The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Path Of Advancement For Our Faith

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 23, 1973
Washington, D.C.
Master Speaks
(Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Good evening. This evening my subject is going to be "The Path of Advancement for Our Faith." Not only Christians but all people who have faith in any sort of religion go the path of faith. Can you hear me in the rear seats? [YES!] Some say no. If there be a God at all, and fallen men would want to reach Him, there should be just one road and not many roads to reach Him. Can you hear me? Then, who is to decide on the way: which way, in what manner we are going and what the way is like? It is God's part to decide that, it is not in human hands. There can be no man-made way -- and we cannot convince God to have us go through such a way. We must rely solely on God to define or decide on the way. On God's part, He defines the way to be as He wants it to be. There must be something very precious or valuable to Him, and He would have us carry out or accomplish something according to that value. Then, what must be most valuable to God? God does not need wealth ... He does not take delight in position or authority ... knowledge is not necessary for Him. Then what must be most valuable to God? He has nothing valuable in the things that man's hands have made. For some reason or other, man himself is not so valuable to God, as it now stands. Then, what must be the most valuable things to Him? That is the question.

When God created man and the whole universe, He did not create them just for them to be there, but to enjoy them, enjoy seeing them, and to feel happiness over what they are. When you say you are happy, you have someone to reach out to in the objective position, so you cannot be happy all by yourself. For God, too, He needed an object for Him to be happy over. And, what in man made Him happy at all? That is nothing else but love. Could God create love? In a sense, He could not create love alone; love cannot be there all by itself. Love is what He could create or what He could have in return from man, who is in the objective position to Himself. The love which God wanted to have back from man was also the target of Satanic desire. Satan also wanted that -- and man also wanted that. Love being of ultimate value, both God and man wanted to have love -- and Satan, too, wanted to enjoy the love. Satan was wise enough to take away the love before it came into God's position. While human love was supposed to be under God's position, somehow, for some reason or another, Satan took it away from God.

God created man to be the master over all Creation, when He meant to enjoy the love from man -- it is something very valuable. We cannot imagine how valuable it was to Him. Then, what would that love be like? Well, on the vertical level we can say that love between God and man was something like love between parents and children -- that is, parental love and children's love -- but on the horizontal level, we can say the next level of love is the love between couples, between husband and wife. When the vertical and horizontal levels of love come to a cross-junction, God will be in the center, turning the axis. But both of those loves were taken away by Satan. On the individual level, Adam was in the position to be loved as His son, while Eve was in the position to be loved by God as His daughter. We must have God abiding in us, with the core of our mind as our conscience. We must in any event put our conscience and God together, united into one, and then that with our mind. With that as the core of the thing, we must reach the next level. There is God in the nucleus, then our minds, and then the outermost part is our body.

Centered on man, his ideal is to become one with God as the nuclear point and develop his personality on the individual level to make the basis and these dots (pointing to the blackboard), he says, indicate the future of man. Unless, in the future, he gets his spouse, the better half of himself cannot be perfected. Only with those two put together can he become perfect on the horizontal level -- and with God above he will form this much of a vertical line reaching the level where Adam and Eve are -- or where he is with his spouse, and their future is down here (pointing to blackboard). This is the spouse, this is the man -- female and male. Can you see the diagram? They want to become one here -- by what means can they do that? No knowledge, no authority or position, no wealth can make them united into one. What at all can make them into one? Love. Love alone can do that.

When they become united into perfect oneness, this oneness must not be self-centered, but God-centered ... so if the vertical line coming from God is a bit crooked like this, there is no perfect harmony between the two. So, you must have 90 degrees on both sides. Love is the power of pulling each other between the two opponents or spouses; then by coming close to each other, they will form the straight line on the level ground and it will make a horizontal line. After having made the horizontal line alone can we expect the vertical line to come, leaving 90* on both sides. In other words, if from both sides the two would come closer and closer until they are put together at one central point, then it is natural for the vertical line to come, to meet that cross-junction.

