The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Our Church And Korea As Seen From The Providence Of God

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 19, 1989
Chong Padong
Seoul, Korea

The history of mankind centered on religions is directed by the providence of God. It cannot be understood from the viewpoint of man alone. History has had a basic direction and has developed in a cyclical way. Just as morning, noon and evening, the time of day and the seasons of the year repeat themselves in a continuous cycle, so there is a pattern in history.

There is a national history of Korea and we have tribal and family histories. On an even smaller level, there is a history of each individual. Trends in philosophy are always the guiding factor in history. In the history of democracy the central nation has been America.

A saint is a person in history who has lived centered on God. The great saints have been people in history who have lived centered on a thought based on God. A nation which would live like that, completely centered on God, would be remembered throughout history.

The democratic world should provide spiritual direction to the world and also lead it politically. But democracy lacks the spiritual, internal element. Thus it has lost its power to be the leader of the world. Humanistic philosophies also lack the vision and strength to lead mankind. Communism basically understands the principle that there needs to be a comprehensive view with social and internal aspects. It tries to replace the spiritual, historical roots of mankind. It has replaced the saints of history with the founders of communism and has replaced the ideal of God with the idea of a communist utopia. But however great a philosophy based on the human mind may be, however, it can never reach the level of truth of a philosophy coming from the mind of God.

How can a religion offer a final eternal place of settlement for the individual, the family, the nation and the world? Religion must even show us a place where God can settle down, where God and man can be together and want to remain eternally. Many religions talk about the last days and the end of history but the question is-to what extent can a religion show us the direction, purpose and the consequence of the last days.

If we want to find the place where we can truly find our position of eternal settlement we must find a relationship which is 100 percent vertical. If we come into such a relationship with God, our understanding of the world becomes absolutely clear. A person who has this vertical standard becomes a person of true morality and true character.

If a man has such a true morality and character he himself represents the relationship between God and man and that represents human history. The vertical direction symbolizes the connection between the deepest root and the highest branches. Harmony in history is centered on that standard. Only when one person has this vertical connection can others unite with him and then create harmony. If the president of a nation is not completely vertical then complete harmony among the people of his nation is not possible.

A person of virtue should give an impression of straightness, not leaning to one side or the other. You become a person of virtue by centering vertically on God. But you also need the horizontal axis, which starts with the family. It comes from the relationship with parents, spouse and children. That is where you get the horizontal direction. If your vertical pipeline is perpendicular it communicates clearly but if it is out of line the communication is distorted.

Is Father a person of virtue? What is the opposite of a person of virtue? Was Father born with his abilities or did he learn them? (Born) No, I learned it.

There are persons of virtue in Germany, Japan, America and other countries. But are they connected to the great vertical axis and the great horizontal axis or are they only limited to one particular place? A true person of virtue has to connect his axis beyond his limits of nationality, race or culture. For example, a western person of virtue has to be able to embrace the east and bridge the gaps between Orient and Occident, the rich north and poor south. He must be able to love not only the people of his own culture and class but also the rest of mankind. A true person of virtue must be able to communicate with scientists, laborers, farmers and fisherman.

Today's topic is our church and unification from the viewpoint of providence. What is the difference about Rev. Moon? He is a strange person.

Many Unification Church members are very self-centered. They want to receive blessings and become great people in a very egoistic way. God has said a person must focus his vertical and horizontal with 90 degrees so that he can find his ideal direction. (Amen) God has to say "Amen!", not you! Your face should ideally represent horizontal and vertical lines. If the lines are leaning to one side your face does not look good. If you look at a person's shoes you can see the character by how they are worn down. A person with the character of a thief leans to one side. His shoes are worn down unevenly. Now I have said that I should check my shoes. (Father holds up his shoe).

The earth turns not at will but on its axis. What is the ideal position? The center, the place where all directions meet. The vertical and horizontal meet in the center.

If a person came to that central position he could move in any direction without changing the focus. How many times would God like to see that? If someone comes to the center God would like to see that person rotate for eternity. That person becomes the standard.

What kind of person would God like most? What kind of person would saints like most? The person God would like to see is not just a scholar, a businessman or a politician, but one who has a character like God. He would like to see a man of virtue who resembles God. Who does God like most? (Father) How do you know I am not a thief, a fake? You must say that the person I am talking about the man of virtue who resembles God-is the one that God likes most.

