Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1967

An Ideal Partner -- Part 1

Sun Myung Moon
October 16, 1967
Headquarters Church, Seoul, Korea
To matching candidates

No matter how hard human beings pursue the ideal, they cannot find it without God. Hence, the term "ideal" is one that begins from God. When you refer to an ideal partner, what do you mean by that? You would probably say, "If you and I like each other, we are ideal partners." Wouldn't you say that? That is not an ideal partner. God must be present. God would tell man A and woman B, I cannot live without you. I desire that you love and like each other. I hope that you can like each other more than I like you.

Only when this happens, does one become an ideal partner to God. Simply put, a person that can set this standard is an ideal partner. Do you understand? Being good-looking is not ideal; nor is succeeding in society after getting a master's or doctorate degree ideal. People that love each other, from a position that God can like, are ideal partners.

What, then, should you do to become a partner that is in a position God likes? What are the things that should take place for God to like you? How can one become a partner that God likes?

God has been relating to the fallen world until now. In other words, God has been enduring the historical progress of the fallen world while holding on to his hope of an ideal world.

August 10, 1967, at the welcome home celebration after True Parents returned from the second world tour

However, God cannot realize this ideal by himself. Simply put, God cannot restore the ideal world without passing through the gateway of human beings, which are in the position of his ideal partners. God must pass through the gate of his ideal partners. God must be able to pass through the gate of an ideal partner that he can like.

For God to pass through the door of the ideal partner, the subjective, internal nature and the objective, external form must all exist within that ideal. The subjective, internal nature is male while the objective, external form of the male is female. However, when passing through the door of the ideal partner, one cannot pass through it all at once. The logic of heaven and earth does not come out all at once. Even when giving birth, the baby does not come out all at once. Even if you give birth to twins, they are different from one another. The directions are different. That is why the history of restoration until now has been about first looking for a man that is an ideal subject. Hence, we can say that the pursuit of the six-thousand-year history, what was being sought, was Adam, one person, alone.

History tried to look for Adam alone but could not find such a being until now. Heaven has been looking for a man whom he could like the most, a man whom he could entrust everything to, a man that can understand the entire circumstance of God Almighty, a man that can make the heart of God, which is hidden inside, overflow by more than 100 percent, a man that can become his substantial son. Not being able to set up such a man has been the source of God's deepest sorrow.

Therefore, the history of restoration has pursued such a man; a man with all the aspects of the ideal man God had internally constructed and a man that God can like. Until that ideal man is found, the ideal woman cannot be found. Hence, what has history been looking for throughout these six thousand years? This one man.

How hard has God worked to find this one man? His work did not only last for one or two days. Nor did he work for only a year or for a hundred years. It took him thousands of years. How desperately did God long for this one man as the thousands of years passed by? How anxiously did he wait for this one man? How often would he have called this one man? Internally, he probably called this man dozens of millions of times. How strong was his desire to love this man? Imagine how much God has longed to live with this one man and share love with this person.

The Internal Mission of God's Son

Think about this please. If we are to talk in terms of quantity, it must be of a quantity some of which will remain even after completely filling the world and the universe. Under these internal circumstances God has been longing for this one man, thinking about him and wanting to love him. Wouldn't God do that? Think about whether God would do that or not. Would he or not? What do you think?

Let us say that a man is born on earth as a son with these qualities. What should this man do from God's perspective? This man should be able to long for God to the same extent that God has yearned for him. The man must be able to be joyful and to yearn for God to the extent that had God longed for him. In addition, he should be able to fight with a strong desire to love God back to the extent to which God had wanted to love this man.

From God's perspective, the past was supposed to be ideal; however because of the Fall.... Hence, one must be able to connect with the deep heart of God, who has been looking for a son to whom he can say, Throughout fallen history, there was no one that was like you at any time nor was there someone who had the aspects I have been looking for.... You are the partner I have been without for six thousand years. I can set you in front of Adam's family and boast of you in front of Adam. I can set you up in front of Noah's family and boast of you in front of Noah. I can set you up in front of Abraham's family and boast of you in front of Abraham. I can boast of you in front of Jesus. You have no shortcomings. You are fully qualified to be boasted of in front of all people during the historic Last Days of humanity. My son!

True Father with his ideal partner in 1967, the year he gave this speech.

Has the Son Been Found?

Now, has such a son been on earth until now? You have not thought of this. As the subject, such an ideal man should be able to completely clear away the sorrow and bitterness within God's heart; centered on God's hopeful circumstances and deep heart, the son and the father should be able to embrace each other 100 percent, become one and love each other. Who is the person in whom dwells God's hope to find this ideal and in whom such love can remain? It is the Messiah, whom humanity longs for, isn't it? Isn't that true?

There is a story that is thousands of years old, tangled within the period until the Messiah appeared; a story and a resentment that is tells of thousands of years old. Tangled within the eternal sorrow of God's heart, our Heavenly Father's heart has been a longing to see the ideal son appear as a stimulant of new hope, which clears away all sorrow and resentment and makes walking with great hopeful strides toward a new heaven and earth possible. God, therefore, sent the Messiah to take on this responsibility.