I said that love alone can attract the two powers into one, and as the two powers come, being drawn to each other closer and closer, then from above God's love is coming down, closer and closer to them -- at the point where those two are attracted and are to meet at one point. God's love will meet there as they become one. And, that love between the spouses will form the horizontal line, and love from God can draw the vertical line, leaving 90' on both sides. If and when those two meet at one point, drawn by each other, then where would God's love rest -- on that or into that point? That is what he asked you. It will become mingled into one point. The love of God being the vertical love or the very origin of love, it is far stronger than the love of Adam or Eve. Then, in that great love, can Eve be separated from Adam? And, can Adam be separated from that strong love? No alien power can grab them away, so their love would have been eternal. Then, we have learned that God is abiding in the love, and God will just melt those two loves into one.

St. Paul said that no power can separate us -- no famine, no Gentile persecution -- nothing can take us away from the love which is in God. Then, who was supposed to be the first one to be able to really enjoy God's love? Who must that be? Adam, Eve, God, who? [ADAM!] What about God? Who created man? [GOD] Then God must be the first one to enjoy the love -- because He was the very origin of love. Isn't that logical? But, without God's love there, no love between Adam and Eve was possible. Where was God supposed to abide after having created man? Somewhere in man, where love abides, was the place for God. On the individual base, both Adam and Eve could have enjoyed the relationship between God and themselves, through their minds. A man's mind must become one with his body. In order for man to really enjoy the love, he must be able to receive the love from above first ... have it planted in his heart, exercise his own love.

If we go back ... when Adam and Eve meet at this point, in utter love ... their love must be centered on God's love, so God's love will come down as both of them come closer to each other -- and when they meet at one point, God's love will abide in them. With that done, there is only a triangular formation, and it is not perfect yet. They must have another triangular formation in the objective position. This triangle (above) signifies or symbolizes heavenly love or heaven, while the triangle down here symbolizes spirits. God created Adam and Eve. Adam can be one with God and Eve also can become one with God, on the individual level, but when they come together in love they will meet God with those two put together. So. three in one person exists, or three at one point ... this can be possible. It is something like an electric current. The love from God will come down to reach Adam or Eve, but when they come closer together and meet at one point, their love can be related to God's love or have something to do with God's love, to become one with God's love. The contracted form of this triangle is a tiny triangle in the nuclear point. Any motion on the lines forming the triangle is consuming, will result in consumption, so the motion must be circular or global. So, in love we need the end of the triangle down here from Adam and Eve -- and when they meet together they give birth to their descendants and they form a square base, a foundation of four positions and through the four points-when they move -- by performing give and take they will form the circular motion. When the circular motion will be done on different angles it will be a global motion or a cubic motion. So, the very core or core Principle of Creation must be based on the foundation of four positions. On the vertical level we have three stages or three points -- God above, the couple and their children. Sideways on the horizontal level: Adam -- the point where they meet God when they are in matrimony and three points on the horizontal level and three more on the vertical level. With this narrowed down you have three stages. So, the wonders of Creation are according to the number "three" or the number "four."

So, it is true when we are taught that the ideal of God's creating man was to form the foundation of four positions. We have two hands. Well, there are several ways to make both hands into one -- and suppose this hand will keep its place, calling the other hand to come over to its place. Well, your left hand becomes closer and closer to your right hand and they become one; or your right hand will have to reach your left hand and become one there. But neither of them is quite the proper way to join the two together. But if those two hands join in the center, that is the proper and natural way. Between Adam and Eve -- between the two powers of two beings -- the central point is the very place where they meet. So, when they are there together in oneness, well on the vertical line, either you can reach God or God can reach you. Well, the power making that possible is love.