Does God need God or does God need man? God in Korean is "Hananim" which means "one." Since God is "one" why did he create man as "two"-man and woman? Have you never thought that God failed when God produced the other sex? Wouldn't it have been better if God had created only males? God is alone so he is sort of depressed. The horizontal must be there for the vertical to expand and become circular. On the horizontal level God had to create man and woman so that through their horizontal extension the focus would come to exist in the center. Only through give and take between two can the horizontal expansion take place. That's why God needed male and female. Is God a man or a woman? He can relate to both because he has the characteristics of male and female united within himself. The male and female characters represent the two directions, the male representing the vertical and the female representing the horizontal.

Should male and female unite centered on the man or on the woman? In Korea there's a saying that if the hen crows the house falls down. But we should say that if the hen crows the cock dies.

Today in our world of scientific enlightenment we want explanations for everything. We research all fields wondering about the hows and whys. Even thieves research before they steal. if you asked established church ministers why God created man and woman they would say we must just believe that God did it because it was for the best. But that is not a satisfactory answer. Do you want to become like Father or Mother. If you say Mother, what kind of attitude is that? God created heaven first and then earth, not the other way round! God created man to represent the vertical and woman the horizontal. Why do women not have beards? Because they were made to run around on the horizontal and their beards would get caught up on things. (Audience laughs.) We should say that we want to resemble God which means we should resemble Father and Mother.

There should be only one head in the family, not two, and this is the same in the church. There should be only one head. A person of virtue is one who resembles God. So what is a true son of God? A true son of God is one who is completely united with God centered on love. Centered on true love the horizontal and vertical unity of the world can be established. The history of God was the history of establishing the perfect relationship between God and man where man resembles God, a male that resembles God and a female that resembles God. In God's providence the unity of man and woman represents that point where the vertical and horizontal directions are united. That is the eternal meaning of marriage, where husband and wife come to the center, which is love and the source of life. If they are united in marriage they cannot move around at will. They must be connected to the center of true love and the center of life.

The purpose of the providential history of God is to establish one man and woman as the ancestors of mankind, free from the fall, who can represent the true horizontal direction related to God.

Was Jesus a manly man or was he effeminate? He was, of course, very masculine. Would it have been a sin if Jesus, as a masculine man, wanted to marry a woman, or would that have been unrighteous? God's providence is for a righteous and perfectly masculine man to become one with a perfectly feminine woman. If Adam and Eve had become one, free of the fall and centered on true love, this beautiful relationship would have made the flowers bloom. When the flowers bloom, can the butterflies stay away? Would the birds stay away? No, they would be attracted, too.

When perfect harmony is created, when true love is realized, it is like thunder and lightning and all creation resounds in response to the echo. If you discover true love and nature rejoices, do you feel happy or not? Why don't you answer? (Happy!) That's good!

Why is it much nicer to walk in the rain and snow with your partner than to walk alone? Did you ever walk in the falling snow? When it snowed at night Father never stayed at home. He wanted to walk through the hills and forests to watch the snow fall on the trees. When all the world turns white the impression of the greatness of nature is so acute. Snow is like the unity of heaven and earth, the marriage of plus and minus. When you see marriage you are moved to tears of happiness, of sadness and love. Those of you who are married know what I mean. Some other religions advocate celibacy but in the Unification Church we say that man has to marry. Are there two different Gods, one who says marry and one who says don't marry?

What does the Unification Church mean? It is the unification between true man and true woman. What is true man and true woman? They are persons who resemble God, man who resembles God and woman who resembles God who become sons and daughters of God. God wants to establish such a relationship where he is the vertical parent and man resembling God establishing horizontal parenthood centered on true love. Then if God saw Adam and Eve overcome the fall and become one based on true love would he want to be in a distant vertical relationship or would he rather be very close? Actually he wants to be as close as possible. So "vertical" means the closest possible distance, not great distance. God wants to live in the heart of man and feel and touch the love that exists between husband and wife.

