The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Let Us Liberate God

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 26, 1989
Chong Padong Church,
Seoul, Korea

All religious people believe in God and say that God is omnipotent and omniscient. but in history religion was always trampled upon by worldly power. Why did God allow this? Does it mean He is impotent? Our topic is let's liberate God but people in the established churches would ask what that means. Are we so powerful that we can liberate God who is so omnipotent?

What is the area where God is not liberated, where He can not do what He freely wants? What unification does the Unification Church want to achieve. Its the unification of all religions. If there is a God, then he would want the unification of religions. There cannot be complete freedom if there is no unification of religions. Likewise, there can be no true liberation of God if there is no unification of religions. But unification is not easy. When God sees one man who says he is united in mind and body and says he has united his family, tribe and nation and world then this is the real day of unification and liberation.

Who is God? We say that God is the creator and we are created beings. But if we are just created beings then we are an integral part of God and therefore we could never really be free. Centered on man then, God could never be completely liberated. If there was something that could unite God and man wouldn't that be ideal?

What is an angel? We say that Satan is an angel but what is Satan? Was he created before man or after? There are so many questions like this to be answered. If man has fallen has he fallen centered on Satan or on God? Actually man has fallen in front of God.

The standard of a nation is the Constitution. If someone violates it they commit a crime from the viewpoint of that country. In the religious world we say that God is our Father, but what kind of Father? We have many concepts of what a father is. The problem of the relationship between man and God is that we must fully understand the nature of the relationship and know what kind of father He is.

Before the concept of "I" there is the concept of mother and father. Without parents I do not exist. Likewise, without God we do not exist. God is the original ancestor of mankind. If God is the origin of man and all creation what then is His purpose? There must be a purpose. The principle of cause and effect suggests to us that the cause of all causes must be one. The root must be traced back to the original cause. Can the cause of our body and the cause of our mind be different? Can the roots of our body and mind be in two different places? We can see that the way our body and the way our mind want to go are different. It's as if our mind is straining for a higher ideal, going vertically upwards, whereas our body leads us outward in a horizontal direction. But were these directions different before we were created or after? If we trace the difference back we find they have one origin.

If body and mind started from one point, where is that point? That is a very important question. What makes body and mind separate? What was the point of departure? The point where body and mind started is the beginning of our life. But did our life begin with our birth or with our parents' love? Our conclusion is that life begins with our parents' love. Where did our parents' life start? It's the same. It began with the love of our grandparents. And so it goes back. All life began with God. But where did the life of God begin? What is the central starting point? In God also it must be love. If we analyze the creation of all heaven and earth, the motivation cannot be found in life. Is there any joy in life itself? When God began to move do you think it was life that make him move? Look at ourselves. Does a man move because of life or because of love? If we move centered on love, there is joy. But if we move centered on life it is very limited because it only concerns ourselves. All lasting movement has to be centered on love otherwise it will be limited. The source of life is love.

When we see movement we want to participate in movement that is as great as possible. We do not want to move on an orbit which small like a squirrel's treadmill. Rather we would like to describe an orbit as large as the earth's movement around the sun.

In a family, children will be proud that they have been loved by their grandparents as well as their parents. The more love we receive, not only from our parents, the more we like it. If we can receive the love of all generations back to the origin of mankind that is ideal. We want eternal love. Life is a static thing. If life were our ideal those who lived longer would always be over us. There would be a hierarchy of age. But in love everything is dynamic. I can be the subject of my grandparents. The positions are flexible and dynamic. So what is it we want most and God wants most? Our purpose and God's purpose must be identical otherwise we can never eternally became one. Husband and wife can never unite for eternity if they do not have an identical purpose.

Given how important this is, we wonder, "Does God have love?" We have to conclude that if God is alone, He does not have love. There has to be a partner with whom to exchange love. All of creation can only achieve its value if love is realized.

The single girls here, do you want a strong husband or a weak husband? Which would you chooses weak husband with love or a strong husband without love? Of course you want a husband with love. Even the leaves of a plant would say they would want to live with you if you had love. Our whole body likes love. Our cells get intoxicated with love. That is why dance was invented. Dance came about because of love. When love comes everything is OK If I keep going on like this it will be difficult to come to a conclusion.

What God likes most is diamonds. (Laughter). What? Did you ever see love? Everyone wants to have the valuable things they can see. If things are visible, like gold nuggets, you get-greedy far them. Love is so precious that everyone wants to have it. As the creator, God is only one, there cannot be two. But because He is alone, He cannot have love. So one of His creations must be the object of His love. There are two poles. As the electrical give and take increases, the more they are attracted. (Father illustrates by leaning on Mother).

If you do not have an object of love you naturally look for one. Is the life of an aging bachelor one filled with happiness? So the absolute God can fill His absolute ideal by Himself, right? Why don't you say "Amen?" So you know better than me, do you?