When a male and female join with each other in God-centered love, God's love from above is naturally coming down to meet and abide in the love there. So, that will give you the power of creativity, and you can give birth to your descendants and form the foundation of four positions. So, the perfection of your love will be multiplication and by your giving birth to your children you will prosper and multiply. So, you must be able to adjust yourself to coming into accordance with the number "three" and then the number "four." In forming line row, too, your standard is to make a straight line between three persons and every three persons will do the same and the line will be straight. Sideways you will have the horizontal line or from front to rear ... you can form something like a vertical line. Suppose here is God, Adam and Eve -- if they are on the straight line -- horizontally straight -- then He, coming down, will draw the vertical line on the horizontal level, leaving 90 degrees on both sides. Then what makes your love stable and solid? In your head you find everything in three stages. Your nose has two nostrils, which meet another hole up here. Your mouth has lips, teeth and tongue -- three kinds or three levels of things. The organ in your ears, too, has three levels, layers or stages of things; and your eyes -- you have your eyeball: white part, darker part and the crystal part. The human body consists of three parts: your head, abdomen and limbs. Your arm has three parts holding like this ... your finger, too.

The formation is not angular but round ... you will see the round formation everywhere. I want to remember the base of four positions. The basic number is "three," and then to solidify that you have multiplication, and by adding one more, make the number "four." In what position are you, when you say you are happy? Where are you situated? That is only when you are situated at the central point. When there is a group, you want either to be in the central point or to come closer to the central point or central personage. Isn't that true? [YES!] When you find a person in the central point, nuclear point, wouldn't you want to come closer to him and be united with him? When you want to come closer to him, you want to go through the shortest cut to reach him and that will draw the straight line to him. Then, why do you feel like that? Why do you want to put yourself in the objective position, be the closest object? This is because, by putting yourself in the objective position, closest to him, you can perform the action of give and take with him and be united with him in the desired love. So, between male and female: suppose male is here and he wants to have his spouse to his left and the woman wants her spouse to her right? Well, suppose you want to have a circle, would you like to have it on the horizontal base only -- just a flat circle -- or a cubic circle or global, spherical thing? That is everybody's desire. In the cubic motion, the person who is in the central point must have above and below, right and left, front and rear -- himself being at the central point. That is the ideal formation. Without that being created there, everything will be nullified, torn down. So, being at the central point, you are on the axis. On the vertical level, you have three points: above, yourself, and below; sideways, too, you have your right, yourself and left. And from the rear to the front you have your front, your self and your rear. A circle is something having made the square perfect, full. When you call yourself ideal or you are an ideal man, then you must be from above, so you must be the fruit of your past history. And you must be the central point or central figure of the present world. You must be the starting point for the eternal future. Only by your being that, can you safely say that you are the central personage. But we don't want to be the central point in this world having nothing to do with God's plan -- we don't want to be that. But, if there be God's will, the history under God's will alone will matter and we want to be the product or fruit of that history, in the past, coming from the will of God. The will of God coming down through us will form the future. In doing that, we cannot expect some alien power or some other power to come and join us, but there is the standard or there is the ultimate line vertically drawn -- so you must bring yourself to adjust to or to be on that line. If God's will vacillates like this, or sways toward just you, that is not God's will. The people living in the present world must be able to adjust themselves. You must know clear enough that God's will will draw the vertical line, and that no one can deny or vacillate or sway it. A little left of the vertical line, and you will join the Satanic world; a little right of the vertical line and you belong to God's side. Suppose your house is situated on the border line -- somewhere between the opposite powers -- and if your house is situated more on this side they will claim your house, the people on this side will claim your house. The vertical line coming from God can never vacillate, can never be crooked. So, everyone who wants to join that line, stand on that line, must come close to that line. Our ideal being to join each other in the love of God, we must try to come closer to the line to join there. There is only one single line possible. In order for us to reach God there is only one way possible.

Then, how can we, humankind, know which is the right way and which is the vertical way drawn by God, coming from God? Well, we have our conscience left, even though we are fallen. So, when we join the left side, fear comes, and uneasiness, unrest. Your five intrinsic senses are a little dulled by the human Fall, but still you can sense that much. The power from God or the power of love from God will come on the vertical line like this, as I said before, and we want to stand on the line, being the central personage. If we are situated at that point, we are intoxicated in the love of God, and the whole world will be beautified -- everything taking place in the world will look so beautiful. You are happy. If you don't stray or go away from that point you are eternally happy, and you are drunk in the sole happiness, perfect happiness. And, who did he say must adjust that -- God or yourself? Well, I want you to answer, the girl with the eyeglasses on, with her hand on her chin, like this. Answer me. Who must adjust to be on that line, God or yourself? [YOURSELF!] You could not answer right away because you are dozing off.

