The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1967

The Certificate to Enter the Heavenly Kingdom

Sun Myung Moon
June 16, 1967
Address at Tokyo District Gathering
Unofficial Translation

I am pressed with time to reach my destiny. You look at the next mountain pass and say, "That mountain pass must be the final place which determines my life or death." This is why I must go over the pass. I must dash ahead to reach there. Such an urgent feeling proceeds always for me. If you have such urgency, you will never wonder whether you can go on or not. You just go even if no one helps you. This is the spirit that members of Unification Church should have while walking this path.

With such determination and urgency, you will move forward centered on God's word, you will naturally experience God's heart permeating your existence. If you are living like this, Satan will give up following you. Once Satan is separated from you, God will relate to you directly. Then, you will relate with God's heart deeply. Do you understand? (Yes) So, if you know God's word and practice His word 100 percent in your life, Satan will attest to you saying, "Without a doubt, you have completed God's word 100 percent. Thus, I cannot do anything against you." You must obtain such a certificate from Satan. Without receiving the certificate from Satan, you are not permitted to enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

Without gaining the certificate, Satan will ask you, "Where are you going? What? You are going to Heaven? You cannot go there because you still have conditions that disallow you to enter." No matter how hard you try, you cannot enter Heaven. Even if you get to the entrance of Heaven, God will not permit you to enter. Satan will protest to God, stating, "Heavenly Father, according to your principle, this guy is not qualified to stand near where You dwell. He belongs to my realm. Please send him back to me." God must accept Satan's argument. This is the reality.

Therefore, you must earn the certificate in the satanic world. You must earn the certificate! Would you like to receive it? (Yes) Yes? (Yes) Yes? Are you sure? (Yes) Some of you may be wondering, "Do I have to get the certificate from Satan? What does this mean? Satan is not even a physical being. What is that? It is impossible to get a physical certificate, no matter how much I want it. What is that certificate? Rev. Moon's talk sounds a little fishy." Have you seen Satan? You have not seen him. Then, how can you obtain the certificate from him? However, Satan is real. In order for you to pass the standard of the completion period, you must obtain the authority that comes from both spiritual and physical victory over Satan.

What is the standard to gain the authority? When you begin witnessing, a person who persecuted and opposed you is the spiritual and physical Satan. Do you follow? If you win over the person, he repents his past saying, "Finally, I understand, please forgive everything that I did up until now. In order to pay back to you, I am willing to die one hundred, one thousand or tens of thousands of times over." This is the certificate. Do you understand? Knowing this principle, God never hits first in order to make the enemy surrender. Make the enemy surrender by you being hit first. This is God's strategy. This is the formula by which you gain the certificate to return to God.

Because of this, Jesus prayed on the cross, "Father in Heaven, please forgive the Roman soldiers." This is the most wonderful story. With such a standard, Jesus shows his authority as son of God. So, not only the soldiers who pierced Jesus with the spears repented but other soldiers who heard the story of Jesus' prayer on the cross repented. With this power, the cosmos will turn upside down. Heaven and earth will be divided. If God witnesses such a standard in you, He will say, "I have been waiting and hoping to find a victor like you for 6,000 years." Then, you will be determined as a son of God with the complete authority. Once this standard is established on earth, God will be able to be proud of His son before all things in the universe. God will declares, "This is my child whom I have longed to find. Now, the entire universe praises my child." Do you follow me? This is why my teaching always culminates at this point.

When you are persecuted and opposed by everyone in your town, if you show the standard by which everyone naturally surrenders to you because of the true love you give to them, you are qualified as God's son who can unify this town. You will receive the certificate from the town level Satan. If you gain victory through natural surrender in your race, you will receive the race-level certificate of victory over Satan. If you do the same for the entire world, you will receive the world-level certificate. In order to be God's son, you must go beyond the world level and become the cosmic victor. In other words, you must endure suffering and anguish before the cosmos -- you must receive the certificate as you are aspiring to be like God practicing this principle. Even Jesus had to wait for two thousand years in order to welcome the age when he was able to receive the cosmic level certificate. Now, we are in the era when we can receive the cosmic level certificate. However, no seal of approval has been stamped on the certificate, yet. We must still go through the final step of this path.

I have trodden this path pioneering the way to open this process to you. If I establish the tradition of this victory through this course, this victory must be recognized by even this evil world and by all people of the world. Once the tradition is set, the world will surrender to the tradition. You cannot gain the world by money. What does it take to overcome the world? Through shedding tears for man, sweat for earth and blood for Heaven. Then, you must serve the world with the heart of parents and the body of a servant. Tears for man, sweat for earth, and blood for heaven, this is our wonderful motto. Understand? Unless you go through this formula, you will never become a victor of the infinite victorious realm. However, how well you can inherit this tradition will decide whether you reach the victorious realm. Having such a heart, you will be great. Do you understand? 

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