Husband and wife can only achieve perfect unity if the individual never loses sight of the vertical from beginning to end. The horizontal unity can only become perfect centered on the vertical love of God. All give and take has to be centered on the vertical. The relationship does not spark centered on just the wife or husband. But if they are both connected to the vertical then the electricity flows. When they come together it is like a cosmic explosion. Once that kind of unity is established between husband and wife even God cannot separate it. The point of perfect unity becomes the departure point of God's history and the point for all of the universe to come into harmony. Once man and woman are united in true love there cannot be real unhappiness.

A husband and wife represents the east and west, the husband representing the eastern hemisphere and the woman representing the western hemisphere. When they become one it is like the universe uniting. The love of husband and wife becomes the love of parents and that is the most precious thing that exists in the world.

Is it easy or difficult to follow the belief of the Unification Church? Is it easy to come here and listen for two hours to my speech? If you drove two hours you would already be past Taejon (city in central Korea-Ed.) If husband and wife become centered on true love we don't need religion any more. We won't need rules and regulations.

The relationship between husband and wife has to be centered first on the vertical love of God. Otherwise there is no direction for their love and Satan can turn it in any direction he wants. These days love relationships are not centered on the vertical. The world is chaotic and full of sin and suffering. Only the person who connects to the vertical center can remain stable and unshaken. Has Father ever demanded that you believe he is the Lord of the Second Advent? I have never done that. But I know in my heart that all people who are not connecting to that center cannot last. Only the person connected to the vertical center will last forever. History will prove whether Father is connected to the center or not.

Our topic is the Unification Church from the providence of God. We also have the concept of unification in our country. But do we have unification? We have the communist faction, the Kim Dae Jung faction, the Kim Young Sam faction. Can we have unification without true love, without God? It's impossible. If the Unification Church connects to the vertical center based on true love it will be the faction that will endure.

There's some sweat on my face. When it runs down my nose I sometimes want to drink it. Sweat has a nice taste. It's nice and salty. When you have true love you can love your sweat, your snot and even the unpleasant smells of your own body. Those who run away from their own smells, raise your hand. (No response). You must appreciate the aroma of your own body. (Audience in hysterics). If you are centered on the vertical love of God, will you curse God for having created all these bodily functions or would you rather praise God? When I was young I thought that bodily waste should be an object of love. I looked down the toilet and saw the different bits of waste and touched them, thinking, "This is my mother's, this is my brother's," and so on. I thought, "What if I died and had never touched this?"

The world is beginning now to realize Father's value. In America everybody knows Rev. Moon. They used to think Rev. Moon was bad, but now they are changing their mind. They are beginning to learn that Rev. Moon is bringing them new light, new revelation. The person who can bring harmony to the world is the one who can become a leader. The nation that can bring harmony to the world is the nation that will lead the world. If the Unification can bring harmony, it will become the leading religion in the world.

Now many people in the church are getting doctorates. If you are a Ph.D., do you want to become a Ph.D. of true love?

Who has more value: One who dies in true love or one who lives in true love? Jesus said those who are ready to die will live and vice versa. Do you think Father has had an easy or difficult life? Do you think I have always received God's love? In the deepest pit Father has always promised God that even if he has to go forever without happiness and joy he will go. Even if he has to go through the roughest of times he will do it. Father is not interested in establishing a political party or achieving high office, and all those who criticize Father for seeking worldly power misunderstand completely. Father is not interested in the branches. He wants to go into the deepest parts of the smelly earth and establish roots. God wants to establish absolute value, absolute standard. He needs an absolute man and woman that represent this absolute standard of value. This absolute standard can only be established on love. If a man and woman with the kind of love that can embrace the world can unite, they can become the absolute point of reference, the perfect object of God. The history of man has not had a center that could unite the generations and unite the nations horizontally. This world is a place of struggle and confusion.

Why do we exist? We exist for God. What comes first, love or life? Love is prior to life. It comes from the eternal ancestor. Our lives must be completely dedicated to love. We must sacrifice our lives for love.

God wants to have a model of the ideal man and woman that show the pattern of love. There has to be a model for the individual that represents the vertical in his relationship with God and the horizontal in his relationship with his body and mind. If you are united in mind and body, you don't need things to decorate your body. This watch is a present from Hyo Jin Mm for our birthday, but actually I don't need a watch. I can tell myself when I want to wake up. (Father takes it off, but can't get it on again. He walks over to Mother, who puts it on for him). Mother just told me, "Come to the conclusion (of the speech)."