The prolongation of the restoration, in the providence of God, came about because men have been swaying all the time, not being able to adjust themselves to be on the vertical line coming from God. Even though you may have put yourself on the vertical line, making yourself the central personage like this, in the future, if you sway like this, you have nothing to do with that line. So, we keep saying we have to set up the tradition going through eternity. You have seen the movie "Fiddler On The Roof " -- he keeps talking about the Jewish tradition. They think highly of their own tradition, but they must be able to discern that what they call their tradition must come into accordance with God's line ... It is simple to define what it is, but to carry it out or adjust yourself to be that is difficult. There is God's will, ever going on the straight line, but apart from that men are elsewhere. Then, how distant are we from God's will -- are we close to that?

The people are alienated from the vertical line of love coming from God, but if and when they have a deep desire to love God or to be loved by Him, God's love is there as the magnetic power and He becomes the iron crust. The person will be drawn to God, drawn to the right direction to reach that. Suppose this person is attracted to God and joins the mainstream here -- but no other power will have him go past here -- but the moment he joins the mainstream he will be attracted to God, like that. So, love is the only element that can draw us to God and the path of love alone can lead us to reach God.

If you put your parents in this position right here (pointing to board),your spouse and yourself here, with your children situated below, you are making three levels. You are in the middle -- you have parents above, children below, making three stages, three levels there, too. Then, what is this position? God's position. God is the origin, you represent the present world, and your children represent the future generations. So, you must at least be able to become one with your parents and your children. What could connect those three or unite those three levels of things? People, love. Well, only when you can enjoy those three levels of love can you say you are really happy. You are not unhappy people there. If you and your spouse are one like this in the central point, centered on God's love, you can never be separated from each other. Can God permit divorce there? [NO!] Can a husband and wife quarrel with each other? Can you and your wife, can the couple fight with their parents? Well, in America, as I understand it, girls would not like to marry a man who would have them live with his parents and his brothers and sisters. And, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Your answer is only too clear -- bad or good? Bad.

You are in a position to have to inherit the tradition formed by your parents. Any man, anyone, who ill-treats his parents, the older generation, will perish. And you must be loving your children as God would love them, or otherwise you are doomed to perish. What is the situation in American homes? Do they love their children as God would love them? Well, you don't like older generations, but speaking of age ... God is the oldest one in the whole world. So, in the home, the young couple is in the middle or central point. They must love their parents and exemplify this to their children. Well, if you fail in educating your children in the proper way, your home will be broken down. On the vertical level, you must be able to love your parents and love your children. Sideways, you have your brothers and sisters -- on the horizontal level. Rear and front, you have your people, your nation and your tribe...nation in the past, nation in the future. You must be able to adjust yourself to all these, in order to solidify your foundation in the center. Starting from yourself on the individual base, you have to broaden your scope or base to the family, tribe, nation and the whole world. So, when you say you are successful in worldly Korea -- that is the Korean language -- your expression is to "go out to the world," to "reach the world." Then, the path of advancement must be the life of faith.

(On the blackboard ... ) What we must do, what we are going to do, is to enlarge the foundation of four positions on every level. Well, you as the core of the family, you have your family set up on the basis of a foundation of four positions, and if you enlarge that to the next level of the tribe, nation and the whole world, that is what we desire -- we are marching forward toward that goal. It is the road of our advancement. Our heart of love, centered on God's love, must be enlarged, embellished, to reach out to the whole world -- and that is our way of advancement and that is how we are going to march on the road of faith. You, as the central figure, must be loving your spouse as God would have you love your spouse -- as God would love your spouse; and in loving your parents, you must be loving them as God would have you love them and as God would love them; and in loving your children, you must be loving them as God would have you love them and as God would love them. If you do that, the children will do the same toward you and their grandparents, and the parents will do the same to reach you and their grandchildren. That is the measure of love, that is the tradition. So, how much you broaden that base will be what matters.