If you understand that the principle at the root of all creation is love, then you can see logically that God cannot achieve love by Himself. He needs an object to love and without it He cannot fulfill His own ideal. This object cannot be an integral or dependent part of God. It must be independent. So what does God absolutely need? Love.

In creation we have left and right. Is that the same as good and evil? Is the universe dualistic? No, they exist in order for them to become one. All of created things exist in these coupled relationships and their purpose is to become one. Birds are male and female. When the male moves, the female follows and when the female moves, the male follows. Why do birds sing? They sing because they want to attract each other, they sing because there is male and female. Why do people cry? We cry sometimes for joy and sometimes for sorrow. But the fundamental quality underlying joy and sorrow is the same. The source of all motivation is always love. A patriot who dies for his country does so because he thinks the nation he loves will love him in return because of his sacrifice.

So the conclusion is that if there is love, the unification of earth and heaven will be automatic. The liberation of God, then, is only possible through love.

What kind of liberation do you want? Do you want to be liberated by money? I have money. Do you want to be liberated by power, By knowledge? Or do you want to be liberated by love? Love is the only power that can liberate people and bring them together without people disliking it. The power that can liberate God is the power of love. It is the only power that can communicate through all the directions. The up-down direction is represented by the parent-child love, the left-right by conjugal love and the back-forward direction by the love between brothers and sisters.

If you realize the value that is created through love you can see that all of creation is like a gift from God to us. Through our love relationships with God we can see that everything, the flowers, the trees, are like presents God has prepared for us. Just as we treasure the handkerchief our wife gave to us as a present, we treasure everything in creation as God's present if we have a close relationship with him. This plant is a gift from God. Let me taste it. (Father bites the plant on the podium.) It's a little bitter but we need bitter things.

The problem is how can we liberate God? Until now He has not been able to have a relationship of true love. Do you think He has been happy or sad?

After thousands of years the spiritual world says Reverend Moon has loved more than anyone in history. People on earth who persecuted him and accused him of heresy now say, "He is definitely a patriot," and after admitting that, "but he is still a heretic." If Reverend Moon proposes to God, "Let's love each other," do you think God would feel good or bad?

If you love God at the cost of your life and live a life of love will you go to hell or heaven? All those who have lived like that are in heaven. Jesus was like that. He loved God, man and the universe to the point of death. Buddha was like that and Confucius was like that. They lived lives of love.

God wants to become a true parent but He also wants to become a true spouse and a true child, centered on love. God wants to establish a perfect globe of love, where if He reaches left or right, up or down, back or forward, he finds an object of love. He wants to create a complete all-embracing sphere of love.

If this ideal of love that God desired in His creation is established, then the relationships between God and man, and God and the universe, between man and man, and man and the universe, and so on become relationships of very short distance. If it is established, He will feel like dancing. Would you like to see God dancing? God needs an object to start this relationship with. He needs a person dedicated to the point of death and one who has loved more than anyone else. Would you like to be the messiah? If you would, I will be your John the Baptist. Anyone who wants to take my place, please come forward.

God needs an object for His love, but not just an individual. He also needs parents. God's ideal of love starts with True Parents. What is God? He is the vertical parents. What is the relationship between God and True Parents? I am talking about this with you now but it has taken me all my life to work this out. I have wrestled with God, asking, "What are You, who are You?" and have invested all of my energy in this.

Where is God? I found that God is in true love. The home of God is true love. God needs to establish True Parents who are connected to Him by true love and who become ancestors of a true lineage which is able to pass on true love to their descendants. The love of God is like that of a vertical true parent that comes down to man. In True Parents this love is met by a horizontal true love. Why does the love between God and man have to be vertical? The answer is that love wants to go the shortest way. The shortest distance between God and man is the vertical way and the shortest distance between husband and wife is the horizontal. What I have been telling you for over a year now is that the angle between this vertical and horizontal direction must be a perfect 90 degrees in order for this love to be true love. Only if the love of God can enter vertically can all relationships automatically fall into place and be stable, eternal and unchanging. Only if the vertical is established can there always be a 90 degree angle whatever direction the horizontal goes out in.

When I talk to you for hours I do it because I'm crazy because of love for you. Do you think that is good or bad? Some of you want me to talk for only 40 minutes and you complain when I talk longer. But if my motivation is right then all your blessings are taken from you and given to me. So my talking for a long time is really just a strategy for stealing your blessings!

The circle of love is an eternal circle. I am passing on the love I received from my parents to my children. My parents loved me and raised me, so I want to have sons and daughters to love as my parents loved me. I can only give the love my grandparents gave to my parents if I have children. God wants to get into the circle. He wants to have children and love in the position of parents and He also wants to love in the position of children.