To Meet the Messiah that God Sent

Then what does humanity need to do to welcome the Messiah? It is important to understand God's deep heart. It is an unavoidable, absolute necessity to understand these three aspects -- God's deep heart, God's circumstances and God's hope. That is why our Unification Church teaches about them.

Not only does God love him but this person has also been able to establish relationships with all God's relative circumstances. Hence, were God to actually see this person, God would boast that there are no elements of accusation, none. He would boast that the son is focus of his deepest love, the source of his deepest hope, the most crucial condition to his happiness. If God were to lose the universe for having him, he would still be grateful. The joyful garden of love begins only from this kind of heart.

Then when the Messiah emerges on earth... Being among those believers that have kept their faith to welcome the Messiah, is there anyone here that has longed for the Messiah or offered conditions for him equipped with these aspects, from this standpoint? There has been no one.

Our young brothers and sisters of the Unification Church who work in the provinces will have experienced this when they go to work. As blessing candidates, they probably faced a lot of commotion as they tried to witness to people. If people were to ask them, Why are you doing this? They would reply, Our teacher told us to do this as conditions to receive the blessing. We are doing this to set conditions for the blessing. Most people think in this way.

The blessing is precious. It is precious indeed. We should be able to offer this precious blessing to God; a promise that we will live for the sake of God and advance because God dwells within this blessing. A divine base of restoration through which the grieving historical heart of God can be liberated can be formed through the blessing.

As I just mentioned, when you come out from a place of hope in such a position and with a deep heart, you must be able to feel the need for preparation.

What We Must Do

The creation and humanity were lost as a result of Adam's Fall. Heaven and earth were lost. Since the path we are following cannot unfold without indemnifying all these conditions, we naturally have to shoulder these conditions. We must overcome these circumstances. You must push yourselves, respond to God's orders on the Korean Peninsula and be able to do anything for it. If you were born a woman, you must have the determination to do everything including what women cannot do. In the same way, if you were born a man, you must he determined to do everything including the things men cannot do. With that determination, you should be grateful saying, I sincerely offer my gratitude to God for setting me up through these conditions even though I am inadequate. You must then prepare for this path as you sing on the base of a thousand-year-old deep heart. If you do not become such people today....

In the summer of 1967, True Mother reading to Hyo Jin nim while on a fishing boat

The Necessary Woman

Let us set this aside and talk about the ideal partner. A man, like the one I described before, must become one with God. This man must then be able to find a relative being that can represent God's deep heart, the earth and be a partner with whom the man can discuss Heaven's circumstances. In other words, Jesus had to find his bride on earth.

What kind of bride should this bride be? She needs to be a partner that has embraced such circumstances. She needs to be a partner that knows how to answer when called, how to discuss any topic in diverse ways when her opinions are sought, how to comply to a request while providing her support; with all these qualities she becomes the bride. Even though Jesus came on the foundation that Israel had prepared for four thousand years, he could not find a bride with these qualities. A bride of this type could not be found amidst the nation of Israel, amidst Judaism, among his relatives, or in any other place. As a result, not finding a bride and not being able to achieve God's will became Jesus' fate. This is what happened.

What This Means for You

What should we reflect on here? Jesus came to earth, left a red heart and passed away. He was unable to undo God's circumstances; instead, they became further entangled. God's deep heart of hope was deeply hurt again. Jesus' death aggravated his already sorrowful heart. When we consider this, we cannot avoid the conclusion that we must liberate all of God's heart.

Then what about the man? The man must become such a man. What about the woman? The woman must become such a bride. If you are born a man, you must be able to say, I am confident that I am absolutely that sort of man. If you are born a woman, you must be able to become a bride who can take the initiative to fight and come forward saying, Going beyond the people and beyond denominations, I am the substantial embodiment of the hope that Jesus longed for and wanted to look for; I am qualified and have no shortcomings. I will follow any path he desires me to, even if it is filled with all manner of suffering or is a path of death tilled with millions of hills that I must overcome.

We should clearly understand how Jesus lost on the cross. When we think about it, women should have such hearts and men should also have the same heart. Our Unification Church should have such a heart. I also have such a heart. Regarding the path of restoration through indemnity, I have to follow a thorny path as a pioneer to the door of the ideal partner. Until I surpass the standard of the people, I cannot pass through the door of liberation. This is a resulting fact, from the point of view of the Divine Principle.

What I Required In My Bride

That is why I have fought until now. This year is the last one of the twenty-one-year indemnity course that I have carefully followed. Within this process, I did not look for the most beautiful girl in the world as my ideal partner. Since the path ahead is difficult, I needed a person that could follow this thorny path with perseverance and patience. Instead of a wife that regarded the husband's position and the wife's position as equal, I needed a wife that could say, "It is right for me to absolutely obey millions of times over and be dragged millions of times."

I will follow my one and only husband everywhere he goes. I needed a wife that possessed the determination to go through everything, whether it be loo percent good or bad with a heart of gratitude.

What kind of person is this woman? She is not a person that possesses everything or one that is as learned as everyone else. The bride had to be chosen from a type that is lacking. This is the very first condition that must be set in order to travel on this path safely.

You will probably experience many hardships on your path for God's will. There will be many hardships. Even if we have gone through all storms related to our church, you still need to settle everything left behind by your ancestors once more; hence, your tribal affiliation will decide the destined path that you will take. 

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