Well, how would you know if a certain couple can enter the Kingdom of God? Well, by their loving each other alone, they are not entitled to the Kingdom. When they love their parents dearly as they would love God and as God would have them love their parents, then they are entitled to the Kingdom of God. And, when the couple raise their children, they must not think that the children are theirs, belong to them; but they are God's, and the parents are responsible for them, to raise them up and educate them to be God's children. If you love them in that way and are concerned with them in that way alone, you are entitled to the Kingdom of God. Do you think you can find any such family in the United States? This is what the Lord of the Second Advent is going to make out of his people. By putting ourselves at the central point, we must be able to love our spouse there, and to receive God's love from above -- and only by doing that can we reach out to the next level and still next level and that is what our Master is going to do.

When we broaden the scope of this core thing into the next level and then to include the whole world, the core thing, the central point, must be stable and solid and it can never be swayed or changed. With the central family as the foundation, the next level of the tribe or nation, and the next level of the world can be reached or covered. If there be any one family in perfect form like that, receiving God's love, with God's love abiding in the family -- that can be the core family to the whole world. In the Providence of God, not only Noah, but Noah's entire family would count. Abraham's family, Moses' family, Jesus' family -- the family would matter, not the individual alone. But, when Jesus failed in carrying that out to the fullest extent -- even in the fallen world, we observe the Sabbath, we take rests, and we enjoy relaxation and everything of value in our homes, don't we? When a couple has to fight each other all the time, would either of the two be happy in his office, his school, in any unit of the community outside the home? If there is a president who is seemingly happy and all that, if he has to fight with his wife all the time, would he be a happy one, qualified enough to lead the whole nation?

Up to the present moment, people have been inclined to think that in the religious life we will be lifted into the air and we will be floating there -- and we imagine, we fancy ourselves being taken away by God, by His force. But it is not like that. We have to broaden the scope of our love, right on the horizontal level, by loving the people in our home, by loving our neighbors, by loving our friends, relatives, clans, nations and the whole world, the whole population. God will take delight in living in a home where that kind of love is exercised -- but He would want to enlarge that home to ever broader levels until the whole of mankind could become a huge family under God as our Parent. There is nothing else or nothing more God would want to have us establish. In the Unification Family, we are going to train you for that, to be able to do that. What we advocate is to form a human family under God. So, in the Unification Family, Unified Family, we must exercise this kind of love in order for us to be able to receive God's love and to have God live with us. So, whenever you have, for instance, this male member here, whenever you have boys above your age, you must be thinking of them as though they were your own elder brothers; when they are younger, you must be thinking of them as though they were your own younger brothers. When you have women above your age, you must be thinking of them as your aunts or as your mother -- and toward the aged women, you must think of them as your grandmothers; for the women folks, too, the same thing must be done. Then, the extension of that will be the World Family, Human Family.

To come back to the central point, the kind of love: there must be the central love, conjugal love, love between the couple, parental love and children's love. Which, out of the three, will be the central love? Parental love. Yes, you are right, the parental love will be the central point or the origin. Well, between the couples, if you fight with each other, if you feel like being separated from each other, you get divorced, you are just strangers to each other from the moment that you get divorced. But, parental love, wherever you are, whatever difficulty you have to go through, they are still your parents; you are still their children. Only love which is unchangeable can be the central love, the original love.

When we go on the vertical line, do you know why this love never changes? Well, God, when His love reaches Adam and Eve, it will be the love of the Parent toward His children, and starting from there, when they are joined together, they can play the role of the Parents to their children. So, they inherit the central point from God, and they will be able to love their children as God would love them. And, in that way, the love is connected on the vertical level -- by putting themselves in the parental position, by loving their children. From this, Master would have given you the proverb-like saying: "in servants' shoes, in the parental love toward mankind, in the shoes of the servant, we are ready to shed our tears for mankind, blood for heaven and sweat for earth."