Who are our parents? Physically our parents are our parents but also, through our mind, God is our parent. Also the earth is our parents because when our parents produced us they received the energy and the elements from the earth. We are in a parent-child relationship with everything in the universe through this kind of love. Our mind is from our mind-parents and our body is from our body-parent. Our vertical self is connected to our mind-parent and our horizontal self to our physical parents. Our mind is our vertical self and our body is our horizontal self and when we achieve a perfect 90 degree angle we became a universal pattern which fits anywhere we go. But through the fall we have lost our mind parents and Satan has become our vertical parent and the directions are out of focus.

Those relationships are connected through lineage. Even the relationship with Satan is connected to a blood lineage. God cannot pull out that evil root. If he did he would destroy all mankind because all mankind is related through blood lineage to Satan. God cannot destroy Satan without destroying mankind. The out-of-focus directions can only be rectified by an absolute standard and only through natural subjugation can the true directions be established. The individual needs an absolute faith in God and must voluntarily follow the absolute standard of love. When a person tries to follow the absolute standard all the wrong directions collide with it and he is persecuted and criticized. This is the reason religion always met with persecution and opposition. This is one of the secrets of the history of restoration. Only through the blood lineage can the correct directions be established. Therefore a messiah is needed who can establish the position of man vertically with God and then connect a woman to that central focus and then establish the position of the True Parents. Then these directions can be passed on through the blood lineage and a world can be established that is free from Satan and cannot be attacked by the world of Satan which is established on a false base.

Only through natural subjugation, that is through love, can God subjugate Satan. Satan is in the position of the love-enemy of God. He is like the adulterer to God. He has taken away Eve from God and raped and committed adultery with three generations. The relationship between God and Satan is like that between a man and another who has committed adultery with his grandmother, his mother and his daughter. But still God cannot judge Satan. He can only subjugate him through love. Through God's love Satan can see what his position really is. Adam has to love Satan in such a way that Satan understands his real position and repents for his wrongdoing.

Satan has conquered more than 75 percent of the world. Materialism and humanistic philosophy have conquered more than 75 of the mind of man. True Parents are investing the absolute standard of love without holding anything back in order to naturally subjugate Satan.

First there has to be an individual subjugation of Satan so that the individual can stand in a position of true child of God, free of any relation with the blood lineage of Satan. Through the fall, the dominion of the first son was taken away by Satan. The first son has been in the position of Satan, so in restoration the individual must restore the position. The one who does this becomes the true son of God. Jesus was the only son of God because he subjugated Satan on the individual level and achieved the position of the first son on that level. But in order for a new blood lineage to be established, this dominion has to be established on the family, group, national and world levels.

The liberation of the individual cannot be achieved by anyone else but the individual. When a person is released from prison, not only his lawyer must sign, but also his prosecutor. For us to be liberated, Satan has to set us free as well as the messiah. We must absolutely establish the vertical and horizontal relationship within us and latch onto the love of True Parents and separate from the blood lineage of Satan.

To separate from Satan you must have an absolute faith in God and absolutely center your mind on God. Father has absolutely focused his heart and mind on God and has become the strongest person in history in that respect. Physically I am also strong. I am 70 years old, but I am still not afraid to wrestle with a young man. My eyes are small, so it is easy to open and close them. How difficult it is to open and close them if you have big eyes like Pak Bo-hi. Also I have big hands, so don't mess with me!

Churches that are small-minded and pray, "God, please bless our church," will not prosper. If the Unification Church prays like this it will fail. But if we pray to sacrifice ourselves for our family and our family for the nation and so on, to establish a world free from Satan, then we will flourish.

So how can you liberate God? Only through loving our enemy on the individual through the worldwide level can we liberate these levels and liberate God. Victory for God can only be won through love for the enemy.

Only the person who has absolute love for the enemy can become the center of the providence. The world of God cannot be established centered on any of the current political or worldly leaders but Father has the qualification. In Korea we had the reception for "The Segye Times" and lots of important people were parading proudly around and talking big, but when Father came in everyone froze and they all stood to attention.

Without loving your enemy you cannot come to the side of God. There is no liberation without love of enemy. Father matched so many Japanese and Koreans because of this principle.

People who have left the Unification Church cannot live at ease, because once you have had the love of Parents you can never live without it.

Because we have inherited through the blood lineage of Satan a distorted angle between our mind and body, we must, through the exercise of true love, focus our mind on the absolute vertical and put our body in a perfect 90 degree angle to that. We must inherit the blood lineage of True Parents by matching ourselves to their angle. True liberation of the individual, true liberation of the nation, is only possible this way. Liberation theology teaches the liberation of society first, but what is a liberated society with individuals who are not free. True liberation can only come starting from your own heart, through true love. Those who pledge to become princes of liberation, raise your hands. Let us pray.

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