Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1967

Satan Remains in Human Beings

Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 1967
"Origin of Loyalty and Filial Piety?1" Volume I
Boundary of Heart
Unofficial Translation

Rev. Moon has experienced many sorrowful situations, extreme agonies, and indescribable sufferings. However, I am in a position where I cannot pray asking for consolation and relief from God. Why is this? Adam received everything from God; yet he forsook everything and betrayed God. Therefore, I must stand in a position to indemnify that; and I must receive the blessing from God again.

This is Heavenly Law. When you push into a boundary of indemnity, you reach a point where you would rather die. You cannot do anything, not even pray. In such a position, you are totally vulnerable to Satan's attack; however, God cannot do anything about you.

Because Satan remains in human beings, we stand in a position to be separated from Satan. When you are going through the period of separating from Satan, in that stage you cannot reach to God by just following your heart. Of course, after you are successfully separated, you stand in a position where only God can relate to you through your heart. From this point, judgment begins. Then, how can you reach to the point of total separation from Satan? You must be guided by your wisdom. In the period when you are being divided, God cannot teach or guide you. So, you must apply a strategy to deal with Satan that you learned by analyzing your own experiences -- must use all possible methods from all aspects of life and divide your environment to chase out Satan.

I am continually engaged in this fight, even now. When you are engaged in fighting, you have no one to consult with. True mother, who has to overcome this battle alone, always follows True Father. If you obey absolutely, you will overcome the fight. Why is this? Since the fall of man began because Eve dominated Adam, in order to restore this mistake, Eve must be dominated by Adam completely. However, Adam must stand at the frontline to face and fight Satan. Satan keeps over 3 billion people in the pit of suffering. However, who made the Archangel into Satan, or who made such determination? That is Adam; not Eve. From this understanding, Adam stands in the position to face the final showdown, no matter how far he must go. Therefore, it is my sense of mission that I must chase Satan to the ends of the world.


1 "Origin of Loyalty and Filial Piety" is several volumes of books compiled of Father Moon's speeches (many of them spoken in Japanese) from the later 60's to the early 80's by Rev. Kamiyama. 

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