Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1967

An Ideal Partner -- Part 2

Sun Myung Moon
October 16, 1967
Headquarters Church, Seoul, Korea
To matching candidates

Even a married person might die before his or her time. Don't Unificationists die? Hence, matching people so that they can avoid this misfortune and others (as much as possible) is in reality a serious matter to me. This is a truly serious matter because I have taken charge over matters regarding your life and your eternal life and am about to decide the direction you should take. That is why I am advancing with such deep heart.

A Couple that Can Be Ideal Partners

Then who is a man? It is a person that represents God. From the perspective of the original nature of God's creation, we find an internal nature and external form and find male and female nature there. A man born with these traits is God's other self. A woman is also God's other self. A man is God's right alter ego and a woman God's left alter ego. When both a man and woman appear as substantial selves on earth, the man is set on earth as the embodiment of True Father and the woman is set on earth as the embodiment of True Mother from the point of view of the coming True Parents.

That is why this place is called the kingdom of heaven. A man cannot ignore a woman nor can a woman ignore a man here. Only when the two become one, can they become individuals that advance under one purpose with their own view. No one is higher or lower hem. It is a place that is beyond the male-dominated view.

From this perspective, problems become serious after receiving the blessing because there is no way to forgive mistakes committed after that. I do not talk about details such as how God will resolve this in the future. I do not talk about there being an exhausting and tedious way of resolving it.

I have the biggest headache because of that now. Though it is I that gives the blessing, I do not have any responsibility over anything. What is the first vow? When I ask, "Will you take all responsibility over the mistakes you commit in your life of faith?" Brides and grooms reply, yes. In other words, they take full responsibility. Hence, I do not have any responsibility in regard to whether they live well or not.... Based on a principled standard,

I can be held responsible, but I am not responsible over any problem regarding your resultant lives.

Among all those families that hid such problems, there are a few things.... I have deliberately not held any general meetings for families even though the first seven-year course is almost coming to an end. It could have been different if I had taken care of those families, led them and settled everything to a certain level. I knew this; however, because the Fall occurred within the indirect dominion, they cannot be qualified to stand in front of God if they do not pass through that process. That is why such people automatically end up falling away and getting tangled.

From this perspective, who is a man? He is one who has been raised in utmost zealousness. A woman is one raised in utmost zealousness as a man's partner. No matter how many men and women there are in the world, imagine this man and woman finally become a true man and true woman in history and that they become a re-created man and woman in history. How great that is!

When this happens and God sees it and officially recognizes it by saying, "Yes, you are my son; you are my daughter. What you like is what I like. You and I liking each other is what the universe delights in," then the man and woman can form a family centered on God's love and the couple within that family can be called ideal partners. Do you understand? [Yes]

You, thief-like men, is there anyone among you that came here with such thoughts? The problem is a serious one indeed. It may not seem such a big deal because there are many men and women here. However, imagine that an earthquake takes place on earth or in the universe and everything collapses as a result; the only male survivors are those without an eye or arms, while there is only one female survivor who is the most beautiful among all women on earth, a beauty that you see in posters, a matchless beauty, one that is truly beautiful regardless of what light you look at her in. What will you do? Will the beauty complain, What kind of man is that? She will certainly find her partner and say, You are my husband and I need you.

Will she do that or not? Think about it Should she do that or not? If she doesn't, this woman will become an unpardonable woman in front of humanity and in front of the world made through the principle of creation. Should she be called a wicked spirit or a witch that is worse than the devil? Or should she just be called a wicked spirit?

All the women here, what would you do? Would you still want to marry despite that? Even if your husband rejected you and ran away, you must follow him and hold on to him saying, We started our lives together as a match made by Heaven. We are bound to each other as a match made by Heaven. Hold on to his legs; since he doesn't have arms, hold on to his legs. [Laughter] Shouldn't you be able to live together even if it means locking him up so that he won't go? Yes or no? [Yes!]

Men, do you have to marry or not? Do you have to or not? Please answer. Do you have to marry or not? Yes? [We must marry.] What is there to question here? Of course you all have to marry. Please try to consider that. Restoration. I also often think, If only there were a woman that could relate to God's will...

