths.

Since all of you go different paths, I walk the path of restoration through indemnity in order that all of you can be connect in heart. I have responsibility to offer all of you before God through connecting all of members by grace of God's heart that was given to me as He assisted me throughout my life. This is the reason why I am visiting holy grounds in this time period. 

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