God wants true Adam first. He created Adam before Eve. So Jesus was a man. Rev. Moon is always the one who gets blamed for the mistakes of the Unification Church. If Rev. Kwak or Rev. Kim Young Whi make a mistake, I get the blame. You can run away from the church but I cannot. The central persons of this world always run away at some time. The President of Korea is not ready to put his life on the line. He is ready to run away if things don't work out his way.

How old am I now? I am 70. Do you remember how 70-year-old grandmothers walk bent over? Why do I keep on working instead of relaxing and letting younger people take over? There are many things for me to do in the spiritual world. The pattern Father is establishing for the Unification Church members is for you to be prepared to invest yourself at any time and to put your life on the line. If you don't follow that pattern there is no way you can succeed.

The providence of God was to establish the central model for his love. Jesus was to be the true Adam. God wants to establish the vertical line through the True Parents. That is the focal point of His providence.

The reason God's providence has not been accomplished until now is because these vertical and horizontal directions were not found. Because True Parents have established this absolutely focused direction the light of truth, the light of God is bound to beam forth to illuminate the world. Christianity does not understand this central point and thus can only serve as the preparation for the Unification truth to flourish. Only by adjusting ourselves to the vertical and horizontal direction of God's providence will we be able to progress. Every other way our progress will be blocked.

God's purpose is to provide models for the individual, family and the group. God wants to have a model for the true religion.

In the Unification Church will an oriental husband and a western wife, representing the plus and minus poles, become one if they are both individually united in mind and body? Father is matching people beyond racial and national boundaries. He is not creating a Korean or any other race but a new love race. (In English:) Satan hates the love race

Has the West welcomed or opposed the Unification Church? Father has been opposed wherever he went. Do you think the Korean government has supported or opposed Father? He has been opposed everywhere.

Are you going to become models of God's love? All the women in the Unification Church are so attracted to Father because he is the model of an individual. Many young members are attracted by Father's sons. Members hope that some day their children will marry with Father's children so that they can be connected. Some day you will all be connected through your descendants to Father's lineage. You have to work and prepare for that time. The model of true love can always be followed. Whatever this model does you must be ready to follow. When parents hit their children and the children still have an unchanging love, the parents' hears will be completely melted away. The parents will bow and cry tears before a child who returns with love even after being hit and scolded.

Father has never condemned any of his enemies or prayed for something bad to happen to them. Father has loved America. Because of this America cannot but acknowledge Father and repay the debt of love it has incurred.

History has been God's effort to establish the true pattern for the individual and to establish the True Parents who represent the true horizontal and vertical directions and who can become the true standard for mankind.

The purpose of the Unification Church is to establish a standard for all religions, for all of mankind. So it has to sacrifice the most and go through the most difficult course. We have until now given more funds to other religions and other churches than to the Unification Church. Through the Unification Church Christianity must fulfill its purpose and through Christianity religions must fulfill their purpose. Because the Unification Church has that mission even if we had the money we would not spend it on ourselves. With the money we have we could build nice houses for ourselves, but the only way to come out of the world of death and escape from Satan is by following the pattern of sacrifice and love.

God had prepared through His providence to unite the world centered on Christianity. After the Second World War the struggle of Cain and Abel should have been finished and, centered on Christianity, the providence of God should have been accomplished.

God's plan at the time of Jesus was to unite Asia centered on Jesus and then unite the West with Asia. But because the foundation was not completed, the providence went through the western world, centered on Christianity. So Christianity flourished and developed western civilization. Then it came to Korea, raising Korea as the central nation of Asia to the point where it could lead the unification of Asia that was not accomplished at the time of Jesus. The Second World War represents the imitation of Satan of God's unification. Japan was the satanic representative of Eve. For 40 years Japan occupied Korea, symbolizing the 4000 years during which the fall of Eve dominated Adam.

During the war, Japan, Germany and Italy formed an alliance representing the unity of Eve, Adam and the archangel on the satanic side. The pattern of restoration requires a central person, a substantial offering and a time period. It is followed on the satanic and heavenly side. Geographically, the peninsulas and seas and islands are symbols of the male and female sexual organs.