Father in Japan in the 1960s. The calligraphic message in the background reads, "Let's do everything with joy

Absolute Obedience, Serve the Nation

Wait and see what becomes of the Unification Church. Rumors regarding all the persecution I received to this point and everything I have done have started around the world. This time, a rumor about me started circulating in Japan but returned to Korea. Do you think I did not anticipate all these problems? My plan is well set up, both inside and outside, but needs to be pushed ahead; however, because of the mistakes of women, in the end....

Eve's mistake in the Garden of Eden disgraced Adam; not only did she disgrace Adam, she also handcuffed him and made all their posterity into slaves of the enemy for eternity. The nature of that woman left a huge thorny path in front of Unification Church members in this age. Women did that.

As long as women desire to, they can chat many times a day.... If three women meet, only fights will occur. That is why in the era of restoration women must be able to have the mind-set, Please catch and eat me.

Didn't Jesus do that? Jesus said to God, I am a young sheep. If you tell me to die, I will. In other words, he said, please catch and eat me. Did Jesus do that or not?

He probably said, "I, with disheveled hair, failed; I am a sinner for causing eternal embarrassment to God by failing to fulfill my responsibility. Please catch and have me; realize the liberation of your sorrowful and bitter heart. Just as a young sheep that cannot protest against being sheared," Jesus probably said, "Please catch and have me."

In order to save face for Adam, before Jesus died on the cross, Jesus said, "My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt." How miserable is that? It is like saying, Please catch and have me; I cannot raise my head.

Why is that? He could not raise his head because he did not fulfill the central cosmic responsibility as a man. Even if he were to die thousands or tens of thousands of times, there was no way to apologize for this circumstance. Even though blood was flowing from his hands and feet, he said, May God's compassion be here in greater depths. May God's abiding love dwell here in accordance with the more blood I shed and the more my life deteriorates. It was as if he prayed in this manner, even though he was shedding blood and following the fateful path of death. Because, before leaving„ Jesus left the following prayer, "The way to God's love, his mercy and his compassion is in me, within all the blood I have shed; even though I leave in this manner, please do not leave behind such an environment for the man coming to future descendants. May you be able to give the love you couldn't give," the day of hope for the Lord at his Second Advent, the way to the day when we can sing about a peaceful kingdom beyond any suffering became connected.

Hence, Jesus is a young sheep. Right? Is the young sheep a big sheep or a small one? [A small one] How can a small sheep.... Whether you hit it or tie it upside down, the young sheep has no way to protest. However, a big sheep can make use of its horns. Right?

Let us say that this man inherits heavenly authority and appears on earth. How should a woman react in front of such a man? What should a woman do? Women, should you do that or not? [We should] You must absolutely obey and submit to this man, who is like a young sheep. When a man that can represent and fulfill the duty of the Messiah, who came on earth with victorious authority, appears on earth, how should a woman react in front of this man? You must become young sheep in front of this man. You must become like him. Only by becoming such people can you be restored. Without going through this process and completing it, indemnity won't take place.

Why do you think I have sent you all to provinces? What kind of son or daughter is God looking for? God is looking for sons and daughters that are obedient but that can also proclaim him to the world. Do you understand what that means? In other words, he wants us to look for sons and daughters that are obedient but have the caliber through which they can receive official approval in front of the people and world for having obeyed.

That is why the Unification Church's method of teaching is that of serving and sacrificing for the people. When genuine sons and daughters are found, let us bless those who sympathize with these sons and daughters, let us share our blessings with those that are compassionate toward these sons and daughters with a happy heart.

What, then, is that place where one can have compassion to a degree that is great and deep? The more an environment weighs on the lives of those sons and daughters, the greater compassion they can receive. That is why when one risks one's life for the people, if there is a person that shows compassion; in other words even if the people are against you, but there is still one person amidst them that shows sympathy, the sin committed by the entire people can be forgiven through this one person that showed sympathy. Do you understand?