According to how many people you can love and to what depth you have been loving those people -- this will define your qualifications for the Kingdom of God. And if you find that kind of person, you feel like joining him, you are somewhat attracted to him, because that kind of person will be in the central point -- and by joining him you are in the same position with him. You are being drawn to our Master, and through him you want to reach God, and by joining him you want to have God's love. That's all an indication of what it is. You can find the truth or theory in your own self, in the formation of your physical bodies, too. You have God on your head, above your head, on your shoulder -- you take the responsibility of your family and the whole world -- an enlarged family -- and with your feet or your limbs, you will advance forward to the goal ... to restore the whole world in God's love. I must repeat that this alone -- the vertical line coming from God, which can never sway sideways -- this alone can be the path of advancement or path on which we have to march toward the goal of God's love.

Mrs. Choi's prayer:

Oh, Father, we are so grateful for this day, Father. This has been a beautiful day and we expected something great this morning as we awakened from our sleep. Oh, Father, we could sense it. Oh, Father, it is the proof that you are there, working through us. You are abiding in us. Oh, Father, we are grateful that you would have us sense all these things, these wonderful things, these beautiful things. Oh, Father, we have learned a lot up to the present moment. We have been saying wonderful things -- that we are a family under God -- but we have not quite been able to exercise your love in our family ... while we call this a Unified Family under God's will, Father. But, this evening, something great came into our mind. Oh, Father, we not only know it and understand it with our brain, but we can feel it in our heart, Father. Father, let this love sensation remain here, abiding in us, Father, and let us put it into practice, Father, share this love coming from You on the vertical line with other people around us, Father. Only by our doing this can we build the world in Your love, Father. Father, love is something like the heat and the light and when we share the light, our light will be multiplied. We are not going to lose it, we are not going to be left in the darkness. Father, but by igniting the whole world with the heat and by lighting the whole world with Your love and in Your love, Father .. oh, Father, we will have built or erected Your Kingdom on earth, Father. Father, up to the present time, all the Christians have been struggling hard by giving their lives in martyrdom. But, they did not know that they had to build your Kingdom on earth, Father. They only looked for the Kingdom in the afterlife. Oh, Father, we know that the whole spirit world is anxious to have us carry out the mission of establishing the earthly Kingdom of God, Father. We are for this mission, for the great cause, we are the champions, we are the soldiers fighting for You and for us and for the whole of mankind, Father. Oh, Father, we thank you that you have used us for the whole day ... we have been struggling hard to bring in more members, Father. Even though we have failed in doing that, Father, we have somehow sown the seed in human hearts. Let those seeds be fruitful, Father. Let us be good cultivators. Oh, Father, call the people, call the prepared people to the sphere of Your love, Father. Let the passed-away saints not have lived in vain, Father. Let their offspring join our movement, oh Father, and through them, through ourselves, oh Father, we want You to reach the last man of the whole population of the world, Father. Oh, Father, tonight we miss the mobile team members, fighting in the front-line, Father. Oh, our Father has brought so many European members. Oh, Father, they are strangers here. Oh. Father, in this strange land, they find humanity -- they find the love of the Family under God That is what makes them strong enough to fight in the front-line. Oh, Father, wherever they are, whatever they are doing now -- keep them in Your love, Father. Oh. Father, strengthen them tonight as they rest in deep relaxation, and let tomorrow and the days to come be a success for You and for us, Father. We are ready to fight more, many days ahead, through eternity, until we will have finished erecting the Kingdom, Your Kingdom on earth, Father. Only on that day will we rest .. we will enjoy the relaxation with You, Father. Father, well You have gone through so many difficulties and hardships -- we want our True Parents to rest Father, but we realize that we are putting them in the vanguard of all others, in the vanguard of ourselves -- they are still fighting. We cannot bear to see them going through such bitterness, Father. Let us be really matured, grown-up children of his, doing things in place of him. We want to inherit and stand on the foundation that he has laid, Father, and from this time on, oh Father, we are going to fight, on our own, Father. So, use us as Your instruments, as Your soldiers, to fight for tomorrow and the days to come. Oh, Father, we leave everything else in Your hands-and when/ pray all these things,/ ask you in the precious name of our Beloved True Parents. Amen.

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