Korea as a peninsula represents the male organ whereas the Mediterranean and islands like Japan represents Eve's womb. In the time of the Second Advent all the countries providentially are looking toward the Adam country. They need an Adam nation that can establish the center for unity. Eve and the archangel have to cooperate to establish the position of Adam. The time we live in now is such a time. The countries in Eve and archangel positions on the satanic and heavenly sides have to cooperate to establish the position of true Adam. So Japan, America, China and Russia have to work together in order for Korea to unite and become the center of unity that can restore them too.

What would have happened if there had not been the Ehwa incident? Yonsei and Ehwa, the Christian universities, would have united with Father and within seven years the unity of the world would have been possible. Because of this failure the Unification Church had to be established in the place of worldwide Christianity.

But because Christianity did not unite with Father the foundation prepared by God was lost. Originally Britain was in the role of Eve but instead the country in the Eve position on the side of Satan, Japan, had to take the role. America had to be the Abel and Germany, the Cain. Only after establishing Japan, America and Germany in front of God in these positions could Father establish Korea in the position of Adam. To establish the foundation for Korea to take the role of Adam, Father had to go a 40 year course of indemnity.

For 40 years, the fight was mainly with communism and even Christianity was infiltrated by communism. In the last days, it was prophesied that the wolf would appear in sheep's clothing. After Father had established the foundation in America it was like the criminal on the right side of Jesus uniting with Jesus. On that basis Father could come back to Korea.

The reason Korea had not been established as Adam until now was not because of the failure of America or anyone else but because of the failure of Korea itself, centered on Christianity.

Adam and Eve fell on the individual level and through that the foundation for the national Adam and Eve was lost. Through the blessing of 2,500 Korean-Japanese couples, however, Father has married Adam and Eve on the national level. Internally Korea's position as Adam has been established. The internal foundation for the unity of the four nations around Korea is laid. If there is a general election through all Korea in the future, the factions that represent the four nations will compete for dominion over Korea. But internally the foundation for unity is already laid. The head is there that can unite the other directions.

Now the opposition to the unification movement is no problem any more. Whether it comes from political power, Christianity or even communism' Father has established all the foundations to be victorious in all these areas. The movement to break through on the local administrative level is laying the foundation for the harmony of the different political factions. This will give the Unification movement the power to tell the parties to stop fighting and unite.

For the next four years we have to establish this internal foundation for the unification of Korea. Our topic was the Unification Church and Korea seen from the history of the providence. Now Korea has come to the point which God had prepared 40 years ago, but because of the failure of Korean Christianity to unite with Father he has to do the work at age 70 that he should have done at age 30.

The Unification Church must be aware of its responsibility to establish itself as the model, the standard of good, on all levels.

Is it better for the church to have a difficult or an easy time? When we are going a difficult course we can become more powerful and can better establish the true standard of God. To be able to go a difficult course is actually a blessing. Who should demonstrate and protest, those who have a difficult time or those who have an easy time? Those who have an easy time now will have no right to receive blessing in the future so they should be the ones to protest now.

The second generation of members have to earn the inheritance of the Unification Church. You want to go to Seoul National University and Yonsei University but if you don't want to go to the Song Hwa Theological Seminary you do not understand the value of True Parents' work. You must inherit the tradition of True Parents and be able to establish the standard of True Parents' pattern that you are not ashamed of. This is the third Sunday in February. In March spring comes. You must really determine yourselves and realize what the unification of Korea means. You must understand the meaning of the providence of the tribal messiah. We have to re-establish the lost Korea.

We have to go out and bring the love of True Parents to the hometown areas, winning them over by loving them more than we have loved the external world.

Father prays:

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the steadfast love you have given throughout the course of the True Parents. Father, you want to see the True Parents as the shining sun of mankind. You have prepared for the unification of the world centered on the unification of Korea. I thank you very much for the preparation and all the conditions you have permitted. Father, thank you for bringing the final day of judgment. The triumph of good over evil is so close. Please give the members here all the blessing and love they need and help them overcome all their circumstances. I pray especially for the foreign members from Japan and other countries working here. Let their suffering be the basis for the Korean people to understand the providence. All things we pray in the name of the True Parents. Amen

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