Even though this people and other churches have opposed the Unification Church, if there are those among this people that show sympathy and express support for our fight, the people will receive blessings thanks to them. Since they're part of this people and have loved us from this people's standpoint, let us love and show sympathy to this people. This is restoration. I'm saying that when we are established, let us bless those that showed us sympathy. That is why you are going down to the provinces and working so hard.

Father speaking to Japanese members in Tokyo in 1967

Desiring a Partner

What is an ideal partner? Satan cannot make false charges against you if you advance after having surrendered to the people and received sympathy and official approval from them. When you come forward representing the people, saying, "Ah, the path these people are taking is the truth; they am amazing indeed," with flags and banners, you can truly become qualified to be in a world-level position of glory as sons and daughters. I am asking you to go out and welcome suffering in order to set up such an environment and condition. I am saying that we raise people as qualified people. Do you understand what I am trying to say? Concerning most of you leading more than three years of public life for the

Such a man and woman will finally represent history, settle everything until now, and finally appear in front of a new heaven and earth in history in a state that God likes, one saying, "I will love the man God likes as much as God does," and the other saying, "I will love the woman God likes as much as God does." Thus, they will be matched, out of their desire to do so through engagement and living together in married life. Do you understand?

So I will ask women, Can you love a man that God likes as much as God does? Will you love the man as much or not? [We will] This is principled. Will you love him as much as God loves him or not? [We will love him.] If you won't, you are on Satan's side. Now, what about you men? Will you love the woman as much as God does? [Yes] Your answers were vibrant. You were tempted by Eve because you can so easily answer. [Laughter]

If you loved a woman that God can love more than you loved God, God would not be jealous. This would be something novel to those in the world. Isn't that correct? If you are sons that God loves, you won't say to your wife, who loves God, Hmm, you love God more than me? Stop loving God and love me more.

Men that say so are thieves. You must be able to say, I am truly happy that you love God more than you love me.

We start from that point. We came all the way here starting from this circumstance of the heart. The two of you should be able to hang on to God to the point that you cannot let go of him and God tells you, That's enough.

Isn't that right? Shouldn't God bless you? God likes that. Children coming from such a couple would receive incredible blessings. They would be endowed with blessings in the future.

Even though you are in a position desiring the decision of such an ideal partner, the male candidates here have been sitting, holding up their heads like bulls and looking around to find someone like quails, not being aware of how God sees it. [Father imitates the men and the audience laughs.]

You are seeing everything that is there to see. You see everything that is there to see at any time. However, I do not desire that. When it comes to the principle.... From now on, you will have to prepare under this determination. Do you understand?

You still have some time left until that moment, so please offer conditions. You should be able to pray, "What kind of man would True Father connect me to? What I want is a family. I want to live for the family." You should be able to pray, "I want to live for the world. Where is that person who can sympathize with my wish to live for the world? Father, as you well know, I want to live for the people. Where is the partner that can feel compassion and easily follow this path?"

You should be able to pray, "Even if I follow this path, I will not go alone. I have to follow this path representing this people, representing this religious order. When it comes to a devoted son, I desire to advance as a representative of devoted sons; when it comes to a patriot, I desire to advance as a representative of patriots; when it comes to virtuous women, I desire to advance as a representative of virtuous women; when it comes to devoted daughters, I desire to advance as a representative of devoted daughters. Hence, Father, please give me a partner in following this path. I want to follow this path to raise your glory, to raise the status of the people, to make our way clean for future descendants and to overcome the taints of history. I am ready to render true gratitude to Father for eternity for allowing me this woman, whether ugly or pretty, to sing in joy and to follow this path praising you. So, please do not worry."

Pledge to Resolve Resentment

Then, where have all the families that received the blessing headed to? Those focusing on the family end up flowing away. The purpose I married wasn't to save the family. Even now, I am still educating Mother; I am not following this path for the family. I am doing it for the nation and in order to complete the mission of restoring the cosmos. We should be able to pledge ourselves to this task whenever we open our eyes. We should be able to shed tears for it. When it comes to the indemnity course, I believe this is the gift that I can leave to history as a parent. This is the life philosophy that is held within Teacher's family. We need such a tradition. 

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